Tampa, Florida, USA
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LadyFingers is a female-lead jazz(smooth/original/ fusion) group. The motto is 'The perfect musical touch for your fine affair'. Playing selections from Miles Davis to Sade, they have performed in the Tampa Bay area for many years, and they are known for being professionals.


LadyFingers' sound is unique, between smooth jazz and fusion. Not your run of the mill club dance band. The music is inventive, unpredictable, but with a groove that gnaws on your insides, and comes forth with a "'Yesssss!! How did they do that with THAT (cover) song???"
LadyFingers' influence is from it's leader/keyboardist, Normita, a classically trained pianist who loves to arrange and re-arrange, and from the great UK sound of Incognito, Donald Fagan, and harmonies that are strange, but nice!!!
The lead vocals are delivered by a dynamic singer/performer who gets 'into' the song and sings her way around in it, through it, and out of it.
A consumate performer, Sonjah has always been the vocalist for LadyFingers. She adds a Broadway/Vegas styled performance as she sings.
The guitar( Basil), is a seasoned pro who has been in the LadyFingers organization for many years, and is an in demand musician and producer in his own right.
The drummer, James Norman, brings a solid, in the pocket style that he owns. He also has a style that is the envy of many other pros.
Normita plays a mean left hand bass most times, but always can call on some of the area's best bassists if needed.
Together, these individuals make LadyFingers a creative musical force to be reckoned with.


'I BELIEVE' single,
EARGASM tracks streaming on iTUNES.

Set List

We normally play 1 hour sets that include smooth jazz, standard, original, and fusion in most sets. We also throw in some R&B for dance sets. Our repertoire also has original material and we constantly add new material to our shows.