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No Introduction Needed ~FEMALE RAP PHENOMENON


From the streets of Brooklyn, LADY LOE has emerged as one of the most prominent and seasoned female rap artist the world has yet to see. Her impressive and descriptive lyrics, tends to take one back to rap's origin and to the days of Union Square, NYC, where rap was defined.

With influences like “Jay-Z”, “LL Cool J”, “Rage”, and “Queen Latifah”, LADY LOE writes a myriad of songs that entail the many journeys through life, and keeps the art form pure.

As she began earning respect for her music, LADY LOE started to take this rap game more serious. While performing continuously, she's had the pleasure of opening for such greats as the well-known songstress, Monifah, Project Pat of Three-6 Mofia, and one of rap's legends, Slick Rick, The Ruler. Her performance ripped the crowd and had them begging for more LADY LOE!

LADY LOE then turned her attention to the internet to promote her music. As a member of, LADY LOE was 1 of 7 finalists (out of hundreds of female rap artists) chosen for an independent label seeking female rappers, and 1 of 8 finalists (out of thousands of male & female rappers) being considered for Interscope Records. Unfortunately, folded before the labels could report their results.

LADY LOE has now made her home in Washington, DC and has built an enormous fan base within a short period of time. LADY LOE represents the past, present, and the future of female hip-hop!!



Written By: Lady Loe

Got dam hoe
Here we go again man
I’m the hottest burning up like a flame man
Smoke clears
All you see is my name man
And when I blow
Blood stops with the flow man
How these niggas gonna keep up with my game man
Call me a bitch
Is calling out my name man
Only brings more pain
To the brain
When you see the wood grain up in da range man
Where’s manager
He let me out this cage man
I give him dap
Cause that nigg got brains man
I like a label
That aint got no restraints man
Cause it makes this lady harder to contain man
I don’t mind doing a song with the bird man (birdman sound)
Cause I’m a jam like I’m fucking in the rain man
Look at you staring at me like a Taliban
You want beef
I’m a bring it like a butcher man

Yall know that this here is strait raw
Get your ass up get on the floor
Hey DJ turn it up some more
The L-O-E gonna bring you more
Got that heat that you can’t ignore
All yall haters can see the door
Or see the barrel of my 44
Yall know that this here is strait raw

Me the reigning
Dontress don datta
Pheen for me
Like StarBuck’s coolatta
Respect due
Like me walk pon water
Dem know
Lyrically me a touch ya
Known for carrying a six gun shotta
From here to Panama
It no matter
Love to feel a wet tongue on me catta
Keeps me higher than smoking da Ganja
Lod a mercy dem spoil me rotta
Rub me foot like me sit pon me yahtta
Feed me belly with da achy and yama
Then bust like a party piñata
And when me walk
Me walk with a strutter
And when me talk
Me have me hand pon me waista
Cause me no like when they chit and dem chatter
And when me fire
Dem lay dead pon the gutta


Written By: Lady Loe

I’m the crazy one
Everybody’s messing up my groove
Give me room to breathe
I’m a spread like a disease
And drop it on ya dome piece
People trying to stifle me
What type of business is this
Keep putting the blame on the LOE
I’m not a scapegoat (nope)
I got no problem making you choke
From the blood when I push your nose bone down your throat (leave me alone)
You got your man aggravated
Keep calling on my cell phone
Interrupted my time in the boodie bar
Now I’m outside watching boodie from a far
Oh my GOD
This niggas blowing me
I can’t believe what he said that his man said
I’m a keep it moving instead
Thou shall not kill
That’s what the script says

Man up (2x)
You keep wanting to put the blame on me

Leave me alone
Man up (2x)
You keep wanting to put the blame on me

I’m a keep it grounded
I aint gonna spit no lyrical content
I don’t think is fit
Why this dude keep talking about me
Yo, I thought I was part of the clique
What the deal with this
You like hearing me spit
You know me best when I’m writing a hit
Yo, you keep on running your lip
I’m a drop you like 911’when they ran up in the cockpit
I’m furious
You heard my song called “Dangerous”
Yo, I’m talking about you in the club
Trying to floss with your little bit of dubs
Look at my neck
You really think that phase me
I’m below 30 degrees in here
You keep on stepping
Acting like I don’t know nothing
And I’m a be your worst nightmare (Come-on)

Now I’m gone
You walk around like you got salt in ya bones
Same artist that you had before
The only different is I exited my ass through your front door
You keep on coming
And you’re mad cause I make my own money independently
I’m a hustler baby
Born – with the silver spoon and all that
I like things done my way
But it’s best sometimes when you got to hit the highway
It’s a part of my vocabulary
And it’ll happen everytime if you’re stingy with the commensary
I’m a vet on this set
I’ll be damn if I let another motherfucker get my money wet
I break bones and teeth
I don’t care about the consequences
I’m carrying the heat

Beautiful Black Woman

Written By: Lady Loe

You ain’t gotta sign me
I’m a shyne regardless black female rap artist
Put your hands in the air if you’re feeling me
Black women of the world make a blind man see
Created from the rib of man
Makes man only see the physical leave the mental laying in the sand
I’m focus man
Mean I’m coming back with a bigger game and a better plan
I’m a chic with intelligence
That’s why I write my own stuff coming strait from the gut
Holla back if ya hear me
Yo, I’m rapping for the hood as a black women coming through

Black woman
I wonder if you know
Just how wonderful you are
Just how beautiful you are
Black woman
Hold ya head up high
Recognize that you’re a star
Yes you are a strong black woman

Everybody want it
Can’t afford it dreams fly past like a hornet
You got little girls trying to sex – N –
Thinking that sex is gonna make the next man respect them
How ya gonna fault the keeper
They’re a dreamer
You and I dream
But dreams aren’t guaranteed
You try to search a little deeper
But the deeper you go cause the grim reaper to explode
Self esteem was low
I’m an ugly duckling
That was my mentality from before
Every door that close another opens
I had to learn that the hard way for sure (come-on)


I’m the LOE
I keep it gully
My voice sticks like the comic strip to the silly putty
I’m a tell you how the game changed
You got women having sex and men trying to get brain
All in the same frame of time but not in the phrase that they would have kicked back in the days
I’m living it
Feeling it
Black women do you hear me
Now I’m on tour
Spread the message to you and yours
Here to make reality a little more
Can’t paint a perfect picture but I think you’ll get the message once you see the picture in the frame



Freshman CD entitled "On Da Down LOE" (2005)
~ Single "Female Thugs" tipped the charts at #30 in the Southern Region for the month of April 2005

Sophmore CD entitled "RAW" (2007)
~just released

Set List

Typical set is approximately 2-3 songs. However, the set list depends on the amount of stage time.