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Indianapolis, Indiana, United States | SELF

Indianapolis, Indiana, United States | SELF
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"(Ladymoon) Local Rock at The Vogue"

Just after 10 p.m. January 21, three local bands stormed the stage at the Vogue, heating the January air with toasty jams.

Opening act Ladymoon began the first song of their set by tip-toeing through a few muted melodies and ended it with a roaring, distorted dénouement. Guitarist Ryan Brown's red Gibson SG served up one sneak attack after another, while bassist Kris Potts and drummer Nick Mallers provided expert ground support.

"I think I lost my glasses on that tune," said Brown after rocking his spectacles off his face. "I think I'll just leave 'em off."

The technical skill of the band was on full display as both Brown and Potts revealed crispy, virtuosic fretting during their performance. Mallers easily handled the band's many time signature changes. The power trio concluded their set with an all-out assault on their instruments, making me wonder if the on-stage haze was from the smoke machines or the band itself.

- NUVO WEEKLY (Indianapolis, IN)

"Best show: Ladymoon in Louisville"

Rock 2010 in Review: Local Jam Scene
Posted by Danielle Look on Wed, Dec 29, 2010 at 1:00 PM

In February, local progressive rockers Ladymoon headlined the official after-party for the premiere of My Bloody Wedding, an independent movie by Indiana filmmaker Morgan Mead. Knowing a two-hour road trip to the Louisville concert would be less than convenient for their fans, Ladymoon made arrangements for a chartered bus to transport Indy residents to and from the show. A cool $20 ticket covered the ride to and from Louisville (during which beer and Jell-o shots were provided), admission at the show and access to one of the wildest (and most responsible) parties of the year.

- NUVO WEEKLY (Indianapolis, IN)

"one on one with ladymoon"

I am hanging out with one of the most talented bands in the area. This is a band that is pretty new to the scene and is making their mark by an incredible stage presence and raw talent behind it to back it up. Playing shows all over the Midwest make sure you take a chance to catch these guys rock your night. Sit back and relax as I am proud to introduce Ladymoon.

Where did you guys all meet?

Kris and I have known each other since we were eight years old. We grew up on in the same neighborhood on the north side of Indianapolis. We met George Mallers at a show in Fort Wayne about six years ago and re-met him when he was playing with a band the Franchize. I met Nick about six years ago with I did a pick up gig with the Mitchell Street Band.

When did you realize that you wanted to make a run at this?

I have always wanted to perform. But I have realized recently that this is the right lineup and could be a band that could finally break for me.

How long have you all been together?

The original lineup was in college between 2001 and 2003 with Kris, Mark McKowen, and myself on drums. We took a few years of and played in different groups. In September of 2007 we reunited and just this past August Mark got married and decided to stop performing. We picked up Nick and George about three months ago and have been rehearsing and performing ever since. We are about to record a new record this week.

What is the largest crowd you guys have ever played for?
We have played a few festivals in the past for quite a few people.

The smallest?

The bartender and the doorman.

Any tattoos in the group?

Kris has a tribal looking tattoo on his arm.

PC or Mac?

I use a PC and Nick and George use a Mac. Kris doesn’t know what a computer is.

What are you drinking on stage?

We have been trying to get everyone to drink water but you may see the occasional PBR.

What is your favorite venue to play?

That’s hard to say. One of my favorites was the Buskirk Chumley In Bloomington.

Who are some of your biggest influences?

There are many. I will mention a few. Beatles, Phish, Allman Brothers, Mahavishnu Orchestra, Zappa, etc. etc. etc.

If you could meet anyone alive or dead who would it be?

Not sure.

Ham and cheese or peanut butter and jelly?

PB and J.

Where would you live if money was not an issue?

Somewhere warm.

So your bass player and I share the same last name. Are we related?

Uncle dad? Not sure. I would have to ask him.

What were some of the worst nicknames Potts has brought you?

Sizzle Chest, Brownie (from Nick), P-Dick (which is what we call Nick). I think it’s silly when someone calls Kris Potsy.

Where do you guys see yourself in five years?

I think we can do what we intended on doing. We will have a good amount of success in the music industry in the next five years.

Where does the inspiration come from in a new song?

That could be anything. Some of the best songs that I have written happened in five minutes. Just spontaneous. It seems the ones you dwell on too much end up sucking.

Who is the ringleader of the group?

(Ryan) That would be me.

If you could be any cartoon character who would you be and why?

Some say I resemble Shaggy. But not sure that is whom I would choose. You ask tough questions.

Let’s say you are about to headline at Verizon Wireless Music Center. Who is your opener?

