Lacy James

Lacy James

 New York City, New York, USA

"eclectic, electro-tinged earth-child folk fantasias.... James sets bold, mystical lyrics to clattering bits of percussion and off-kilter keyboard programming, turning coffeehouse-chanteuse tropes inside out." - M Music and Musicians magazine

"like taking a swim in a pond of swirling ambient, mesmerizing melodies and eclectic instruments" - Sphere Music


A mixture of the dreamlike and the everyday, Lacy James' eclectic musical style draws from various influences ranging from rock and pop to world music, folk, and electronic/ambient. After the release of her well-received debut album Lovefeast, produced with Jim Gallagher at Philadelphia International and Kajem/Victory studios, Lacy set out on a dance journey that took her to New York City and beyond. In the wake of those experiences she recorded her second full-length album Circles of Swallows, released in February 2013. The Circles of Swallows album was shaped by Lacy's collaboration with producer Jeff Hiatt at noted Philadelphia workshop Turtle Studios. It features Seamus Egan, of the Irish-American band Solas, on two of its tracks and also spotlights noted jazz saxman Tom Tallitsch on the dreamy meditation "Today In The City". Lacy has also directed her own dance company, Mereminne Dancers, and performs with NYC singer-songwriters Val Kinzler, Michelle Fury and Liz Taub as the band Moon Goddess.


new full-length album - Circles of Swallows


November: "Old Languages" - digital single; second single from new album Circles of Swallows

September: "Osmosis Song" - digital single; first single from new album Circles of Swallows

July: "Spirit of 76 (song for We the People)" - stand-alone digital single

Lovefeast (10-song album)

Set List

We currently have about 90 minutes' worth of material, most of which can be performed either electric or acoustic. We also play as a duo and trio in addition to full band shows (the stage plot in this press kit is for a full band show).


Old Languages
Osmosis Song
Practical Magic
Vengeance Is Mine
In the Garden
Foolish Heart/The Antler Crown
Moon of Fire
Badful Badful (The Stolen Child)
William On the Tower
Circles of Swallows
Angel Bells
Dancing Out Of The Dark
White Lion

Jupiter (Earth Wind and Fire)
Going to California (Led Zeppelin)
James & the Cold Gun (Kate Bush)
Anthem (Leonard Cohen)
Mexico (Jump Little Children)