High energy, dance, variety, personality, class and excitement combine to describe one of Western North Carolina’s most popular high-tech duos. Come see and hear us


Ken Laderoute -- Guitarist, Vocalist

Ken Laderoute was born in a small Northern town twelve hours north of Toronto, Ontario Canada. He learned to play the guitar at 12 years old and began playing weddings and dances with his father’s band around the area. The oldest of five, his father, mother and children were united by a common love of making music together. They called themselves “Father’s Childen” and grew to become very well known in the area.

While filming a documentary in the North, Bob Burt a renowned television producer for the Canadian Broadcasting Corporation heard of the family band and invited them to record a demo of the family band at CBC Studio 6 on Jarvis street in Toronto. After recording the demo, the decision was made to move the entire family from their 20-year hometown to Kitchener, Ontario in order to be closer to music opportunities. During this time Ken taught classical guitar at the Cambridge Academy for the Arts and served as the musical director for several productions of Kitchener/Waterloo Theater.

Ken eventually moved to Toronto and auditioned for Axe recording group “The Great Rufus Road Machine.” A week after the audition he found himself on a nationwide tour that began a five-year career with this popular band. They went on to achieve national airplay success across Canada after their singles Can’t You Do It Now rose to number 28 and Say What’s On Your Mind to number 14 on Canadian charts. The band toured extensively in Canada and the United States and we’re voted Best vocal group 1977 mid year radio polls music finals.

In 1981 Ken was offered a position in an up and coming new band that his management company was forming called The Boss. He accepted the position and the band began their search for a dynamic lead vocalist. Through industry contacts they heard of a singer based out of Dayton Ohio that was in between bands. They flew her to Niagara Falls and she astounded everyone with her voice and stage presence! Her name was Amy Fuhrer. This meeting began a musical and personal relationship that has since lasted for over twenty years! Amy and Ken toured Canada and the US again for the next three years and released two nationally acclaimed singles Hello to Romance and Shake It.

As the market changed in the early 80’s, Ken and Amy responded by forming a high tech duo called Oui. Along with synthesizers, drum machines and back tracks they toured widely 6 nights a week 52 weeks a year throughout Southern Ontario. During this time they recorded an album of original songs called the Oui Album. They toured in this form for 8 years coming home on Sundays to manage their six town homes they purchased in Waterloo, Ontario.

Ken and Amy fantasized about warmer weather and exploring a new lifestyle. They heard that North Carolina was an exciting state with Mountains to the West and the Ocean to the East. So they flew to Asheville, NC to investigate. Upon returning to Waterloo they began the Immigration process and began preparations for the move. They eventually wound up in Boone, North Carolina and purchased two TCBY yogurt shops, which they co-own to this day.

Since 1994 they continue to be in high demand for weddings, country clubs and fundraisers both as a high tech duo and with their five-piece band “Laditude.”

Ken and Amy have just completed an entirely original solo CD entitled Here that will be officially released on November 10, 2002. Ken produced, played all the instruments and recorded the project in his home studio.

Ken is also active as the Program Director for the Blowing Rock Jazz Society and has served on the Music Industry Advisory Board for Appalachian State University.

Amy Laderoute -- Vocalist, Keyboards

Amy Laderoute always knew she would be a singer one day. Even at five years old her mother would catch her using a drapery cord as a microphone or find her outside singing in a mailbox for the reverb effect. She studied classical piano for six years and won a scholarship to the Fred Waring School of Music in Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania. She enjoyed the school but she really wanted to sing like soul singers Chaka Khan, Aretha Franklin, and Natalie Cole.

At 17 Amy decided to leave her comfortable mid-western family home for a career in the music business. She auditioned for a funk band out of Dayton, Ohio called Crosswind. She landed the job as lead vocalist and hit the road. She played continually for three years and hit major cities throughout the US.

