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"Gilby Clarke (ex/Guns N' Roses) talks LADYJACK"

Ladyjack is an up and coming, currently unsigned band that Gilby is producing. “Dude, these guys are really good, and they’re getting better! What’s funny is, we were doing a Halloween Jack gig and these guys came up and gave me a CD. Most musicians when they’re out playing gigs get CDs. I do my best to try to listen to it. I popped it in and the first thing I said was, oh my god! Great singer, good guitar player – that’s the two most important things in a band. So I went down to a couple rehearsals and we started working together. We’ve recorded a couple songs; we’re still working on that. They’re a young band. They’re still, I think, trying to find their sound. But what’s really nice is, everybody’s good. They all can play and the singer’s got a phenomenal voice! So we’re working on some stuff. It’s very early right now, but they’re a really, really good young band.” -

"Rick Stitch talks Adler's Appetite and Ladyjack"

As most of us in the rock crowd know, Adler's Appetite is coming to Denver and to our very own Grizzly Rose Feb. 19th. In anticipation of this event, I have started interviewing the guys from the band so you, the reader, might learn a little about the members of this band, and have a clue of what makes them tick as a group. Rick Stitch is the singer of this traveling super group. When I say super group, I really do mean it. This band features ex Guns 'N Roses drummer Steven Adler on drums, bassist Chip Z'nuff from Enuff Z' Nuff on Bass, Alex Grossi from Quiet Riot on guitar, Michael Thomas from Faster Pussycat on guitar and finally Rick Stitch from Ladyjack on vocals.
Rick was born in Canada, but moved to L.A. in early 2005 and started playing in a few bands around town. In 2006 he joined "Higher Ground" as their singer along with ex Offspring drummer Ron Welty. In 2007 he hooked up with Robo and formed Ladyjack.
Recently I was able to catch up with Rick in which he talked to me a little about the past, Ladyjack, Adler's Appetite and what we can expect in the future.
TW: When did you realize you wanted to play music professionally?
RS: As a kid most of my friends were into hockey, but I was always interested in the adventure, mystery and danger that was inside music. At the age of 12 I used to hang out at my best buddy Gary's place and his family always had MTV on. His mom, uncle, dad and neighbors were always crankin' G'NR and classic rock. Needless to say we spent countless hours watching the videos and trying to learn the latest rock tunes. My first instrument was drums, but when my family moved into a townhouse that didn't have room for the drums, I picked up bass, then eventually guitar. After a while of jamming in different bands and playing in my brothers band, I started to sing, then eventually gave a stab at it by putting my own band together, which was very "industrial" sounding and had a "club" feel to it. It wasn't until I got to L.A. that I started to hone the craft as a singer and find my place.
TW: What are some of the influences that made you want to play music?
RS: I would say I'm a product of the 90's, but some of my favorite albums are from the 50's, 60's, 70's and 80's. Records that had a major influence on my life are "Temple of the Dog's "self titled" release, G'NR's "Appetite for Destruction", Alice In Chains "Dirt" and Early Culture Club.
TW: How did the band Ladyjack come about?
RS: In early 2008 I got a phone number for a guy named Robo. Through the grapevine I heard he was a great guitarist. So one night when I was out at Coach and Horses on Sunset Strip, I decided to give him a call. It turns out that at that exact moment he was at the same bar, sitting two feet from me. We got to talking and when "last call" came around, we started walking home and realized we lived beside each other, so we decided to hang out that night and jam. At that moment we knew that our chemistry was not something to pass up. Over the next year, Robo and I searched for bassists and drummers going to "open mics", jam nights, karaoke and even street busking(performing in public places for tips). It wasn't a pretty ride, but it was our roots, and something that had to be done. When we auditioned drummers I would hop on bass and when we auditioned bassists I would hop on drums. After numerous jams and auditions we locked down Corwin. His look, feel and vibe was exactly what we were looking for. So now there were three of us searching the bars and streets for our future drummer. Eventually we would find our guy, Paul Tyler. My first impression of Paul was "Holy shit, this guy slays it man!" I sent him a bunch of tunes and some other electronic influenced tunes I was working on, and he learned it all and just crushed it. Right there I knew the four of us is what Ladyjack was meant to be. So it was late in 2008 that we finally got cookin', and the rest is history.
TW: I heard that Ex G'NR member Gilby Clarke was going to produce the new Ladyjack album. Has there been a change in who is producing?
RS: Yes. We worked with Gilby in the summer of 2009. We dropped him a CD with some demo tracks on it one night at one of his gigs at The Dragonfly in Hollywood. He got back to us, and after one of our rehearsals, invited us back to his place. We cut about 6 tunes with him. It was a great experience for us to work with him and he's a really cool dude and a genuine guy also very professional. The plan was to demo some more tracks and then eventually cut a record. During that summer though, Paul broke his arm. With therapy, scheduling and timing, we decided to continue to write, track and produce the album ourselves. This was my chance to get back on the drums and jam some new and old material with the band while Paul's arm healed. Ha!
TW: How is the Ladyjack album going, and what can we expect on the album?
RS: The album is going well. The drums and bass are finished and we are working on the guitar solos right now. We've tracked 14 tunes, but will probably cut it down to 11. This is a no nonsense rock n' roll album. Even the ballad will hit you hard.
TW: When can we expect to hear any of the songs off the new album?
RS: We are pushing to have a single out by March, and hopefully the album will follow shortly after.
TW: You recorded a tune called "Make It Right". Where can we hear this song?
RS: Make It Right can be heard on my Myspace page. I wrote this tune for a movie my brother is in called "Periphery", which I believe is slated for this year.
TW: How did you end up singing in Adler's Appetite?
RS: I got a call from a mutual friend and he said that they needed someone to fill in for a couple dates that were coming up in a week. At that time both of our bands were rehearsing at AMP Rehearsals, so I wandered into their room and jammed a couple tunes with them. It was fun to play with them, and they are killer musicians who know their chops. I think they may have got wind of me because Ladyjack opened for Adler's Appetite in Jan. of 2009. I got the gig and three days later I was singing Appetite For Destruction in it's entirety. Ha. I never saw that one coming, but it's been a lot of fun, and to go out and sing one of your favorite records, especially with Steven, in front of thousands of people is something I look forward to each gig. We all have a good time with it.
TW: How did the South American part of the tour go?
RS: South America was amazing! It all happened really quick though and I hope next time I go back with either band, we stay longer. This was my first experience playing there and the fans were very dedicated and appreciative. They really understand the value of rock n roll and aren't afraid to support the artists and their fellow fans. The first night we played was around 2AM if I remember correctly. It was late and the place was packed to the hilt. Around 4AM, after the show we headed to the airport to catch a flight out to the next city. The food and "beverages" were killer and the last night we were there we had a bit of time to unwind and get sauced before the trek back to America.
TW: Your recording and touring with Adler's Appetite right now and your still singing in Ladyjack, but don't you have a couple of other things going on?
RS: Yeah. My heart will always belong to Ladyjack but I do continue to write and record with other projects. I've always been a fan of electronic influenced music and I have been working on songs and albums of that nature since 2004. I think it is really all about timing when it comes to the other stuff. I have also been jamming a lot of country with one of my buddies and we are toying around with the idea of some sort of concept record in the vein of Johnny Cash, Kris Kristofferson and Jamey Johnson. If I get a break and have the time to really focus on it then I will definitely push it forward, but right now with the Ladyjack record, we will be doing a lot of promo and touring and that is where my focus needs to be at this moment.
So there you have it. Another interview with another member of Adler's Appetite, so we might get a glimpse into what makes them tic as a band. Thanks Rick, for taking the time out to talk to me. -

