Lady Luck

Lady Luck


Were a garage rock/heavy metal band out of Tacoma, Washington. Our sound ranges from crunchy metal grooves to fast paced riff-rock to down-tempo ballads. Our lyrics span from personal conflicts to intense fantasy settings to straight up "lets kick ass". Together we work to create a unique sound.


Lady Luck takes its sounds from a fusion of many sources: Our drummer brings the metal, our guitarist brings the rock, and our singer brings the beauty. We cite our influences as Pantera, Dio, and ACDC.

The unique asset that Lady Luck brings to the table is our ability to keep a balance of music that the boys can get down and kick each other to while the honeys can still appreciate without being alienated by pig squeals or death growls.

Lady Luck started in the garage of a homestead out near the woods, the pipedream of a few energized young fellows. One boy began bangin out a metal groove on a cheap ugly set, the other boy started raking out some tasty licks, and one boy brought the pipes. After a long, exciting jam session, the boys dropped in exhaustion. Once they awoke, they were visited by an seductive woman with red hair, who said "Hey, you guys aren't bad, maybe start a band or something."

Lady Luck was born.


The Lady Luck Demo