New York City, New York, USA

Lachi is prolific recording and performing artist whose worked with numerous acclaimed producers and whose music has been featured on Oprah Radio and other national Radio, TV and independent film.


Pop/EDM artist Lachi, mixes catchy yet empowering lyrics with uplifting soulful melodies and a unique, powerful vocal style. A performer artist, recording artist and author, Lachi has worked with numerous acclaimed producers, songwriters, brands and organizations, and her music has been heard on National television, radio and indy film.

From edgy music and impassioned performances, to tech-collaborations and published novels, Lachi showcases an epitome of female strength and prowess as she continues to rollout consistently high-quality content.  Be sure to procure a copy of Lachi’s latest release and see why Oprah Radio deems her, "The real deal!"

Reviewers have said:

"‌manages to rise way of above"
-Devon Jackson of Rolling Stone

"...a stirring album"
-The Onion AV Newsletter

"an absolutely fantastic artist"
-CBS Radio's Artistfirst Radio Network

"...redefines raw talent. She is amazing."
-CW 11 Morning News

"...the real deal"
-Derrick Ashong of Oprah Radio

"...her enthusiasm for her art is made clear through her impassioned performances."
-The Deli

"...gorgeous voice and nice, catchy melodies"
-College Music Journal

"...standout performer"
-NYU News

"...consistently good"
-Computer Music Magazine