"Stitch rocks the Grizzly Rose"

The energy in the place was phenomenal, on and off of the stage. When you have five guys that are not only some of the best in the business at their craft, but also excellent showmen, the energy is bound to be there. All the guys in this band are crowd pleasers. From Steven standing up behind the drums, with his hand to his ear, waving for people to get into it, to Chip Z'nuff standing up there, tall as hell, with a devil may care grin on his face. Rick Stitch also really knows how to work a crowd. His personality let's you know that he loves being on that stage, and can that boy sing. He can sing softly when it's called for and he can growl with the best of them. When Rick sings 'My Michelle', 'Welcome To The Jungle' or 'Paradise City', chances are it will be one of the best renditions you will ever hear. I know there are die hard Axl fans out there, but after seeing Rick on stage with Adler's Appetite, I just have one question. Axl who? - Tom Walsh (



- Chip Z'nuff - Chip Z'nuff (Enuff Z'nuff)

"Adler talks Rick Stitch"

"I have toured the world with Rick Stitch and his vocal abilities and professionalism, both on and off the stage, have been solid and contagious. He is a one of a kind, true talent and I look forward to our upcoming record and european tour together."

-Steven Adler - Steven Adler (ex/Guns N'Roses, Adler's Appetite)


Debut Release set for Summer 2010

"Make It Right" - Single (Periphery Soundtrack)



Los Angeles' Ladyjack began in 2008 when singer Rick Stitch tapped guitarist Robo to form a new project rooted on the sound and vision of traditional no-nonsense rock n' roll. Joined by bassist Corwin and drummer Paul Houston, the band tore through 2009 garnering a hometown following while putting together material for a debut release. After a demo landed in the hands of ex-Guns N' Roses guitarist Gilby Clake, he was quick to invite the band to work on material at his home studio. The band would continue to write throughout the summer and ultimately decide to resume the recording process with Stitch at the helm of production and his brother Chris Graham of Canadian band The Framework, holding the reigns of mixing and mastering. It was soon after that Guns N' Roses alumni drummer Steven Adler would recruit Stitch for North and South American tours for his own band Adler's Appetite. Due to the new found exposure for Ladyjack the eyes and ears have been opened with anticipation for the summer release of the band's debut record. With the track "Make It Right" appearing in the motion picture "Periphery" which is slated for 2010, and summer tours, don't be surprised when you hear the name LADYJACK again.