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New York City, New York, United States | INDIE

New York City, New York, United States | INDIE
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This band has not uploaded any videos



"ready to strike it big"

Ladycop is a Brooklyn band who’s been around for a few years, but with the release of their latest album, Waves, they’re ready to strike it big. Waves, released in September, is full of swooning indie rock with pulsating guitar and generous synth. Tracks alternate from hushed acoustic beauties to spacey, echo-filled segments to slow-building cathartic anthems.

Ladycop has the talent to pull of this wide array of complex material, and you can tell they’ve been together long enough to attempt such a gutsy feat of diversity. - Knox Road

"A dark music, with a complex structure, with beautiful soaring guitar"

(translated from French, bear with us)

Two years after their first visit to the Belgians (Evening Cherry-Magic Flute), the return of Mary periwinkle Tintin in Brooklyn.
If Cliff Rawson (bass, acoustic and lead vocals) and Kolby Wade (drums, programming) remained in the same police, the municipality has hired two new faces: Anne Carlisle (second voice and guitar) and stirred Derek Kretzer (lead guitar).
The band has also spawned a full CD, "Waves" and has to interpret some beaches at the hairdresser.
An intro ('Tulsa') melodic, atmospheric shoegaze taste to boot Idea Maker '.
The indie Ladycop Version Four Musketeers, is more convincing than in 2008.
A dark music, with a complex structure, with beautiful soaring guitar. A leadsinger timbre and catchy, thanks to Derek, a great stage presence, not to mention that Anne is worth the look.
Everything is for the best in the best of worlds?
No, the acoustics in the living room is in Liliane top, Pei support of the scale is a current of air, he asked for more vocals in The Monitor ', it is found.
He said 'I'm Under Those fucking burning spotlights', he thinks it is more effective than tanning at Nieuwpoort.
In short, a comic first.
'A Celebration'. These New Yorkers sound more British than Yankee, you feel influences Radiohead, Elbow, Turin Brakes ... in developing their sophisticated compositions.
It's both cool, dark and inventive
'I Felt just like anybody else' lighter and bouncy, with influences from Arcade Fire and even the Beatles.
Cliff swapped the bass against an acoustic guitar, 'Laura, tell me Once Again', large number of Mr. Kretzer.
'Missing Stoned' two honeyed voice, ethereal ... 1994 ... ... I Understand on postrock guitar lines.
'Julian', he is excited that boy. Layers of guitars scathing, imploring voice ... addictive song!
'Enemy Castle' oldest title, grandiloquent.
A monumental fortress, this building.
'Human? " the indie heroic few tips from the great era U2, with loads of Interpol, all led by a melodic bass sound.
The psychedelic effects are not absent.
If you let yourself go with the flow Ladycop, you leave the planet earth.
Slow introduction of air for guitars and repetitive, Tulsa 2 ', followed by a breathless voice doubled (Anne / Cliff), followed by hysterical screams evil.
What happened in Oklahoma?
An epic nightmare.
'Training Bible, an old title had lost none of its persuasive force.



Ladycop completes 'Cool Runnings', starting in a race slowed by a sequence sent by the drummer, before we see the band take a final trip to Explosions in the Sky.
Thank you, Brussels.

No way to give us a reminder, the hour of curfew is blithely exceeded.
Liliane and her team fall shampoo, lotions and hair curlers, and you feel it is abnormal that a band with potential to Ladycop can occur in Bota (Witloof, for starters) or AB (Club, start).
It has been worse in both rooms!

- Le Blog des critiques de concerts

"These Shimmering Ideas Arrest"

Let me tell you, straight off the bat - typing 'ladycop' into Google images brings some amazingly bizarre returns, so any posts after this one based on these guys will be off the wall...

Ladycop are a Brooklyn four piece who are adament that indie rock can still be - well, interesting. My first listen of 'Idea Maker' was one of quiet admiration - the shimmering dynamics of the guitar and soft vocals was a nice blend to the mesmerising one-take music clip accompanying it. They add a certain pensiveness to their songs that leaves you on edge, waiting for the whole composition to implode and self destruct. Listening to other tracks like 'Julien' has them embracing 90s indie more emphatically, whilst 'I Just Felt Like Anyone Else' swims in waters somewhere between. So Im finding Ladycop to not be as arresting as I first imagined (oh, the punnage!), but still intriguing enough to give them more of a listen.

