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Richmond, Virginia, United States | Established. Jan 01, 2014 | SELF

Richmond, Virginia, United States | SELF
Established on Jan, 2014
Band Rock Psychedelic


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This band has not uploaded any videos



"Lady God Presents the Pebbles"

Lady God came up with a genius idea for their record release party. Rent a bus and take everyone (with an opening band playing during the ride while the passengers got started on a case of PBR) to where it all started for the band, at Virginia Moonwalker studios. Set up a stage next to an old bus and play in the middle of the woods long into the night for the folks who made the trek. I love the idea of creating an intimate experience for a tiny group of people instead of a terrible three day long festival with reunited bands and going to the bathroom next to the port-a-poddy. That's what a seven inch single feels like next to itunes.

A-Side's "Nervous Talk" opens with a laid back reverb surf line and shuffle high hat over a tight snare. Chrissie Griffith's sultry sneer is describing that awkward social situation some people find themselves in; talking with nothing to say, all in a swampy '50s greaser dark sound. It's part Cramps and part pop style and natural vocal of Shannon from the Clams. Polka dots and patent leather, white t-shirts and jeans transported into a future that isn't blinded from the middle of the most prosperous period in american history. They've already been there and subvert things with rising feedback wails and snappy tics, like the Shangri-La's just out of prison.
B-Side's "Roll Tennessee" has a harder '70s hard rock riff on a cranky guitar with Skye on distorted vocals with an attitude matched by the bending blues notes through a busted stack. Harder into partying on this side the layers are stacking up from the garage. Joined by Chrissie they're improvising vocal parts, layering the chorus like a duet, the tambourine rattling underneath. The harsh fuzz is those horns on top of the virgin mary's head. A little bit sweet and A LOT BAD.

Get this from the band direct on their bandcamp page. - 7inches/ Jason Egan

"Lady God on touring, vampires, and their new release, "Lady God #2""

“We were in Louisiana, I guess it was really Baton Rouge, at a gas station, and the attendant noticed and complimented the upside down cross necklace I had on,” said Skye Handler, guitarist and singer for the band Lady God. “And that’s when I realized she was a vampire!”

“She had real fangs…like surgically implanted into her skull…I never heard of that before,” he said. “We wanted to get a picture with her, but I left my Polaroid at home by accident…but I guess it was a good thing because she wouldn’t have shown up anyways…”

Local band Lady God left about a week and a half ago to tour and promote the aptly titled new seven inch Lady God #2, which they recorded with John Morand at Sound of Music Recording Studios. Handler apparently had other intentions.

“We’re really out here to beat the piss out of the other bands,” he said. “We’re pissed and ready to vanquish!”

Except for the weird vampire truck stop experience, the band’s second tour experience has been relatively mellow.

Chrissie Griffith, bassist and singer, said the band chose to tour the South—with stops in Georgia, Florida, Texas, Arkansas, Tennessee, and Virginia—because they have roots down here and and have friends in town to show them around.

The ban was birthed in 2014 at Virginia Moonwalker, a Mechanicsville recording studio where they released Lady God Presents: The Pebbles on vinyl, which was produced by Russell Lacey.The band’s pace for this tour has been relatively relaxed compared to their previous tour, during which Handler suffered from untreated Lyme’s Disease, which the band said is a bummer because they’d rather “be running than sitting around.”“I don’t want to be comfortable on stage,” Handler said. “I want there to be an Evel Knievel vibe, you know? Like it could all end at any moment...”

The band stressed the importance of making mistakes for the band to be creative.

“People want everything to sound crisp, clean, perfect…and it’s really their insecurities…they can hide behind this wall of sound,” Handler continued.

Lady God have a 60s-retro garage-rock sound full with some psychedlelia thrown in, however they like to describe their sound as sort of a "vintage rock n’ roll salad we call “Slink.”Drummer Tim Falen confirmed their “fly by the seat of their pants” strategy.

“I don’t know shit usually…and so I never play songs the same way ever,” he said.

The band carries this attitude into their recording sessions as well according to Griffith who emphasized that you have to be open to new things.

“With this recording we did some new stuff, and not all of it was good,” she said. “But, it’s important to take risks for the sake of making the best music.”

Lady God kicked off their tour with a release show of Lady God #2 at Hardwood Sept. 18 and the band had a show Wednesday in Harrisonburg, Va., at The Golden Pony where they played alongside The Diamond Center, who will come to Black Iris in RVA tonight for their own album release show.

The band said they look forward to seeing people dance at their shows...or get too drunk and do something crazy. Or shake a tambourine. What they don’t want is to see people standing around with their arms folded.

“I do it all the time, listen to Jumping Jack Flash and stare at my fridge at home,” Handler said. “But that’s not what shows are for with Lady God.”

If you missed Lady God at their Hardywood show, you’ll have an opportunity to check out the trio Nov. 28 at Balliceaux, which recently just reopened with a snazzy new place and new menu.

Words by Matthew Chaney. - RVA Magazine/Matt Chaney


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