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Written By: ladanart bos

On Our OWN

On our own it's going to be great.
We'll take our chances and give what we've got.
No matter what people will say.
We'll do it our way, this is our call.
Bruised up or burnt out , stumble and fall.
You and I will go on.
On our own , it's going to be fine.
We've made up our mind, we'll give it all.
Never give up , never look back.
We're on the right track and we'll carry on.
As long as we keep our dreams alive.
Can't you hear, that destiny is calling? Yeah.
***[Listen to me] I believe in you.[I do]
[Oh baby] I believe in you. [it's true]
Hand in hand and heart to heart.
There's nothing in this world that we can't do.
You believe in me. [I can see]
[I know that] You believe in me.[oh yeah]
If we hold on tight, it'd feel so right.
We're going to make our dreams come true.
On our own, someday it will show.
We'll see the rainbow across the skies.
Not afraid to let the world know.
We'll never let go , we will survive.
After the clouds, the sun will shine.
Before you know, it's going to be our time.