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Los Angeles, California, United States | INDIE

Los Angeles, California, United States | INDIE
Band EDM Pop


This band has not uploaded any videos
This band has not uploaded any videos



"Manimal Vinyl Showcase at the Echo"

The evening was bookended by the two strongest acts, both featuring unemotional synth boffin dudes backing screaming chicks with a fondness for distortion pedals and exposed brassieres. Opening act Laco$te's punk edge was credible, with singer X jumping, emoting, altering her voice, and going through the usual motions of stage abandon in front of her immutable rhythm providers (could it be that while more conventional 80s kids wanted to be Eddie Van Halen, a number of lankier types took Vince Clarke as their role model?). - LA Weekly


Laco$te’s X rolled around, climbed tables, and bent backwards during a short, electric set—so high charged it blew some fuses, including the band members’. Most people believed the sound splitting was a deliberate trippy effect. Laco$te could’ve mimed their remaining songs and kept the audience bobbing along. - L.A. Record


EP: "The Paradox of Time" (Manimal Vinyl)
Produced & recorded by Eddie Chacon
Available on iTunes/limited CD release November 2010
Available on CD January 2011

"Within You"
We Were So Turned On: Tribute to Bowie Compilation (Manimal Vinyl)
Produced & recorded by Eddie Chacon

EP: Au Revoir les Beaux Garçons (Self-released cassette, limited to 25)



On first listen, it's immediately evident the unconstrained approach Laco$te take in their musical explorations. Their origins as a French rap party duo are almost unrecognizable in their current noise/synth/pop transformation, which stretches the tension of noise (of the Southern California, un-academic genus) and pop music to their antithetical limits. Produced by Eddie Chacon (Charles and Eddie, Polyamorous Affair), the band's debut EP on Manimal Vinyl, The Paradox of Time, magnifies this tension between noise and pop, and is a record of the underground meeting the top 40 airwaves, ultimately difficult to classify. The terrain of the EP ranges from: the chiasmic pairing of the danceable tracks “cellie” and “numbers,” which examine the problem of desire under the casual cover of pop sheen; “worm song,” spoken from the 3,000 year old voice of a giant sandworm; and “dragon,” a song based on a dream of wandering in the tundra. Performing on this artifact is x (vox), Robert Wilkinson (synths, electronics, self- made instruments) and Cole Miller (synths and electronics). The three originally met in the birth place of the renaissance of the L.A. diy music scene, the venues the Smell and Sean Carnage's Monday Nights at Il Corral (featured in the DVD 40 Bands 80 Minutes).

Their first music video off the EP, "numbers" was directed by Matt Zatkoff of Chicago's Four Door Films and co-produced by Margot Padilla and Angie Olsen, of the ultimate cyberfangirl blog The video introduces newest band member William Caruso, and gives a slice of their explosive live performances while playfully paying tribute to Korean pop music videos and 80's cyber movies (à la Hackers). Release date: November 15, 2010