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March 18, 2006
Capable of keeping up with the different styles of reggae, Lady 'D' has again proven herself to be an amazing and versatile reggae performer. And the people are responding positively. The same way Lady 'D' makes her lyrics and messages a priority, so too is her style of performance essential. "I really want to restore and show respect to reggae music especially the dancehall aspect to it." said Lady 'D'.
Performing a charity event at the LaRosa Banquet Hall in North York, which was financed and promoted by Double Dee Business Promotions, Lady 'D' set the stage. At the event we were made to feel at home, and one had to feel the room as it filled with anticipation, the venue itself has peaked all of my senses. Accompanying Lady 'D' for the evening was the "Lex Band".
This young woman is such a genuine individual that one can't help but fall head over heels for her and her music. She started off her set with an accapella of Rainbow by Nadine Sutherland and followed up with four of her current singles from her upcoming CD. So look out for Lady 'D'. She is an amazing talent. It was truly a night for Lady 'D'! - REGGAE EXCLUSIVE MAGAZINE

"Rising to the Top"

The sun was hot and IRIEFEST was too! There were many live performances at Nathan Philips Square, but the performance that seemed astounding to me was that of King Ujah and Lady 'D'. Lady 'D' fresh from the T-dot , and coming out of the Double Dee Business Promotions crew, she performed yesterday along side of King Ujah. Her accapella of Prison Walls by Jah Cure had all the men in the crowd going crazy. I felt like I was in a dance and the party just got hyped. She appeared on stage half way through the song and she surprised everyone in the crowd as she is a white, Canadian woman. And she was thought to be Jamaican. Her performance along side of King Ujah definitely proved she can hold her own.
King Ujah's performance was amazing as usual and on this new hit duet "Making Love Tonite", King Ujah definitely showed us just how versatile he can be and with Lady 'D' s smooth carribean flow and powerful voice this song will take them to the top! - REGGAE EXCLUSIVE MAGAZINE


The Christmas benefit show last night which was organized by Double Dee Business Promotions, definitely brought in the crowd! There were over 150 people of the community that showed up for the event to watch the show and to get a free Christmas meal. The performers at the event were Lady 'D' and the 'Lex Band". Lady 'D' had the seniors and the community dancing the night away into Christmas Eve. The crowd definitely did not want the night to end. Her reviving music and young look even had the cook playing the bongos beside her! It was amazing to see such promising talent take the time to show respect to where needs it the most. Parkdale needed a positive and uplifting event to put the needy and elderly into the Christmas spirit, and Lady 'D' and the Lex Band definitely made it all possible.l - THE WEEKLY STAR


"LADY D's NEW 10tr. CD

Singles released are:

-WOMAN OF VIRTUE - Duet w/ King Ujah
-MAKIN' LOVE TONITE - Duet w/ King Ujah
-HOT ZONE - TRIO W/ King Ujah & Comfort




Lady "D" has loved to sing since the young age of 6. Ever since she could talk, her dream and aspiration in life was to win a Music award on the Grammys or a Canadian Juno award. As a young girl she looked up to and admired artists such as Whitney Houston, Patti Labelle, Aretha Franklin, and Mary J. Blige. However, as much as she loved to sing to Rhythm and blues, she also loved singing and listening to country music such as Dolly Parton and Crystal Gayle, and reggae music and gospel. Lady "D" is diverse in the sense that she will sing anything you put in front of her. The more challenging, the more that she thrives. Lady ¡°D¡± as a child was enrolled in competitions for singing and always took the prize home because she was never shy to sing in front of anyone. Lady "D" is still trying to get that fame and fortune that she has worked so long and hard for and she will never give up.

Her works include;

Oct 1991- Auditioned for a lead role in High School Musical ¡°Sound of Music¡±.

Nov1991- Received the role of Maria Rainer in ¡°Sound of Music¡± School Musical.

Jan 1991- Lady ¡°D¡± and 3 friends compiled a high school Jazz Ensemble to perform at School events along with the School Choir.

May 1991 - High School Jazz Ensemble and School Choir attend International High School competition in Nashville Tennessee at the Grand Ole Opry.