There are so many. I have always imagined that if I was in the position to choose then we would have our favorite band in every town we play in open. Like say we were in Oklahoma City and the Flaming Lips open. Not that they ever would but you get the idea. Let the big hometown band open.

Let’s get some pizza. What toppings?

Anything but anchovies or anything that simply does not belong on a pizza. Meats and veggies are always good. Nick would just say meat because he is a carnivore.

You guys all have jobs or is music it?

George, Nick, and I teach music. Kris is a stay at home Dad.

What is your favorite color?


Thoughts on the Jonas Brothers?

Who are the Jonas Brothers? I don’t know much about them. But they seem to be made up in a Hollywood Studio.

Is MySpace good or bad for musicians?

MySpace is great. It is a free website that let’s you expand your fan base.

When should we expect another album?

Spring of 2009. Spread the word. We start tracking this week.

I always let the artist get the last word. Go.

Never put your coat in an oven at a late night party. Someone may end up turning on said oven and igniting your coat. It ends up making the house smell terrible and you have to walk back home cold and drunk.


"Start 2010 With A Bang: Ladymoon (Artist Spotlight)"

Ladymoon's ambient, spacey instrumentals and lengthy, hard rock jams are testament to the qualified musicians that they are. Like The Twin Cats, Ladymoon boasts participation in numerous music festivals every summer- most notably Knollfest and Mojostock.

Float over to their website and MySpace to prepare yourself for the rock show that will be bestowed upon you tonight.

As one of the 4 local bands opening a new year of concerts at The Vogue, I asked Ryan Brown of Ladymoon to reflect on 2009 and look into the coming year. Read below for his responses.

What do you see as the band's biggest accomplishment in 2009?

Ladymoon is releasing their new cd "resurface" on January 1st at The Vogue. Our current line up is Ryan Brown on Lead Vocals and Guitar, Nick Mallers on Drums and Kris Potts on Bass. We have been touring around the Midwest performing over 100 shows in 2009! We are looking forward to Jan 1st at the Vogue as being the kick off to another great year!

What/where was your most memorable concert performance of 2009? Why/what was so special?

The best show Ladymoon played in 2009 would have to be our performance at the Headjamz Music Festival in Tennessee. It was on a huge stage in front of hundreds of people. It felt like a real rock show. We performed really well and had a great time!

The best show you saw in 2009 as an audience member? Why?

The best show that we saw in 2009 was either Straight No Chaser at the Murat or Consider The Source at the Rock Lobster. SNC is the best vocal group out right now. Consider the Source is a jazz/rock/fusion group from New York that blew our minds when they played with us at the Rock Lobster one Tuesday night.

What about 2010 excites you the most right now?

What excites us about 2010 is that we have our new cd to promote as well as a whole slew of new tunes that we will be performing. We plan on doing some serious touring out west, in the Midwest and on the east coast! We plan on expanding our audience and creating a buzz amongst the music scene.

What can your fans look forward to in the coming year from your band?

Fans can look forward to Ladymoon producing yet another cd in 2010 along with an array of new merchandise including t-shirts, stickers, posters and other accessories. We also have a couple of new tunes featured in an independent film called "My Bloody Wedding" by Morgan Mead. This year should be filled with great live performances all over the country as well as some special live events and music festival appearances.

WHO: The Twin Cats, Ladymoon, Blue Luster, and The Max Allen Band
WHEN: Friday January 1, 2010; doors at 9, show at 9:30
WHERE: The Vogue
COST: $5
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Ladymoon plays at the Uptowner
Sarah Ruholl/Assistant Verge Editor
Issue date: 3/6/09 Section: The Verge
PrintEmail Article Tools Page 1 of 1 Indianapolis-based jam band Ladymoon will play at 10 p.m Saturday at Mac's Uptowner.

Originally formed as a three-piece band in 2001, they went through a four-year hiatus from 2003 to 2007, and then lineup changes in 2008.

Original drummer Mark McKowen left the group in October for a more settled lifestyle.

Ladymoon plays about three shows a week around the Midwest. Saturday will be their first time in Charleston, but they have played in Champaign-Urbana, Peoria and Bloomington in the past.

"We're always excited about any opportunity to perform," said Ryan Brown, guitarist and vocalist for Ladymoon.

When McKowen left the band he was replaced with cousins George and Nick Mallers.

George Mallers provides keyboards, guitar and vocals.

Nick Mallers is the drummer and also a vocalist.

Kris Potts, bassist and vocalist, rounds out the band as the only other original member.

"Kris and I have been playing together a long time off and on," Brown said.

All four members have played in different bands throughout the years.

"Musically, I think its about as good as its ever been," Brown said. "I feel like I've finally got four people together on the same page, music and business wise."

