Lacerda is multi vocal action. A combination of catchy pop hooks, jarring key changes and dynamic shifts produce a sound that lies somewhere between electronic pop and the avant guarde. A solo artist that performs to pre-recorded backing tracks.


After years of trying to reconcile musical differences with members of Toronto based rock quartet Sidford, vocalist Milenko decided took matters into his own hands. Lacerda was born when Milenko realized that his lap top came equipped with a pinhole mic and that free multi-track recording software was available for download. Its initial incarnation consisted of crude vocal layering that came together to create a cohesive whole. Eventually he began experimenting with beats and various synth sounds, incorporating them into his music. The resulting sound is a concoction that is comparable to what Bjork might sound like if she listened to too much Head Automatica. Milenko almost immediately began infiltrating the Southern Ontario (905) scene where he started being noticed for his powerful vocals, and electrifying stage performance. Because of the wide appealing nature of the music, Lacerda has shared the stage with a variety of acts including punk, hardcore, emo, indie, ska, acoustic, electronic/ambient, and even a 10 piece afro-beat band. He has also shared the stage with Ris Paul Ric (ex-q and not u) as apart of the initial overthetop festival launch show. Lacerda has also performed with bi-weekly music series Pitter Patter nights. With a full length album recorded by producer Steve Rizun (Bombs over Providence, Shotgun Rules) coming out in the near future there is no telling what might happen next.


Paul Allen

Written By: Milenko

Paul Allen

Recollection has occurred.
It’s a struggle, I’m indicating but one I desire.
We all want to thrive in this place, in this place, but our failure to accept the fact that we won’t be able to get away, to get away.
Run run run run.
Start a rumor at every corner.
Tell everyone that we have died, and our culture’s been immortalized.
Forget Experience, I’ve got this superior lack of motivation on my side. I’ve embraced excess, I’m too not sure. I’m too superior for all of you. I’m scared all the time. Looking over my shoulder my palms go damp, like an organized virgin on prom night. She’s a fountain on cue.
Forgive me if this sounds forced, relentless and unforgiving I’m not erasing my words…erasing my words! I haven’t started living

Breakfast and Breakdancing

Written By: Milenko

The beat of continuing poetry becomes too loud for deaf ears to handle. The vibrations are sending ripples through the ground,

Splitting the concrete, bending the steel, it persists like I do, in a room full of desperate people, clinging to every word that drops off, that falls out my face.

The tortured faces in the crowd collectively sign and agree that it would be better to be hated and remembered, they are still breathing and they’re already forgotten. They will never leave their mark on the world.

They’re splitting the concrete, bending the steel, they persists like I do, in a room full of desperate people, clinging to every word that drops off, that falls out my face

I can’t see the land for the clouds in my way,
I finished the last piece of lemon on this grey plastic tray.

I contemplate how long it will be till meaning infuses itself in some way
It was never here: it’s an empty vessel

I’m splitting the concrete, I’m vocalizing, Can you hear me? Fairly clearly?
I’m appropriating a system outline, a superior design.

You’ll see it when it comes, it will make itself apparent
You’ll see it when it comes it will be obvious.


Full length entitled: A Post-Lapsarian Paradise

Coming soon.

Two tracks currently available for streaming on

Set List

1. Personified Acrobatics
2. Breakfast and Breakdancing
3. Figment
4. Before
5. Paul Allen
6. Communist Walls

These 6 songs are the songs I usually perform live.

7. Spawn
8. Old Blue Eyes
9. Vanity
10. Picture This: We're On a Cruise

My sets are usually about 25-30mins long.

Occasionally I will do an a capella rendition of the chorus of "Dream Warriors" by Dokken.