Lachlan  Crothers

Lachlan Crothers


We play music. We play loud. We'll come out, kick you in the face then ask, "How was it?" If you don't like it then too bad.


The Bob Gordons began when young punks Tom and Bob began writing songs on an acoustic guitar and a bass from the 70's. Over the next 12 months or so they built up an impressive repertoire of about 8 or so songs. Friend Lachlan moved to Perth from Brisbane and started jamming with the two, playing drums, having never seen a drum kit before in his life. Only when the band, with currently no name, had a practiced enough set to possibly show someone, Bob up and moved to London with no intent of returning. Hence leaving Tom and Lachlan in search for a new bass player. They enlisted local guitaring enthusiast Horse to help out on bass duties. After many months of rehearsal with just the three of them Bob one day appeared at a bi-annual band meeting at ETC in Jandakot. So with some careful band member jiggling The Bob Gordons current line-up was created. After some regional shows The Bob Gordons are now gaining performance experience playing around local pubs, clubs and slubs. The End


Marla (Demo), Written and performed by The Bob Gordons. Recorded March 2009, during the Wally Norman Sessions @ Grape Net Studios.

Set List

Don't Shoot
Wanna Know
All Stitched up
Falling Crawling
Sack Face