Which is lucky really, because they grace the Old Blue Last next week after spending dates flitting around the UK countryside. Keep an eye out for em. - Sonic Masala

"We finally get hit with an original pop-rock band from New York City"

We finally get hit with an original pop-rock band from New York City. Formed in early 2006 as a recording project, Ladycop is the creation of singer-bassist Cliff Rawson, (formerly of boston cult faves Araby), and drummer-composer Kolby Wade. The duo quickly gained attention, with a surprising 3-song demo that sounded more than home-made, and immediately set about searching for musicians to complete the live band. After much time searching, they found their missing halves, members Anne Carlisle and Derek Kretzer. Their powerpop-rock vibes will for sure catch your ear, and leave you wanting more. - The Record Stack

"5 reviews of song, "Put Down The Racers""

Song: 'put down the racers' by ladycop

Score: 7.58 / 10

Andy Chapman gave a score of 6.6 / 10. Comments were:
If Bjork and Thom York got busy in a dark alley one night and ended up with a very odd looking bun in the oven, “lady cop” might well be the result. At once girly and weird, “put down the racers” is full of noise, disconcerting melodies and suicidal tendencies. There's a pretty obvious amount of talent and creativity in the band, I just wish there was a slightly more original flavour.

Scoring: Songcraft: 7, Recording: 7, Freshness: 5.5, Vocals: 7.5, XFactor: 6

nb gave a score of 7.83 / 10. Comments were:
Fresh and engaging with electronica blends and emo rock without the screaming. Your subtlety and nuance is everything. The contrasts and lightness make it an effortless listen and in keeping with the Arcade Fire comparison. I think you may be on to something big here.

Scoring: Songcraft: 7.5, Recording: 7.5, Freshness: 8.5, Vocals: 7.5, Musicianship: 8, XFactor: 9

Ms. Commerciality gave a score of 5.8 / 10. Comments were:
First off, I don't see this as being a very "mainstream" style of song - which is NOT a bad thing. It just means it is a tougher sell in the music biz. I found the textures and different elements very interesting. There were nice changes throughout and the vocals were in tune..although at some points I felt they were in another key or on a wrong note as to what was being played. I didn't rate the lyrics in general as they were too hard for me to understand in their entirety, which brought down the songwriting mark. Sometimes this is the mix and sometimes is just the lack of annunciation/clarity of singing. Overall, I think that this would fare ok in the college market.

Scoring: Songcraft: 4, Recording: 8, Freshness: 6.5, Vocals: 6, Musicianship: 8, XFactor: 4.5

MongoKnowsRecords gave a score of 9.5 / 10. Comments were:
Oough...there must be something in the air. Mongo must say he be amazed that so many talented folks be apearing across the scene. Ladycop is no acception. This is one very talented group of folks .. very much in control of what they are saying, doing and laying down. "Put Down The Racers" is an excellent darkend star piece. As all things ecolving it has soft fluid lines and an occasional jagged edge. But the edge is there with intention and it all works. The "Lady" in this Brooklyn based group of cops lays out that smooth, silky voice like slipping into a hot bath. Mongo better stop now - know where this is going. But this piece be going good. Really good. "Ogga Booga 101" all the way. Out of 9 Bonez - Mongo give 900

Scoring: Songcraft: 9.5, Recording: 10, Freshness: 9, Vocals: 10, Musicianship: 9.5, XFactor: 9.5

The Goat gave a score of 8.16 / 10. Comments were:
ATTENTION: SNOB ALERT: High interest factor. Strong performances. Different. Irritating. Raw. Infectious. Not suitable for mainstream consumption. Too heady; too intelligent. (yes, I just blasted avg homo sapiens as being music illiterates) I love this shit. Look for it only on your local internet radio station, or maybe some really cool college stations -- otherwise you'll likely not hear it any place where normal people tune in.

Scoring: Songcraft: 9, Recording: 8, Freshness: 9, Vocals: 8, Musicianship: 8, XFactor: 9



Brooklyn band Ladycop does not seem to want to protest very loudly on “EP.” The five song recording relies heavily on smooth melodies that are layered with rapid and unrelenting drumming and soft vocals. Ladycop contrast the effortless harmonies of “Put Down the Racers” with a scratching effect and the acoustic guitar ballad “Let.” The result is dynamic and ever changing indie rock that gently floats by but knows how to bare its teeth when challenged.

