Agressive R&B with strong vocals. Music is a blend of R&B, Club, Pop & hip hop. Innovative and highly creative catchy hooks that ring in your head.


There is something about male R&B singers that transcends something far more superior than your average mainstream artist, in the music industry. Even in the small cluster of male R&B singers, there have been few exceptions who appear to be on another level. This distinction is found in X Factory Music’s own “La’Don“.

A native of Los Angeles, California La’Don raises the mind set of what music expectations really are. La’Don has been in love with Hip-Hop and R&B his whole life. Around the age of twelve he decided that he wanted to do more than just listen to music; He wanted to become an artist himself. This mission was quickly captured in the essence of the music world; La’Don took the music industry by storm and became one of the Top 45 Semi Finalists in the American Idol Competition in 2002.

After several music showcases, talent shows and more, La’Don joined platinum selling R&B group B2K in 2000.

After joining B2K, and R& B group 3rd Story in 1997-1999, La’Don decided to follow his introduction into the entertainment business by forging ahead in the music world as a solo act.

Drawing inspiration from legends like Seth Riggs, Evelynn Halus and more, the young aspiring artist was coached by some of the most influential artists in the music industry today including Whitney Houston, Michael Jackson, Cher and Brandy.

While working with Brandy, La’Don became a member of “The Brandy Norwood Kids Choir” and immediately stood out as not only a great vocalist but an exceptional musician with a distinctive craft and a charismatic personality.

Whether he is writing new innovative material or singing back up for R&B sensations Mya and Tyrese, La’Don is always striving to move to a higher level and master his talents.

In the wonderful world of R&B one begins to question the skill, craft and overall substance behind R&B music. This underlying question is often answered by young gifted artists who bring a new sound to music, and have the ability to take the world to the next generation of entertainment.

When asked about his upcoming album, La’Don stated, “This album is my best yet, it displays me as a solo artist, I am no longer in a group, or singing backup for the likes of Tyrese or Mya. This album is all about me and my vocals, my lyrics and most of all my writing skills…”

I am finally introducing La’Don as a solo artist to the rest of the world!
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Member of the Brandy Norwood Kids Choir - 1998-2000

Demo singer for R&B Singer Tyrese - 2001-2002

Backup Singer for R&B Singer Mya at NAACP Image Awards 2001

Top 45 Semi-finalists in the American Idol Competition - 2002

Worked under the apprenticeship of Seth Riggs and Evelynn Halus vocal
Coaches of: Whitney Houston, Michael Jackson, Cher, and Brandy 1998-2002

Member of 2 Groups 3rd Story 1997 & 1999 and B2K – 2000


Digits, The Coming, 1-2-3, Oh No!

Set List

I will typically do 3-4 songs but is prepared to do an hour set or more.