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"We got a Great review by Editor Andy Garber at

The article does a fantastic job at describing our band and our sound!! You have to check it out!!

LiveAudioMag is a webzine that focuses on independent music publications"

- Andy Garber- Editor

June 3rd was West Memphis Three Awareness Day. If you don’t know who the WM3 are, you should; the rest of the world is catching on quick, and benefit shows were held on Saturday night in cities all over the US, and even as far as Venezuela and the Czech Republic! This past Saturday was an unusual night; a unique night. Sadly, it’s not often that the top bands of Raleigh come together to play shows; as Steve at KNC told me, “Chapel Hill normally has the leg up on that one”. But, not on June 3rd at the Raleigh Music Hall! Some of the best musicians in Raleigh came out to dedicate their time and talents to raise funds to support the West Memphis Three, and left us all begging for more...

"As Sold’s set ends, beautiful psychedelic chords fill the room, as Lactose Quervo’s performance begins. Singer Mo flows into the first song of the set, “Cocoon”, a gorgeous and emotionally engaging song. Mo’s like snake charmer, and her soaring lyrics draw the crowd closer and closer, until all are at her command, front and center. Lactose is like nothing you’ve ever heard; kind of like musical love making, with black light posters on the walls, and the bong on the nightstand. The range of Mo’s voice is awe inspiring, and she belts it out, obviously overtaken herself, dancing and twisting; you can’t take your eyes off her. LQ’s set was easily one of the best I’ve seen in years, and from the response of the crowd, I think they’d all agree with me. "

- By Nancy Blanton Trojak

"*Lactose Quervo* is developing into one of the most important bands in
the Raleigh music scene. The monthly Original Music Showcase they host
at MVP's Sports Lounge has generated quite a buzz around town....." - Morgan Guyton


The band features live recordings of show, practices, jam sessions. They encourage their fans to take pictures, record, and be a part of the experience. They are currently working on their first studio CD. They have a vault of many underground recordings are available during their live shows.



Artist Information


Monique- vocals, lyrics, alto & tenor sax,
Sean- guitar, back vocals,synths
Brian- bass, back vocals
Darren- drums


Lactose Quervo is a four piece band featuring a blend of progressive rock, psychedelica, and soul...creating a sound that is truly unique.

Who would think that a FrippyGilmorePageClapton influenced guitarist, a former lonesome cowboy acoustic guitar player turned bassist, a double-bass jazz/rock hard hittin' cymbal freak, and a hellish sweet soul singer would work together? Well, it shouldn't, but it does and wow, does it. Haunting, ethereal guitar riffs and infectious grooves combine with powerful vocals and lyrics that speak of lost love, pain, frustration, and hope capturing the range of the human experience.

The music of Lactose Quervo is like a musical journey; the live show a roller coaster of sound and energy. Since their beginning they have follow their path in the creation and presentation of original music that reflects their diversity. Ranging from languid, jazzy, saxophone or synth based tunes to intense guitar driven songs. Structured songs, jams, improv; this is what makes their show so fun and wild to experience. Not to say this is a jam band, because it's not, but when they do jam, they do it well. Lactose Quervo takes the audience's attendance at their shows seriously and do their best to make sure that everyone has a good time.

If you follow this band's live shows, you'll realize how truely talented and unique The Quervoians are as Mo, works the crowd, almost bringing the audience to tears with her gentle, sweet, soaring vocals, and then BAM hit's your ears with the flipside Pumping up the rock and teasing your mind with a hellish sweet soul cry and music to match. This band and their fans can testify no two shows are alike. Beginning with a carefully planned set list, they initiate the audience to their sound with a tune or two while feeding off the audience's vibe, tasting the air, then adding that special LQ spice and adjusting the groove to kick it up in the right direction. The show morphs as they decide what kind of show you might want while simultaneously enmeshing their minds, music, and groove. It's a musical experience like no other.

Contact Mo (919) 612-0297