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Lady Macbeth



Lady Macbeth was formed in 1995. In 2000 the band released their debut ep-"The Burden Pig Tapes". After two intense years of preforming and recording - the first full length Album was released in 2002 and was titled - "Roads We Take". In 2003 the band moved to New York and lived there for a while, and got to play at NYC's hottest clubs, such as the famous CBGB, and many more. In 2004 the Lady came back to Israel and recorded it's second full length album "Not To Write Home About" that was released in July 2005. Nowadays the band is touring all over the US and Israel to promote the 2nd album and writing new songs for the 3rd album to come.


The Burden pig tapes - EP - 2000
Roads we take - LP - 2002
Not to write home about - LP - 2005

music is downloadable at and at

Set List

Our set is 100% original material. the set length varies from 45 to 90 minutes. the setlist contains songs from all 3 albums and new material not yet recorded.