Oct 1992 - Auditioned for a lead role in the High School Musical ¡°Oklahoma¡±.

Nov 1992 - Received the role of Ado Annie Carnes in ¡°Oklahoma¡± High School Musical.

Oct 1993 - Auditioned for a lead role in the High School Musical ¡°Annie Get Your Guns¡±

Nov 1993- Received the role of ¡°Jessie Oakley¡± in the High School Musical ¡°Annie Get Your Guns¡±

1994-1996 - Performed at Church as a soloist and also in the choir.

1996-1999 ¨C Performed at private parties, weddings and funerals.
Lady ¡°D¡± spent months compiling work to perform as a reggae artist and R&B singer. Worked on dub-plates for Steppa-Choice DJ crew, Red Flame DJ crew and DJ Rati sound crew

1999 ¨C Lady ¡°D¡± and Majestic Warriors Band perform at La Rosa Banquet Hall.

2001 - Lady "D" solo performance at Transamerica Life Insurance Unicef Fundraiser

Nov 2002 ¨C Lady D performed for an audience of about 600 at Moose Lodge banquet hall.

Dec 2002 ¨C Lady ¡°D¡± Cuts first Demo CD titled simply ¡°Lady D¡±

2002-2003 - Da Lex Band and Lady "D" perform at local nightclubs and homeless shelters over the Christmas season.

Feb 2003 ¨C Lady ¡°D¡± performs at local public School for Valentine¡¯s Day Concert

Aug 2003 ¨C Lady ¡°D¡± and Da Lex Band jugglin¡¯ music to book Christmas shows

Dec 2003 ¨C Lady ¡°D¡± Performed @ Parkdale community center. Benefit concert

Jan 2003-2005- Lady ¡°D¡± performed at private parties, weddings and funerals while working on new music projects and ideas.

Feb 2006 ¨C Lady ¡°D¡± meets the talented King Ujah to work on a couple of projects together in the reggae music field.

Mar 2006 ¨C Lady ¡°D¡± meets with Trinity Chris to discuss working together on a couple of projects in the dancehall field.

Mar -June 2006 ¨C Studied Vocal lessons with opera singer Sarah Hallyburton at The Music Studio in Mississauga.

Mar-Aug 2006 ¨C Lady ¡°D¡± and King Ujah work in the studio getting together singles ¡°Makin¡¯ Love 2Nite¡± & ¡°Woman of Virtue¡±. In this time Lady ¡°D¡± is also working on her own Promotional CD titled ¡°Steppin¡¯ Out¡± in the studio.

Aug 2006 ¨C Lady ¡°D¡± and King Ujah complete 2 singles and are ready for printing.

Aug 2006 ¨C Lady ¡°D¡± completes her recordings for her Promotional CD ¡°Steppin¡¯ Out¡±.

Aug 2006 ¨C Lady ¡°D¡± performed @ the Irie Fest, held at Nathan Philips Square during Toronto¡¯s Caribana. In front of a roaring crowd Lady ¡°D¡± dazzled all in attendance.

Sep 2006 ¨C Lady ¡°D¡± was invited to filming of Trinity Chris video shoot to experience a live Video shoot.

October-present 2006 ¨C Lady ¡°D¡± working on a new project with King Ujah, ¡°The Comfort Singer¡±, and ¡°Bionic¡± includes a compilation of songs for a new album with producer Double Dee called ¡°UNIFICATION¡±

February 2007¡ªJust completed hot new single ¡°HOT ZONE¡± with King Ujah and The Comfort Singer. New single set for release June 2007!!

February 2007¡ªFilmed HD video for new single ¡°HOT ZONE¡± and also ¡°WOMAN OF VIRTUE¡±. To also be released in June 2007!!

June 2007--Video release party for latest Hot Zone single.

July 2007--Performance at the Reverb Club in Toronto. Performed along with Trinity Chriss, Lindo P, and King Ujah with guest MC Michie Mee.

October 2007--2 back to back solo performances at Sydney's Island Restaurant for their 1 year anniversary. Lady D performed with The Jay Douglas Band. Lady D was accompanied in her performance by her personal choreographer/dancer KAY-ANN WARD.