Lada Sport

Lada Sport


Lada Sport is a pop sounding indie rock with hooks that won't leave your head for days.


Lada Sport is a pop sounding indie rock with hooks that won’t leave your head for days. A renowned live experience.

The story behind the 4-piece Icelandic band Lada Sport is as normal as is gets. To some extent a typical garage band, where the guitarist/singer Stefnir Gunnarsson and drummer Haraldur Leví Gunnarsson, were neighbours and started playing together by covering some Weezer songs in a local garage. They didn't seem to have a lot in common with the guys that came in and out of the garage and not having the guts to tell them that they didn't want their company, they either faked their own deafness or saying that they wanted only to play at funerals. But things started to look better in 2003 when the talented bassist Friðrik Sigurbjörn Friðriksson, from another garage band named after a drug, came along [despite also having nothing in common with the boys]. Heimir Gestur, a mutual friend [and now a member of Jakobinarina], also got sucked in as second guitarist later that year.

In 2004, after becoming second runner up after Mammut, and Haraldur Levi getting picked the most talented drummer in the local battle of the bands competition, Musiktilraunir, the band quickly got a reputation through the internet. In september 2004 they released a rare homemade EP in only 200 copies, it sold out.

But after Heimir left the band the following spring the band was at the verge of a break up and spent the summer going through member changes. The ball started rolling again in fall 2005 when Jon Thor Olafsson, from such garage bands as Dead Raggi in Botnledja and Isidor, came along as a second guitarist. Although being full of enthusiasm and immediately tuning their volume up, they quickly got tired of the fast paced dance rock that didn't quite seem to suit them. After long talks about music and heartbreaks their friendship grew and the sound changed. Stefnir and Jon decided to move in together and split the role of the lead vocalist between them.

Lada Sport’s first studio album was released in Iceland in July 2007 by the legendary Icelandic label Geimsteinn. The is called ‘Time and Time Again’ and has already gotten great attention and reviews in Iceland. One of the singles from the album, ‘The World Is a Place For Kids Going Far’ has reached top 5 on the only two rock radio stations in Iceland and was number 1 on Reykjavík Fm’s chart for three weeks. Also it was featured as album of the week on the Icelandic national radio station.


love donors

Written By: Lada Sport

I don't really know a shit about love
I look outside the window, the birds won't sing along
instead they know how low we can go for live.

Love is a game and I won't be the same
she asked me to donate my brain
why am I afraid to donate?

I won't do it
I just can't
I won't do it

I just can't write a song about love
because when I go outside the girls won't sing along
how long has this been going on?
far too long...

love is a game and I won't feel the same.

the world is a place for kids going far

Written By: Lada Sport

i woke up to the sound of my favorite flying mom and it's time to go
because it's a good day to forgive

and i know, i know we'll be alright
when it all comes down to it.
yeah we know you'll do the right thing
when we put you to the test.

wasted truth on the non-believer

we're going to moscow
maybe we are
mom said we're not going far
dad said we're still yound and we're gonna find out
but the world is not a dangerous place for kids
it's made for kids

and all those lazy boys take the fun out of it all
because when they grow up
they think they know it all
and forget all yesterday's smiles

last dance before an execution

Written By: Lada Sport

it brings me down and makes me see that i'm alone
i've never been so alone
and every day brings us further away from what we used to be
and the clock's just ticking away

i never thought i'd be saying this out loud
this is what happens when love breaks down
but everyone sings, everyone sings that we should be as one!
i'll never forget our last dance together hand in hand
and everyone sings, everyone sings that we should be as one!

when love breaks down, love breaks down!

with every word my friends just seem to slip away
never asking what's wrong
i had a way of making it all seem so much easier
but the drugs won't do it anymore


Written By: Lada Sport

we used to be into the methods of the time
not knowing why we'd follow them home
and if it was up to the critics we'd never sleep
but we sleep alone just like they do

but what they didn't know is that i figured it out
although i could'nt even explain it to myself

but there's one thing you should know about this trampoline
it gets us trembling
this ain't the time to be losing them from your garage in to the silver screen
and there's another coming
so who's around when the trampoline gets it trembling?
it's not your chance to believe
but we try and we try and believe

you got another one to follow?
here's a trick and a trick i borrowed
we used to kick it everyday
trying to find another great white one oozing on the way
and here he comes

i figured it out
although i couldn't even explain it to myself

i took your seat in heaven
grew a fever for that burn
catch it at eleven!
there's never time for guarantees
when monday comes tumbling
after sundays trembling
tomorrow isn't spared for the second coming

once caring souls

Written By: Lada Sport

you know you lost your right
being privileged
and when you get into a fight
your mom won't bail you out!
and during christmas time
you better not evict your heart
the overwhelming cruelty
of a once caring soul

with my last breath i curse your soul
and pray that you won't gain control

and although you could not see
all the pain caused a family of three
it will be here to haunt your memories
telling you:
"how can this be? is it me or those three?"

do what you want to the crippled and poor
what they don't deserve is being treated like somebody's floor!
do what you want to the crippled and poor!
they had enough of your kind of scum!

our lives in lighthouses

Written By: Lada Sport

listen up and i'll tell a story
about a boy who never gives up
it's the oldest one in the books
but we listen like it has a new twist

now this tale of interest began with a smile
just a turn of a head
she says: "hey boy! it's nice to meet you"
he says ok
she gives him a number with the message: "call me whenever i'll be waiting"
by now you see that boy and girl are you and me!

i never wanted it all, those were your words
help me break this wall that keeps us so apart

if you fall i'll catch you girl
and in the night i'll be your lighthouse!

and all those nights you stay over
i lay awake thinking how can this be?
i think of ways to prolong the day coming
i never had to think this hard
about how to say i need your touch
but if you fall i'll catch you girl
and in the night i'll be your lighthouse


Written By: Lada Sport

i got a letter from paris, you told me the whole story
i got a letter from spain, i got the feeling that you're insane
am i insane?
it's a growing feeling when you've tried just about everything
the movie is on
it's got a whole new meaning now that we're apart

green lovers in clean cadillacs, how about some "moving over"?
it's a battle of the broken heart
did you get the head start?
did you find someone go ease your mind with some quality time?
try lying to your liver like me
"let's just take it slower, try to channel out the broken part"

we don't match, time and time again
your memories are lying, jane lane
but to me it's all the same

are we still trying to get ahead?
are we still trying to get away from a two year holocaust?

tango in the valley of death

Written By: Lada Sport

to see your face again
would be so heavenly oh, hoo, ho
my only son
lost your life too young
to fate so cruel and twisted oh, no
i miss you!

you that it's not right
to leave us bloody and way to cold
i want to be fine again!
don't need no words of great insight
to let us know that it's not right
to act like we didn't care!

and you lost out on so much this past year
where should i begin
well now we're three
and your sister says hello oh, hoo, ho
and i know you'll be waiting for us at heavens gate!

and now you know how
i feel about the loss of my only son
losing you, losing you!

and now you know!

where is our sunday?

Written By: Lada Sport

everyday we did nothing
just hang around, have some fun
because it's gotta mean something
and it's out there

but now old man withers has got his hands on the phone
because there is still so much he'd like to know
he shows us the changes in our timeline
and makes us pancakes

sunday is wasted
they erased it
awful theories don't get left behind
don't fuck with our nature
don't push back the hours
it's our last one

and if the weight is on time we'll be fine but we're standing on the end of the line


Time and Time Again / LP released by Geimsteinn records in july 2007.

Set List

We usually play about 6-7 songs live, that takes about 35 minutes.