-Corinne -


Ladycop is a Brooklyn-based indie/electronica rock band. After careful review of their self-titled EP, I have confirmed similarities to Radiohead, Fugazi, and a touch of some other forgotten stoner rock band (all three of which I am no stranger to).

4 of the 5 tracks on the disc demonstrate the use of a drum machine, except "Let." It stands out as a nice change of pace, with the use of acoustic guitars at the beginning, and later towards the end some electric guitars as well.

"Cool Runnings" has nothing to do with the Disney movie about the Jamaican bobsled team, although embarrassingly enough, that's the first thing that came to my mind upon reading the title. This song climaxes at the end with some rather crazy stereo panning, especially if you listen to it through headphones as I did.

It's a very nicely written, recorded, and mixed EP that Ladycop has provided us to enjoy. Although not my favorite cup of tea, I certainly did enjoy. It was recorded 11/05-11/06, so be on the lookout for the next EP, and check it.

-Aaron Blythe -

"Feminist Review"

According to their Myspace page, Ladycop is known for their live show; the trouble is I haven’t seen it. Based in Brooklyn, their self-released and self-titled EP, showcases a band that isn’t easily captured second-hand. With layers upon layers of sound, rattling guitars, and mystic vocals, I’m aching to hear more from this indie rock four-some, preferably at a small, dark club in their hometown. I just want more!

Similar to The Arcade Fire, Ladycop are serious musicians. Their music is as dark and complex as it is driving, but remains fresh - as if I’d stumbled upon a secret that I had heard before, but never really noticed. This isn’t your mother’s Pink Floyd, but their influence is unmistakable with their trademark long, stringing guitar notes (acoustic and electric) and seamless ends and beginnings. I highly recommend this EP. Ladycop tours this summer.

Review by Courtney Ham -

"CDBaby Loves Ladycop!"

With droves of bands making their runs at the Arcade Fire musical ethos, few have the talent to actually pull it off. New York's Ladycop certainly has it in spades. And while every other band seems to be utilizing modern technology to catapult themselves at least halfway into the electronic music category, few have the know-how to keep it from sounding like it's from 1991. Ladycop prevents it's beats from becoming cliche by making them a part of the experience, not a lonely focal point. Awash with buzzy drum
beats that give way to the occasional sludgy glitch line, most of these songs are strewn
with a regretful nostalgia that beats back any doubt that these dudes
are to be taken seriously. Delicate guitar arpeggios and sinister
leads sit solidly next to clear bass tones, hard panned drums make for a headphone experience that borders on psychedelic, spastic clapping
punctuates rhythms, and the Enigk-like vocals layer themselves up to
the rafters. I'm bummed that this is only 5-song EP... because it's
gorgeous. - CDBaby

"Ladycop EP"

It has been a long time since I've heard a new band, in the traditional format of guitars, drums, and singer, that really got me excited. In fact, the last band that probably did so was closely related to Ladycop, that being The Symphony Case with its self-released album, Cumulus in 2005. 2006 came and went, and while there were some excellent albums, they were all by artists I was well acquanited with previously, and most new bands who popped up on the internet with the hype machine behind them just didn't satisfy me to the extent that I would like. It's certainly not for lack of trying; in a fit of desparation I started reading Pitchfork Media regularly again, thinking that I had finally fallen over the hill. Prognosis negative; I can safely say we experience a bit of a depression in "exciting new music" in the past year and a half.

Ladycop then gets credit for breaking this lull. Formed from the ashes of The Symphony Case (California) and Araby, Ladycop either takes a departure from the musicians' previous work, or somehow blends it together into an almost unrecognizable force. Almost. The wonderfully named EP cycles through a lot of emotions and presentations, but we could generally claim that the band is channeling the influence of At the Drive-In and Radiohead, two bands who I previously would have never thought should be combined into a single, solid sound. It's easy to see where the band's influence comes from: Radiohead via The Symphony Case and At the Drive-In via Araby, yet even then it's a bit stunning that all the gimmickery that has surrounded these two bands over the years is stripped down by this quartet and then claimed as its own.

