Ladell McLin

Ladell McLin


There have been a lot of artists in the history of rock that can be described as good. In Ladell's case, good is the ability to compel one's soul to submit to a force of passion that is channeled though a level of musical brilliance of which very few have ever seen the likes. Check him out.


Ladell McLin is a guitarist, singer, and songwriter originally from the South Side of Chicago.

Ladell has been described as a cross between Lenny Kravitz, Buddy Guy, Stevie Ray Vaughn and Jimi Hendrix, with a lot of cosmic consciousness that takes you traveling. He possesses an unforgettable soulful guitar feel and his hellified solos leave you unable to exhale until he’s through with you.

When Ladell was 16, an opportunity came, on one of his brother Andre’s jobs, as the guitar player in a Chicago blues club decided to slip away with a girlfriend for a few minutes.

"He asked me if I wanted to come up and play," Ladell recalls. "My brother said it was okay. The bass player got upset; he didn't think I'd know what to play. But I held my own. Then the other guitar player came back and said, 'You sound good. Keep playing.' And that was cool."

Encouraged, Ladell began to stretch out more often around town. He sat in with blues guitar master, playwright, and educator Fernando Jones and his brother Foree Superstar. His performance earned him a place in their band. He began to jam at Buddy Guy's Legends, the city's and arguably the world's top spot for blues.

Initiated into the house band at Legends, McLin learned onstage from the best in the business: Koko Taylor, Johnny "Guitar” Watson, and Buddy Guy himself. He even got to play at the prestigious Chicago Blues Festival while still in his teens, sharing the stage with Fernando Jones, Derek Trucks, and Pine Top Perkins.

When he hit the road with Eddie Burks for an engagement at Tramp's in New York, his life took a permanent turn.

"Chicago is a huge city, but when I got to New York I was amazed, like a deer in front of a car," he laughs. "I said to myself, 'I think I can live here.' And a couple of years later I just woke up one day and said, 'That's it. I'm moving to New York.'"

Currently, Ladell is in the studio working on his second album, Vital Soundz. Also, Ladell is teaching music with Road Recovery. Road Recovery is dedicated to helping young people battle addiction and other adversities by harnessing the influence of entertainment industry professionals who have confronted similar crises and now wish to share their experiences and knowledge.

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"Stand Out" - 2005

Set List

Sets are typically between 45 minutes and 1 hour. Extended sets can be done if needed (2-3 hours).

Rich Man's Lounge
Stand Out
Mona Lisa
Comin At Ya
All You
House I Built

Cold In China
Play The Blues 4 You
Devil's Wife