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Lady Dawn

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With a sound many say is reminiscent of Poet Nikki Giovanni, Lady Dawn speaks a language that is rhythmically thought-provoking. It's a gut-level truth that demands a response. Combining her faith with her poetry, Dawn weaves together an experience that is both disarming and engaging.


A born again believer in Jesus Christ for more than 20 years, Dawn speaks to the issues of the day from a Christian perspective. She is not afraid to bring to the microphone controversial topics such as racism, homosexuality, politics and even, personal failure.

Appearing at a variety of venues, Dawn’s poetry has been applauded by both Christian and secular audiences alike. The audience is at once engaged and challenged. Her walk of faith is her inspiration.

Dawn’s sophomore project entitled, “Rhythums of Life” features three tracks, which masterfully blends the sounds of contemporary Gospel and Jazz. ‘For God So Loved the World’ catches you off guard as Lady Dawn begs the question, ‘does God still love this world?’ ‘Exodus’ pulls our attention Heavenward, while at the same time keeping our feet on the ground with the mellow feel of cool jazz. ‘The Industry of Ministry’ tackles the challenge of staying true to the call.

After hearing Lady Dawn at a Christian Café, a well known musician, named the ‘Michael Jackson of North Africa’, said of Dawn’s performance, “(her) work is so anointed, the audience was enraptured. You could hear a pin drop. It is the voice that makes America keep silent and listen”.

The Psalm Portal writes, “Soft spoken provoker is what this minister is. Words that act as an invocation. Each said sentence and paragraph piques your query, therefore you stay with each spoken word and before you know it you’ve been through an experience of self-examination measuring yourself against the Word of God.”

God’s plan and purpose for Dawn’s life continues to unfold with the publishing of her first book entitled, “JIREH, Provision in Chaos”. A personal memoir, “JIREH” is a testament to the grace of God operating in every believer’s life.

Once again, Lady Dawn steps out of the boat and is not afraid to take off the "Holy and Sanctified" mask; rendering herself transparent regarding the personal triumphs and failures that we all endure, even as we walk with the Lord.

Dawn’s personal testimony echoes the words from her book; “The distraction of lost battles along the way only serves to camouflage sure and certain victory on the other side. The way has not been lost, but rather, the course divinely charted”.

Sample of Venues/Appearances:

North by Northwest
On the Bloc
Psalmistry Christian Café & Performing Arts
Philadelphia Ethical Society (Peace Has No Color)

Impacting Your World Christian Center (Women’s Conference)
Word of Life Church
Morningstar Holiness Church
Blue Mountain Christian Retreat (Women’s Conference)

WURD 900AM (Radio Interview)

New Jersey
Christ Baptist Church (Christian Café)
Grace Temple Baptist Church (Youth Service)
Morningstar Holiness Church (Women’s Program)
St. Paul AME Zion Church

Boardwalk, Wildwood, NJ (Gospelrama)

WRTK 1540 AM / WANR 1570 AM
Live Interview/ Regular rotation

Types of Functions:
Open Mic
Christian Cafe
Spoken Word Cafes
Poetry Slams
Youth Programs
Anniversary Programs


For God So Loved the World

Written By: Dawn Martin

For God So Loved the World

For God so loved the world.
What world?
This world?
My sisters and daughters
dressed like street walkers.
Some Pimpin’ like
Our sons and brothers like
prison cellmates on
Sagging jeans.
Oversized tees.
Confused dos.
Ponytails longer than
This world?
Was a time youngsters dropped their voices
when passing corners
Now they’ve taken over.
Empty, vague faces. Looking for love in
all the wrong places.
Running the streets in
Hundred dollar sneaks,
goin’ no where,
For God so loved the world.
This world?
Our young people trippin’ on ‘E’.
That’s ecstasy.
Green apple flavored “V” and
Ain’t real life already a trip?
America’s favorite Dad says
stop the madness.
Get hooked
on Phonics.
Keep your but in school,
a mind is a terrible thing to waste.

But, we’re still killing our prophets,
silencing our preachers.
Over taxing, and under paying our
Teachers. (3x’s)

This world?
Super Bowl expose.
Wide Receivers and,
Desperate Housewives
Sex in the City with
And Girlfriends,
the Queer Eye
looks on
as she locks lips,
with her

The question is begged,
“Do our Men Still Want Us?”
And our Down Low brothers
Don’t call us
We’ve got wives
and children, see
Another case of misplaced

Sista’s booty lockin’
to the beat,
Droppin’ it
like it’s hot.
Cadillac Escalades, Rolli Blades.
It don’t mean a thing
if you ain’t got that
But what does it profit if you gain
the whole world
and lose

This world?
Pastors and Preachers leaping
pews commanding
we keep righteousness
in the
flag-draped coffins
filled with
our Sons and
line the tarmac
at Dover.
But you told me that
the war was over.

They’re paying the price
Of our privileged lives

This world?
For a few dollars we’ll send you that
blessed prayer cloth.
A few dollars more,
8 keys to the kingdom,
7 steps to your miracle.

