Lacie Kirk

Lacie Kirk


Lacie Kirk - Young music artist with talent to sing, and compose, and arrange music on the piano. Her Debut album was finished at age 15.


When I was younger, I always loved music. My mom says that when I was born, I had good lungs, and a big mouth. :) Perfect for singing. I began piano lessons at the age of 5 years old, and took for a year and a half. We moved, and couldn't find a teacher that was "up to" my level. So I went from there to teach myself. At one point, I wanted to quit. I had stopped playing for a few months. I helped out in a service project of cleaning a church, and I went into the chapel. There in the dim light, was a piano. I went in, and sat on this old wooden grand piano. I sat there, and looked at it. All I could hear was the air conditioner. I opened up the lid, and began to play as I had felt. Music came out that I had never before heard. It reminded me of a music box. Little notes plucking out. So at age 6, I began piano again. I taught myself, and with the little bits I knew how to do, I grew a flower from a seed. Ever since, I have learned to play from my heart. Not just from a book.

Later, at age 14, we were living in a new location. I had always wanted to be a better singer. So we found a wonderful teacher. Again, we only took for a short time, and we moved again. So taking what I learned, I used, and have developed. I had never really thought I was too good. A friend of mine, wanted me to make a song for his radio station. I had the recording tools, and recorded a song, and disguised my voice. I had lost the song, and had to re-record it. My brother suggested I use my real voice. So I tried it, and everyone who heard it loved it. So I took my piano arrangements, and sang to them. Since I play from my heart, each time I play a song, it comes out a little bit different. All because I listen to my heart. :)


Debut album: "Did You Think to Pray?"

Set List

1. I Need Thee Every Hour 4:02
2.God Be With You, 'Til We Meet Again (Instrumental) 3:12
3. I'm Trying to Be Like Jesus 5:54
4. A Poor Wayfaring Man of Grief (Instrumental) 6:00
5. Jesus, Once of Humble Birth 5:21
6. Come Thou Fount (Intrumental) 3:46
7. Did You Think to Pray? 4:19
8. If You Could HIgh to Kolob 4:17
9. Come Thou Fount 4:44
10. All Creatures of Our God and King 5:41
11. We'll Bring The World His Truth 5:04
12. Abide with Me; 'Tis Eventide 4:31