Lady Lunden

Lady Lunden


Tongue and cheek catchy dance jam with a fierce club beat. Janet Jackson meets the pussy cat dolls.


Voted "One of the Most Significant Women in Entertainment", please find new single entitled "Turn It Up" attached of International sensation Lady Lunden a.k.a. Lunden De'Leon. The single is currently one of the top 10 downloads by DJ's worldwide sharing the charts with artists like Kanye West, Beyonce, Chris Brown and Lil Wayne


Turn it Up

Written By: Ladu Lunden

Stepped in the club
with my girlfriends
looking sexy
he's coming home with me.
It's Saturday night
almost midnight
on the dance floor
DJ give me some more.

chorus:Turn the beat up
girls throw your hand up
turn the beat up
girl throw your hands up.

I got my hair done
my nails right
I'm looking so good
got my heel on
my dress tight
the guys just wish they could.



Turn it Up