EP is characterized by its glitchy, programmed beats and emotive vocals. Generally, I must admit that I'm not in love with this type of vocal styling, emo has pretty much been dead to me for years, and, barring a new album from Glassjaw, it's likely to stay that way. However, there's something about the glitchy aspect of the band and Cliff Rawson's vocals that meshes together perfectly. Rawson ranges from lifeless crooning to soaring, bellowing vocals, and I can't help but notice how this process mimics the duality between the electronic programming and very raw, organic guitar work. "Put Down the Racers" shows this delicate balance that the band handles so experly, and even when the focus veers elsewhere, like in the largely acoustic "Let" or somber "Closer," Rawsom doesn't miss a beat.

As a twenty-minute statement of intent, EP leaves a favorable impression of Ladycop, one which will undoubtedly blossom in future works. What exactly that holds in store is questionable. Part of Ladycop's appeal lies in the stripped down presentation of the music. It very well could get much more experimental, and given the musicians' histories, I'm inclined to think it will, but EP really accentuates the band's strength by not being overbearing, be it the subtleties of the guitars or the pinpoint accuracy of the vocals. I'd hate to see this get buried in a haze of electronic noises and guitar effects that plague many bands these days, hopefully Ladycop can steer clear of these common pitfalls and stay true to what it has set down in EP.

-Jordan Volz -

"chickenfish reviews Ladycop EP"

(Ladycop) With their unique drum signatures, distorted guitar and intense female vocals, Ladycop comes across as a combination of the Yeah Yeah Yeah’s, PJ Harvey and Bjork (just for strange experimental feel of the songs). As you can imagine, the sound is pretty cool. While the casual listener might have problems listening to this release, the more adventurous music-phial will love it.
-- Mite Mutant (2007) -

" review ep"

Graham Bailey
"Ladycop" EP

2007 Self Release
Score: 8 (of 10)

Ladycop is a four-member band hailing from Brooklyn, New York. They have just released their debut, self-produced self-titled five-song EP.

The band describes their sound as: “Bjork meets Perry Ferrel; they have a baby. The baby studies music for a million years and realizes Sunny Day Real Estate was in fact awesome. He buys a sweet distortion pedal and starts a band.” Listening to the band’s debut offering this description is not totally off, just in that the band does create very unique, interesting music (if not exactly what one would imagine based on that description.)

The band plays a unique brand of indie rock. They go from the avant-garde almost Radiohead-ish track with high pitched falsetto vocals on “Put Down The Racers,” to more mellow straightforward acoustic-guitar led indie on “Let.” The band is talented and their songs manage to be both inventive and catchy, with passionate vocals and melodic music.

Overall: This is a strong genre-defying debut. -


Ladycop "EP" - 2007 EP

Ladycop "We're Not The Man" - 2008 EP

Ladycop "Waves" - 2010 LP



Formed in New York City in early 2006 as a recording project, Ladycop is the brainchild of singer-bassist Cliff Rawson, (formerly of boston cult faves Araby), and drummer-composer Kolby Wade. The duo quickly gained attention with a surprising 3-song demo that sounded more than home-made, and immediately set about searching for musicians to complete the live band. After several incarnations, the group now includes two more permenant members, Anne Carlisle and Derek Kretzer.

Ladycop's debut self-release "EP" was greeted with enthusiasm from fans and critics, including a rave review from CD Baby, which featured the band on it's main page for many months. After a wildly successful first tour of Europe in the spring of '08, Ladycop put the finishing touches on their second home-made ep, "We're Not the Man", and headed back to Europe for a follow up diy road-show. This excursion netted the band three outstanding live reviews, including one from the prestigious ZXZW festival in Tillburg, Holland, as well as attention from a number of European record labels.

Now with their third well received European tour completed, as well as the September release of their first full length album, “Waves”, (which has garnered several great reviews - “We finally get hit with an original pop-rock band from New York City”- The Record Stack “Ladycop has the talent to pull off this wide array of complex material, and you can tell they’ve been together long enough to attempt such a gutsy feat of diversity.” - Knox Road) Ladycop begins a four month American tour in January in their recently acquired waste vegetable powered tour bus.