La Complet' Mandingue

La Complet' Mandingue


Whether on stage or in the streets, The Complet' Mandingue will take you anywhere and everywhere with their versatile performance. The unique and astonishing sound of the balafons and the diversity of the repertoire make the Complet' Mandingue a truely original band.


The Complet' Mandingue enjoys questioning, upsetting and provoking individuals in their daily lives, making them travel, dance, sing or simply smile. This enthusiasm has given birth to the Mobile Balafon Orchestra. Its choice of repertoire is a mix of traditional songs from Burkina Faso, bints of french folkmusic, and own compositions.

“Balafon” has become the generic term used to describe African xylophones with multiple resonators. In Malinke language, “balan” means “resonant wood”. “Balafon” also designates the master who knows how to make the wood sing. The different types of balafons were initially conceived to be carried around in festival, funerals and all sorts of outdoor events.