While gigging in Detroit Amy hooked up with a new band called McCormick Place. In her hotel room one night while watching the Tonight Show she saw John Davidson talking about his dream of having a camp for aspiring young singers. Amy sent in a demo tape and was chosen out nine thousand applicants to attend. She worked with John Davidson, Kenny Rogers, Shields and Yarnell, Lola Folana, Florence Henderson and Pete Barbuti.

After two years with that band she headed for New


Only One

Written By: Ken Laderoute

I give my heart to you only
Just like a river that runs so true
And like a flower that feels the light of the sun
I give to you
A promise meant for you only
You are the only one
It’s in my heart every night and day And even after the songs been sung
You are the only one
I give my word to you only
A simple trust like the falling rain
When thunder crashes and leaves your world in the dark
I’ll be with you And this I say to you only
No never to be lost or torn apart
Cause knowing what the world would be without
The solid ground I’ve walked with you so far

Safe In Your Arms

Written By: Ken Laderoute

It’s the time of the evening When the day is through
And the world stops revolving round
I find peace in the moment
I come home to you
It’s the love that I feel all around  
Hold me in your arms tonight
The way you always do
Tell me with your eyes that I’m Everything to you
I just want to be safe in your arms
All through the night
Watching as the clouds move on by past the moon
I just want to love you completely
All through my life
Waiting for the sun to come into our room
I awake in the shadows
Find it hard to sleep
Being close to you calms my fears
Knowing nothings for granted
Nothings guaranteed
But this love that I feel right here


Written By: Ken Laderoute

We’ve been together so long You are my friend and lover
Another season goes on
When we’re together When we’re together  
Living with you right here
All through the years
Living with you right here
We’ve built a good foundation We wish each other happiness
No need for explanation
When we’re together When we’re together  
I promise to be there when the sun doesn’t shine Through sickness and sorrow
You’ve given me your heart and I’ve given you mine Today and tomorrow
I’m staring at the future I see in your eyes I see it’s forever


1977 – The Great Rufus Road Machine Album - Axe Records Canada Limited
1982 – The Oui Album – The Oui Duo
Oui Music Inc. Canada
2002 – “Here” Laditude Duo
Oui Music Inc. USA

1976 – Single What Does It Matter – Rufus Road Machine - Axe Records Canada
1976 – Funny How Love Can Be – Rufus Road Machine - Rubber Bullet Records Canada
1977 – Tip of My Tongue - Rufus Road Machine - Axe Records Canada
1977 – I Believe in Sunshine - Rufus Road Machine - Axe Records Canada
1979 - Hello to Romance – Rufus Road Machine - Axe Records Canada
1981 – Reflections of My Life - The Boss
Walrus Records Canada

Set List

Almost Like Being In Love – Natalie Cole
Under the Boardwalk - Drifters
Unforgettable – Natalie/Nat King Cole
Hold Back the Night - Tams
Old Time Rock & Roll – Bob Seger
Pink Cadillac – Natalie Cole
Only One – Laditude
My Girl - Temptations
I'm the Only One – Melissa Etheridge
I Will Survive – Gloria Gaynor
Brick House - Commodores

How Sweet It Is – James Taylor
Funky Music – Wild Cherry
I Miss You So – Dianna Krall
You've Got the Loving – Laditude
Jump Jive and Wail – Louis Prima Lady Marmalade - LaBelle
Hot Stuff – Donna Summer
China Grove – Doobie Brothers
Natural Woman – Aretha Franklin
Soak Up the Sun - - Sheryl Crow
My Maria – Brookes and Dunne

Get Down Tonight – KC Sunshine Band
Hurt So Good – John Cougar Mellancamp
La Bamba – Los Lobos
Have I Told you Lately – Rod Stewart
Smooth – Carlos Santana
Your Mama Don't Dance – Loggins & Messina
From This Moment – Shania Twain
Hot Hot Hot – Buster Poindexter
Love's Creeping Up – Bonnie Raitt
Here – La