"The Pop-Alternativo for attention deficit disorders" ...sounds like Bjork had a threesome with Nirvana and David Bowie and there's No Doubt who the father is


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a BIOGRAPHY is supposed be about the true courses taken in life, but the commercial music industry is not interested in that. it is too preoccupied with puppets perpetrating hype and unprincipled standards. it is obvious that it is only one of many corporate industries pumping out toxic waste and it is an industry crumbling before your very eyes. i just make whatever music i want to make whenever i feel like it because it is fun and it's a positive way to make sense out of nonsense :) are you o.k. with that? and now for the dry statistical information of an "official bio" as noted:

A unique combination of self taught guitar, candid lyrics, and exuberant melodies makes LadyBug one of the most refreshing artists emerging from the music industry today. A large part of her dynamic musical influence comes from old Spanish ballads and the nostalgic rhythms of salsa music ingrained in her upbringing. This essence blended with the electric edges of punk rock and the impact of soulful vocal interpretation, is what gives the Bug her signature percussive flavor as an acoustic performer.

LadyBug was born in Brooklyn, NY of Puerto Rican/Ecuadorian heritage and began studying piano at the age of five. She taught herself to play guitar by shaping inventive chords around fervent writings. In 1999, LadyBug formed the energetic industrial rock group, "bLANk", with drummer/producer Oscar Dorta and worked her way onto the stages of Miami's AT&T Bayside Musical Amphitheatre, the Hard Rock Cafe, and the legendary Churchill's Pub. She went on to be voted "best female rock vocalist" by the Miami New Times in 2001 and nominated "best female vocalist" at the South Florida Music Awards in 2002, when she released her first independent E.P. entitled "Plug Me In".

After returning to her hometown of New York in 2003 and collaborating with different musicians, LadyBug ultimately connected with neoteric lead guitarist Josette, jazz-seasoned bassist Phil Smith, and the innovative, rock solid drummer, Jessie Torrisi. On stage, they permeate through audiences with a bold presence of playful textures and quirky progressions. It is a cohesion that spray paints infectious melodies with kinetic skill and urban individuality.

The group is in the process of completing their first full length independent C.D. entitled "A Vein Inside a Quetzal's Daze" with Canadian producer and musician, Chris Brown and has teamed up with Jess White of Un-manageable Artists Management company. The recordings will be available in the fall of 2006.

Both as a solo artist or with her band, LadyBug has played in Miami, Boston, Philadelphia, traveling solo through Mexico, upstate NY, and all over New York City including venues such as Piano's, Sin-e, and Joe's Pub.


Breakin an Entry

Written By: wordz and music by LadyBug

i crushed it all under me
pieces made of all the tendencies turned to dust,
here comes a breeze and i'm freezing outside
the owner of the house is not living in his home... i'll just need to use the phone if a number comes to mind and i'm freezing outside... i've left everything behind

i won't make a sound when i kill that dog... why'd he need to be so freakin loud and dangerous to a harmless little thing like me

nice soft couch and look, i'm on T.V... i wonder if they're looking for me in the woods with the body.. it's so warm in here. i don't ever want to go

in his room there's a sky and horrid pictures in nice frames, think anybody knows my name? this will be my bed... the news will change tonight, i'll be left alone, they'll understand it was an accident and i'll be free to be the richest man... this is my head where i'll leave all the wrongs as right cuz it's been wrong all along and all along it's been my life

Bombastes Furioso

Written By: LadyBug

i took for granted what was made so obvious to me
i could never fathom the transience of our intimacy
i'd like to imagine that there is peace on earth
and between you and me
but the way it's going you keep on waging war
what's it gonna be?

one day you'll come back down to earth just to find
there ain't no one around who will swallow the anguish
maybe things will work themselves out in time
baby please

you took advantage and threw in my face all of the honesty
i listened carefully to everything that you were saying
manipulation may work with other girls
but it won't work with me
why don't you take a week off and get to know yourself
cuz you don't know me


Written By: LadyBug

know when to start and when to stop
why keep on going till it's dark
until you're tired from the push and the pull of decay
and the scratching with the nails that you've bitten away
is your skin a little thin where a note has been pushed in with a pin
displaying all the phrases under your breath
and praying for a message to mean what it says
what is the reason you beat yourself unnoticed
why are the questions you ask always unanswered

i am seeing spots out of line, flashing signal
a warning sign... maybe i should stop and take time...

hands are turning into fists
they either rise up or they hit
all with an energy they hate by holding inside
all exploding into pieces splitting the side
of tomorrow in a box, out the window
like a broken clock
what is the reason you throw away your moments
why are the memories you make always forgotton


Plug Me In - EP
songs have airplay on WVUM in Miami, FL,,,, East Village and
available on iTunes, Music Match, Napster and all major digital music stores.

Set List

Set list includes:
Stare at Water
Welcome Home
Silence is Sincere
Breakin an Entry
Bombastes Furioso
Wicked Spark

Set is approximately 45 minutes in length. Set usually does not include covers.