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"Ladybug Stingray Rocks The House!"

I’m pretty sure that almost all of us, at one point, has seen a musical act perform downtown. Whether you went to see the performance as a favor to a friend, you were scouting talent to represent or you just felt like rocking out for a night, you can rarely go wrong seeing a live performance. This past weekend I made the trip down to Nublu located at 62 Avenue C between 4-5th Streets. The reason for my trip was to see a performance by the eclectic and multi-talented band, Ladybug Stingray. The night celebrated two accomplishments: The band’s new EP (Urge 2 Surge) and the launch of their new website!

One of the ways you judge the success of a show is by the number of seats that are filled or empty. I can tell you that not only were all the seats filled, but there was hardly any standing room. It was not easy to see over the crowd and that’s due to this band’s performance abilities, energy and style. The crowd couldn’t get enough as Ladybug Stingray launched into many of their songs including: Urge 2 Surge, Rock Steady, Heart & Soul, Chinatown, a great cover of Give it Away/Come Together and Neried Doto. The lead singer, KVK 13 (Kalen Van Kalen 13) is a fantastic! She owns the stage, gets the crowd rocking and has unparallel energy. The best way to describe this band’s music is a mix of Funk, Rock, Soul and Dance. Did I mention they are eclectic?!?
The show was definitely a great success and it was well worth the trip (I live on the UES). If you feel the “Urge 2 Surge” go see Ladybug Stingray perform or check out their new EP. For more information about the band: OR check out their Myspace page: Rock out, Funk out, feed the Soul or Dance…it’s your choice.

By Scott Kaufman -

"Cosmic review from back in the duodom days (Azuca Popi Zeedy):"

LADYBUG STINGRAY is a Funky Dance Power DUO (now trio) that promises to kick your ass; and have the goods to back it up. They rock the house with stadium level energy, and play every show like it is their last. They even rehearse like that. Their mission is: to Take You Higher, Spread Love, and Blow Your Mind....

They are fronted by an up an coming superstar, multitalented Singer, Keyboardist, Composer KVK 13 (Kalen Van Kalen 13). Kalen has "otherworldly" vocal prowess. She has the rock energy of Janis Joplin, the soul diva gospel chops of Alicia Keys, the ethereal expression of Kate Bush. And can rap like nobody’s business. On top of that, she plays super funky experimental rock lead keyboard; think Bernie Worrel (from Parliament/Funkadelic) meets Square Pusher, meets Imogean Heap. Kalen "Van Kalen" performs with the level of intensity that has not been seen in a fucking long time!!!

There’s more…

"Sugar Bubbles" plays bass synth and a complete drum set at the same time. That’s right, AT THE SAME TIME. He sounds like two people playing (at the same time). This MUST be seen to be believed. Tooo Funky, tooo intense, super tight. He is a complete Fusion Monster Specialist. This man has beyond chops ala Dennis Chambers, but is just as happy rockin you to the ground with his deadly funky grooves (think Clyde Stubblefield), and all the drum and bass and modern hip hop/world beats in between.

KVK 13 and Sugar Bubbles are both Composer/Songwriters guaranteed to take you there.

This is a lot to live up to, but this is only scratching the surface of what this unit is capable of, and they are more than ready to bring it. Do yourself a favor, check them out in the initial raw settings while you can because they are about to blow the F$K Up. - Grumbles Insurance


known Discography

"LADYBUG STINGRAY: Urge 2 Surge" (2010)

Debut Album : "Grumbles Insurance Presents" (2007)



[[ direct line to the Prez: (518.469.9075)]]_

Sect/article 4558-7_

Formed at an undisclosed location under conditions too sensitive to discuss within normal channels, it has come to the attention of the authorities that the group LADYBUG STINGRAY (if left unchecked) could pose a threat to national security and global balance.....

We call upon all of our concerned citizens to be vigilant and on the lookout for this nefarious "LADYBUG STINGRAY". A note of caution: they have been known to inject large dosages of funk, riffage, electro soul and general joy and merriment into unsuspecting victims.

Apparently they have got their hands on the advanced technology of a high end music video and have already released it against the population in the form of "Urge 2 Surge" through such dangerous viral medium as “vimeo” and “youtube” on the world wide webs.

>>>>>>>>Department of Consumer Oversight and Homeland Protection<<<<<<<<