Lady and Gentleman

Lady and Gentleman


Folk duo from Sarasota that makes music that we love, and people enjoy. We aren't afraid of variety and are not bound by our genre. We love making music and making people happy by doing what we love. We put our all into every aspect of our sound.


We are a young folk, acoustic duo from Sarasota, Florida. We consist of a young lady (Emily Owen) and gentleman (Matt Roback) who have both grown up surrounded by music, and amazing influences. Both growing up with deep musical roots in the southern rock, and folk genres yet appreciating all genres, we keep a unique sound. Some of our biggest influences are Bob Dylan, Johnny Cash and June Carter, Mumford and Sons, and the Allman Brothers Band but we are also are greatly influenced by Paramore, the Black Keys, and Kimbra to name a few. We are inspired to write by everything surrounding us and our songs truly reflect our personalities and our drive for the love of our music.

Set List

3.Mind over Matter
4.Far Too Long
5.Devil Eyes
7.Hide and Seek
8. Sleeping Sickness- City and Colour
9. Slow it Down - Larry and His Flask
10. Folsom Prison Blues- Johnny Cash
11. The Girl- City and Colour
12. Tip of my Tongue- The Civil Wars