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Seattle, Washington, United States | SELF

Seattle, Washington, United States | SELF
Band Hip Hop R&B


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L.A.C.O.S.A for Xavier is a tough one. More than a band i feel like its a family. Ive learned more in the year Ive spent with these people then the other nineteen Ive spent on this earth. I see the effects of our beauty and drive bleed into my normal life. Patience, tolerance, love, and understanding ooze from my teammates/teachers/brothers (and sisters). More than just the music we make I feel we make people happy. We're more than rappers and more than artists; we're a mindset. I treat people differently now because of the lessons Ive learned from my band mates. I used to be angry and frustrated almost all the time. Now the music and friendship Ive found keeps me enlightened. I couldn't ask for anything more. And plus what conscious rappers have flow like this? HAHAHA. ONE LOVE.

-Mack E/ Jason
L.A.C.O.S.A (LOVE.ACCEPTANCE.CONSCIOUSNESS.OBSERVATION.SOLIDARITY.ACTION) My brothers have taught me all of these things. My journey had been one of hardship and spiritual confusion. For the last year, L.A.C.O.S.A has served as my personal Intensive Care Unit in a very literal sense. I've had the opportunity to heal the damage I came with, and the music I now make is soul therapy. I could tell you all the things we are not and use comparisons and contrasts to prove them, but i now know love and acceptance. I could tell you what it truly means to be asleep, but i now know consciousness. I could tell you how to embrace anger and become consumed by it, but I now know observation. I could tell you how alone I used to be in a room full of friends, but I now know solidarity. I could just tell you, but I now know action. This is what L.A.C.O.S.A is to me. More than a name. More than an image. We ARE and will forever BE.

A family off misfits that fit. and were all funny too (: