Lady D

Lady D


An all female alternative trio rock band. Smart and moving arrangements, moving lyrics, kick-ass performances.


Lady D was found on August 2003. The drummer, Yael Cohen, and the guitarist, LiaD Scher, were introduced to each other by Yoav Shdema, an accredited soundman. LiaD brought Shir Konky along to play bass. A funny thing is, years before that, Shir was Yael's drum student. If you're really insterested in more bio, you should probably check our site, Other than that, our music speaks better than any bio we could possibly post on here.


The Debut Album, "Lady D", was released by '8th Note Records' on January 2007.

Set List

The set is approximately an hour long. If we do covers they're usually "oldie hits" we bring closer to our style through our own arrangements.