Ladder El

Ladder El


Ladder El is comprised of 5 college guys who honestly love to write & play good music. Add a ton of raw talent and a sincere ambition to “just make a mood for you” and you’ve got one excellent new rock band.


So often we are perplexed by the real life experiences and insights that we perceive an artist to have endured in order to write the lyrics that comprise our new favorite song. But, no more so than when that artist has only been experiencing life for just a few short decades. That’s exactly where the music from the fresh, new band called Ladder El takes us.

Fronted by the extraordinary vocals of singer and acoustic guitar player, Joel Bowlsby, the band grabs us and causes us to land – right there! Backed by an equally artistic and insightful group of young men (most not due to graduate from college until 2005) is Bobby Mulrennan on lead guitar, Tony Tompkins on bass, Tony Erickson on keys and the rock solid drummer (from which the band derives it’s name) Alex Latterell.

Ladder El’s music and awe-inspiring live shows are the rare combination of the breath of fresh air coupled with the winds of wisdom. Having had their sound compared to John Mayer, Cold Play, Dashboard Cofessional, Maroon 5 and Howie Day they jokingly have nicknamed themselves “ColdConfessionalMayerDayFive” which lends credence to their uniqueness.

If the preceding is only a brief description of the launching pad that Ladder El is taking off from, it goes with out saying that they are a band worth listening to and worthy of keeping a close eye on. With a fresh and modern sound combined with the collective poise of legendary rocker’s this band will one day be used as a musical success story from which future bands will base their nicknames from.


The Guy

Written By: Joel Bowlsby

"The Guy"
My eyes they wonder as I look through this crowd
And a still comes over my brain
I wanna dance through this cluster fuck
But in the end I’m just one of the sitting ducks
I may wish for my private hallway
But we all know that, that ain’t comin true.
I just wanna breathe, wanna smell the light
One a spot and one a natural bright
Take away all my wine and these lines
Just so I can be the guy
We know that envy is the drive in ourselves and you know
It breaks on us like a poor man just begs for wealth
And I ask if this bullet can be stopped
In the end its almost impossible to drop
If maybe we could all just realize
Than maybe we just wouldn’t get caught up
I try, and I try, and I try and I try every day oh I try

She Nans

Written By: Joel Bowlsby

"She Nan’s"
tip tap tap tip tap tap tip tap tap and then I slap that
Oh I grab you
You done walked up in my way
And then I grope you
All the things we don’t need to say
Then the jitters I feel it when you’re on my thigh
Then the clitter, well the wood in me resides
Come with me and we could see if there could be some business
No money ties just us lying
In a bed made for our head, up and down we’re flying
Oh, these drunken nights


Written By: Joel Bowlsby

"Ferris Wheel"
I’m better off asleep
Cause my mind just got off that Ferris wheel
The ride begins but
The ground just lies ready to take my ticket and tear it up
I’m living for the chance of a Friday
When I play and not drink my hope away
Cause I wanna to make a mood for you
I want you to be able to love to me
To sit up here picking a home made box the just comforts me
Is the only way I can possibly see myself being happy
I love this gutty feeling
The cheers the smiles the sex
But the break down comes when the carnies take their rides
And takes my ticket and tears it up
Up and down, up and down, up and down, up and down


Ferriswheel, Fair Weather Friend, She Nans, At Least, The Guy

Set List

Our sets can last from 45 mins to around two hours, what ever is necessary. Our orginals include: Mind Me, At Least, Study On, Ferriswheel, The Guy, Fari Weather Friend, She Nans, Rockin, Two Timin Whore, 50/50, My Stupid Thought, Baggage, Oh How She'll Fall, Fold, and Thinner. Our covers can range from artists such as Train and Incubus to Poison and Oasis.