Lachlan Patterson

Lachlan Patterson


Lachlan booked 3 NACA regionals in 2007-2008 and booked over 30 dates. He can be seen on Live at Gotham on Comedy Central and has his own 30 min comedy special airing in Canada. Headlines at clubs and colleges across North America


Originally from Vancouver, British Columbia, Comedian
Lachlan Patterson now lives in Los Angeles California where he watches way to much television.

“He can turn the most unfortunate events of the human condition into laughs.” Crystal Kuhn, Beyond Robson.

Patterson’s relaxed manner makes for a unique performance highlighting the many mistakes he has made throughout his life.

In his spare time Lachlan surf’s the internet cutting out things other people wrote about him and pasting them in his bio. “Patterson's performance was not only unique and entertaining, but from sitting in the audience, you could see the passion he had for his comedy.” .

Now in his 10th year of performing stand up comedy Lachlan is starting to make a name for himself in the industry, and that name is Lachlan Patterson.

You can catch his Comedy Central debut on Live at Gotham airing throughout the United States and Canada. Or you can just go to Europe and waste your life away.

This year Lachlan plans to tour all across the country and hopefully to a stage near you. Check out Lach’s schedule and hot pics at for more details and booking information



Set List

Lachlan does 60 minutes of his own stand-up comedy