Sow a seed, meet a need.
Jesus come in a
But, Jesus paid it all.
All to Him I owe.
Freely we have received.

Our Ancients and Elders
cutting meds in half,
just enough to make it last.
While we’re spending billions
In a foreign land
But what about the man
With the tin cup in his hand?
Makes me wanna’ holla

Jesus Wept.

We’re still killing our Prophets
Silencing our Preachers
And Underpaying

For God so loved this world?
For God so loved this world that He gave
His only Son
That whosoever believes on Him,
should not perish
But have eternal life.
For God so loved This world?

Dawn Martin
Copyright 2005


Written By: Dawn Martin


The smell of Egypt
The leeks, the garlic
The hay, the bricks

The whip
of Pharaoh On my back
Cut no slack
Less hay, more bricks
Can’t even afford
To be sick

Got to get from
Up under this oppression
This pain
The depression

The whole creation
Is waiting for
the sons of God
the ones that God

Is moving
By His Spirit
The enemy knows it
evil has

But, what a friend

The prince of the
Power of the air
Is exceedingly brazen
Iniquity is raging

Unleashed his
of mass destruction
Demons operating at his

The prince of this world
Has blinded the mind
Deafened the ears
Disguised the signs

Of a world gone mad
Of a people in bondage
To a world’s system
Taking no hostage

We’ve danced to the music
But the piper’s over paid
Like hocus-pocus
Lost our focus

But, what a friend

The spirit of fear
Has engulfed the world
But, what a friend

Wars and rumors
Senseless crimes
Famine and disease
Sign of end times

Tossing and turning
Mind is churning
Can’t sleep

The more we worry
The more we eat
One nation
Not under God
But over weight

Jobs and children
Amplified perversion
But in my mind
I’m hearing

I hear the sound
Of the distant Rain
See the cloud
Size of a man’s hand

The smell of hope
A shifting is in the air
The coming of
the Messiah
draws near

A move of God
Is underfoot
Can’t you feel it?
The restlessness
God’s people
We can sense it
Don’t miss it

Eyes wide open
Jesus said
Watch and pray

Cause like a thief
In the night
He’s coming this way
Ready to take His
People away

He said, Behold
I come quickly
And my reward
It’s with Me

Cause the people
Of God
We’re up out of here

Dawn Martin
Copyright 2005


Written By: Dawn Martin


Truth is I’m here
against my will
Don’t wanna be here
Rather be livin’ instead
the life God intended
Open ended

This is slavery
just more formal
Ain’t hardly normal
Get a paycheck for this
But you can’t pay me for this

Under valued
Identity overshadowed
By the me
you want me to be

Cause you really can’t
handle me
So you tell me who
I should be
While I’m on your time, see

What about me
Threatens you so?
My style, my profile
My flow?

I see the way
you look at me
Convinced by what
you perceive to be

To you, perception
Is reality
To you, I am what
You think you see

But if that’s true
Then what do you do
When the ‘real’
is starin’ back at you?

Oppression so familiar (Refrain)
Won’t subside
a silent war
Screaming on the inside
But He told me
I must abide

this present suffering
can’t be compared
Glory will be revealed
The gates of Hell shall
Not prevail

Subject to personalities
don’t understand me
Misjudge me
Place me in lower authority
While you screaming

But you’ll celebrate her
Who’s in the life
She married a new wife
They just had a baby
Call me crazy

But who’s really confused?

God created Adam and Eve
Man and Woman
Said multiply
So why should I

Call me phobic
But the truth,
I know it
Can’t put myself on mute
God gave me a voice
Can’t blow it

Sodom and Gomorrah
Was destroyed for less
We’ve put a Holy God
To the test

The wrath of God
Who’s to say
where or when
the creation
shall be delivered
from the bondage
of this corruption

Life was stolen
While I was still livin’
Gasping for air
On oxygen

Force fed the Word
By Him who saved me
Left for dead
But He raised me

Something keeps

Won’t quiet down
Listening for the sound
Of my deliverance

Oppression so familiar (Refrain)
Won’t subside
a silent war
Screaming on the inside
But He told me
I must abide

this present suffering
can’t be compared
Glory will be revealed
The gates of Hell shall
Not prevail

Intense expectation
of a creation
waiting for
the manifestation

The son’s of God
Must raise up
Must send the praise up

Cause my God
Mighty to deliver
My strength
Gave me reason to live
No more truth
That’s relative

My God is real
Strong Deliverer
No body like Him
None beside Him

Genesis to Revelation
Open invitation
What you can’t see
More real
Than what you believe

Demons tremble
Angels bow down
Mountains quake
Stones cry out
at the sound

This present suffering
can’t be compared
Glory will be revealed
The gates of Hell shall
Not prevail

God for me
Better than this world’s
Christ in me
The hope of glory

Christ in me
My true identity


Rhythums of Life (2006)

Set List

Enough material to last 30 minutes to an hour.

For God So Loved the World
The Industry of Ministry
DMZ (It's in the Praise)
Images of Katrina