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Lady Justice

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Ther aren't many female hiphop acts,who can hold down the mic,aswell as Keep the crowd's attention,with a powerfull delivery.Lady Justice,is a PROBLEM,that cannot be RESOLVED!!!Lady Justice is a breath of fresh air to the often quoted,as dying hiphop world & would like a chance,to prove it...



Tricia Henry arrived center stage into this world on April 13th, 1983. But no one was truly ready for what was to come from the young life of a Montreal-born girl, who matured into her present day alter ego, Lady Justice. Lady J’s deep-seated and natural musical talent developed from the church choir, at the age of seven. Maturing throughout her childhood, Lady J as she is affectionately known, participated in any outlet offered, in order to display her artistic gifts. This included school talent shows, neighbourhood plays, dance competitions and any other platforms pertaining to performing. Her ability to capture an audience with her voice, was spellbinding, and fascinating to spectators. At 18 years old, she worked for a radio station called Connexion, “for teens by teens", Lady J was given the opportunity to interview DJ Whoo Kid, Karl Kani and local Montreal area hip hop artists.

Shortly after that, within the year she was discovered by Bobby Bucks of H Capital Music Group. After being amazed of her talent, he immediately put her in the trademarked freestyle battle show “Knockout Kings” in Toronto‘s Opera House .Lady J vowed to be loyal to the movement from that moment on. At the age of 24.Lady J, the First Lady of H Capital Music Group has been musically gifted as long as her mother can remember. Influenced by hip hop pioneers such as Big Daddy Kane, Known for her ability to entice a crowd, Rakim, Roxanne Shante, Mc Lyte .More recent influences like Notorious B.I.G., Method Man, Jay-Z, Shawnna, Saigon & the late Left-Eye.(R.I.P.).Her R&B singing, is reminiscent of Missy Elliot, Queen Latifah and Lauryn Hill, embodied by the powerful female image and combination of rhythmic cadences and unchained vocals. . Never one to relinquish the spotlight for long, she also grasped the recognition of New York natives, Fat Man Scoop and Lloyd Banks, in addition to Obie Trice, who she proudly shared the stage with during the winter of 2005. With her newly released single, entitled, “I Got A Thing” ft. Ivory, Lady J is continuing to turn heads, claim spotlight and garner the support that her music requires in order to reach the global audience that she seeks to entertain.

Discipline necessary for the climb to the top and the talent to ascend to the heights of her genre, Lady Justice is not only a force to be reckoned with, but an artist to definitely keep watch for. But alike the popular “Don’t watch me…“ phrases coined by the H Cap Music Group, don’t watch her, watch her success.


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Set List

15-25 mins
give-aways(t-shirts,stickers,posters etc..)

Full capacity crowds,energetic audience