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Lady Fantastic

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This band has not uploaded any videos
This band has not uploaded any videos


The best kept secret in music


"Hepplewhite Records"

"The hardest working band on Hepplewhite Records"

"These guys have the most insane and intense live show that I have ever seen." - Khaled Tabara


"Saturday was the second annual Nouveau Rock festival at Cedars in downtown Youngstown. The event was the brainchild of Youngstown rockers The Zou. The concert featured six local bands as well as a DJ who played between sets..." "...The concert also had influence from heavier sounding local acts such as Lady Fantastic, a band who was almost too noisy. At one point during Lady Fantastic's set, a small mosh pit had formed when a singer was screaming down at the crowd from on top of the amps. Lady Fantastic did a great ultra-heavy version of The Zou's "How to Build an H-Bomb." - The Jambar

"Review of "The Last Generation of Hopeless Romantics"

"At this time I can imagine sitting at my home computer discovering them on and giving them a ring... or email, but either way they were eager to respond and get a CD to me. It arrived in my mail box and I ran all the way back inside to slap it in my CD player.

This is where our story begins. Not really, I listened, compared and contrasted likeness of other bands and so forth and found it to be a rather enjoyable listen, even if it was only 2 tracks long. LF follows the lines of an emo/pop-punk/hardcore style combining the heartfelt harmonics of a certain Matt Carins, while combining the yells of protest and heartache. Although not altogether a GO BUY! CD This is definitely a band to keep an eye on. The gang vocals and happy bridge of the second track make you want to clap along, while followed by a yelling finish thatll keep your heart pounding until the song slows down to a soft halt.

The only real critique I have would be the vocals on the first track. They seem a little sloppy, not off time at all but minutely off pitch when jumping into falsetto... cant help it my ears hear all so it added a little twitch in my eye but nothing that would stop me from listening to the rest of the CD. LF is a band that, I personally believe, has a whole lot of potential and will someday be rockin up the charts.

As for now though... go see a show, slap out a couple bucks to check out a CD maybe and keep an ear listening. They might make it somewhere someday. My best comparison (for all you who need one) would be bands such as Thrice and Calico System, not that they follow their style EXACTLY, but just the concept of the music, a mix of punk hardcore and emo. Overall this CD was good, but very brief. The band as a whole is well composed but a little polishing wouldnt hurt at all and hopefully will experience more notice as they grow." - Wake Online Magazine


How to Build the American Dream
Released: January 17th 2004 on Hepplewhite Records


Feeling a bit camera shy


Lady Fantastic is a band; it's the band we started to make music that we believe in. The four of us have been playing together in various projects since our early high school days. We've grown into a family, had our fights, our failures, and our successes. Through this we have matured as musicians, and expanded our style to accommodate what we feel makes music good. We're not just any one genre; every song is a progression, an experiment in combining styles of music and songwriting. Most of all, we love what we're doing, and it definitely shows in our live performance.