Lacey Welker

Lacey Welker


My music attracts the listener into a state of liberation and tranquility. My songs compel a stimulating emotion that is revealed through the lyrics, instrumentation and melodic lines. Every song tells a story and expresses deep sentiment that any listener can relate to. It is sensuous and addicting


I am Lacey Welker. I am a singer/songwriter. I began playing the piano at the age of 6 and wrote my own music before high school. I graduated with a Bachelor's in music. My music shadows the typical life experiences we all go through. My songs represent myself as an artist. They reach out to everyone on every level. My musical influences include Fiona Apple, Tori Amos, Sarah McLachlin, Imogen Heap and Avril Lavigne. My authenticity of chord progressions, melodies, and assimilating lyrics set me apart from any other artist. My music attracts. My songs reveal. I deliver.


Hear Me Say

Written By: Lacey Welker

One day you walk into my life
You say, you'll walk right by my side
and wipe the color of gray right from my eyes, hold on I'll take off my disguise...
I walk into the pouring rain
running through puddles I forget my own name, until you run ahead of me and pull me back inside, and teach me how to fight it right...
Take my hand, understand
Together we fall to the ground
Together we smile up-side-down
Break each other's frown and walk into your past, 'cause it wont last
Hear me say, I'll hold your hand today
I see the color broken down,
Don't forget I can see you spinning me around
I know you're tryin' not to pry when you see me cry
Just hold my heart where my shadow lies
Take my heart, to the stars

We laugh until we cry
We run until we fly
Hold our tears to get by
Chase our fears knowing that we tried