Anya Rose

Anya Rose

 Paris, Île-de-France, FRA

ANYA ROSE is making a name for herself by collaborating with international DJs and eclectic sounds.
Be prepared for this artist to transport you in the"Electro Dance" universe.At Clubs, festivals and private scenes, you will find this h.eterocycle artist Surrounded by her dancers, ANYA ROSE, invites you to discover her show, where her energy and her emotion will be waiting for you!
To ignite your dance floor, don't hesitate to book this artist!


Since her early childhood, Anya Rose was always attracted to music, and at the age of 8, was enrolled in her first
dance school. Thats when the magic began.
The first course, the first performances, the first shouts of acknowledgement ...
Since then, her passion for dance has increased. In her adolescence she would add another string to her bow, by developing her joy of singing.
That piece of the puzzle would have her packing her suitcases in route to England where she would
expand her musical culture by indulging in Drums and Bass,
Garage and Two Step .
Then through chance meetings and collaborations she engaged in working relationships with Carter
Kaya Records of DMG Records(He assists her in recording sessions),
Tracy Kendrick (mixing and mastering in Los Angeles, TotalTrak Production), Jp Custos of collective TKF(choregraphy) , and Mao(Photography).
To this, she surrounds herself with international DJs which will bring her the club music sound..
(Italie // Master Dj, Jk Loyd ; Allemagne//Dj Calectro ; Etats Unis//
Steve Omen, Dj Ron-X, Dj Mercer, Frank Dona, Pierre Kixx// France, UK//
Edd Thomlinson, Espagne// Edward Teach, Colombie// Habib Ramirez)


2001-2004 -worked for Section Zouk( single C'EST FINI) and SVL Productions (album PAROLE DE FEMMES)( in Paris, France
· 2006-2007-Created music production and publishing company “Editions L.A.”
· 2008- Released second E.P. titled L.A. Project: Lady Aneessa’s Project. In which saw the return of Aneessas return to America to promote the record. The result?: tracks “Us” and “Jamais” getting commercial radio play listed world wide.
· 2009- the L.A.P.D . (Lady Aneessa Project Dancefloor), album was released. This project was the result of the modern media age opportunity of meeting and gathering her favorite world-wide DJ’s and adding vocals to their already renowned style.
· Septembre 2010- FRENCH KISS remixed by Djs from all around the world.
Mars 2010- VOULEZ-VOUS for compilation "Allez on danse alors" by the label Eurodancer a label from Germany
· Octobre 2010- IT'S ON YOU electro pop single
Juin 2011 Ep with remixes READY TO PARTY ( under the name of Anya Rose signed with the Italian publishing company QUICK)
Juillet 2011- SUR MES TERRES(Remix+Lounge chillout mix)
2012 - SUPERWOMAN Ep (+remixes by dj Calectro/Pierre Kixx/ Master Dj)
2012 - Single IT'S ON YOU
2012- Single I CAN'T LET YOU GO