The live show is energetic and is best with bigger crowds.

"It just takes a few people to start dancing, and it turns into a party," Brown said.

Their set is mostly original songs influenced by everything from Phish to Soundgarden to the Allman Brothers. They do some cover songs as well.

"We've tried to hone in on good song writing and make things tangible to everyone," Brown said.

Before, the band's songs were complex and only other musicians seemed to really get what they were doing, he said.

The band has since become more crowd-friendly.

"If you put us in front of a bunch of people, we can really perform," he said.

Ladymoon is working on a new, as-yet-untitled album. They hope to have it out by April.

Jam bands have not been in the limelight much in the last few years, but that is set to change soon.

"I think Phish coming back this summer is going to bring a lot of recognition back to the genre," Brown said.

Phish's reemergence comes at a time of change in the genre as a whole.

"A few of the bigger groups have faded out," he said. "There is going to be a lot of younger bands getting recognition."
- Daily Eastern News (Illiniois)


question: what do you think about the new ladymoon album "resurface."

answer: "great jams" - Phil Simon (Simon Says Booking)


Eclectic music and plenty of dancing is expected Thursday when Ladymoon comes to the Indiana Memorial Union.

Ladymoon, a self-described jam band from Indianapolis, will play alongside local bands Philpot and Mental Afro at 8 p.m. Thursday in the IMU Gallery. Ladymoon plays a wide variety of music and has a range of influences, including Bob Marley and Frank Zappa, band manager Rebecca Burgardt said.

Formed in 2000, Ladymoon gained a following around the Indianapolis area with its unique sound and wild on-stage performances. Burgardt described the band’s live show as “something just a little bit crazy and different,” but added that people of all ages are encouraged to come enjoy the music.

“We like to keep our energy up at every show,” said Ladymoon guitarist and vocalist Ryan Brown. “Give it our all, crack some jokes and make everyone feel like they are a part of the show.”

Along with winning numerous “battle of the bands” performances, Ladymoon has played for WTTS and Fox 59 in Indianapolis, and released a self-titled CD in 2001.

After taking a four-year hiatus to work on other projects, the band returned in late 2007 with a five-song demo available on the band’s MySpace page and announced a string of live shows running from January to April.

Ladymoon, along with Philpot and Mental Afro, will be performing the kick-off show for this semester’s edition of Noise, a free weekly concert series the Union Board organizes.

“It’s a great opportunity for students to come check out a wide variety of popular music from around the area,” said sophomore Nicole O’Neal, an assistant director of Noise.

This Thursday will be Ladymoon’s first time playing in Bloomington in more than six years. After the performance, the band will head out on a small statewide tour. Ladymoon also plans to record a new album sometime in 2008, Brown said.

“I am really excited for the future,” Brown said. “This is the beginning of a new era for us.” - Indiana Daily Student (Indiana University)


I’m imagining Ladymoon would be a fun band to see live!
author: Midwest
Ladymoon is a band that has been enjoying quite a bit of success in the past few months, and after hearing their CD LadyMoon LP, I can understand why! One of the first bands to sign up with MWB, Ladymoon is a band that you can file under “Jam Band”, though I’m not sure that they can really be pigeonholed like that since they don’t really fit the typical mold. Much of the time, songs played by jam bands end up being extended freeform jams that can take up one whole side of an LP (for you younguns in the crowd, CD’s used to be made from vinyl or wax, and they had little grooves in them which a needle on a stylus arm tracked to create music. These nutty things were called records! Ask your parents if you’re still unclear; they may still have a few around!); however, the majority of the songs on this disc are actually short, and follow a pretty standard songwriting pattern. At the same time, they do maintain their “jammy” feel! The songs all sound like they are very fun to play, and include quirky elements that make them very unique! I’m imagining Ladymoon would be a fun band to see live! Some of the tracks sound like they were recorded live, so that is probably the vibe that I’m picking up! It’s difficult to try to compare Ladymoon to other bands, because their music is so unique! There are songs that are very jazzy, and others that reflect some other song style. Currently I’m listening to “Life Without a Light”, and it has a reggae feel; others have had a flamenco/Spanish flair, and others are just cool songs that you can’t really classify! Each individual musician (Ryan Brown on guitar/vocals, Kris Potts on bass, and drummer Mark McKowen) is a skilled musician in his own right. There is also a tight bond among them as they play, probably due to the hours that they have spent together writing music and playing free-form jam sessions. It is speculation at best, but I would imagine that practice sessions are very creative times! The hidden track on this CD makes me think that is probably the case. It is basically a free jam that starts at approximately 9 minutes and 26 seconds into the last track on the CD and lasts for about 6 and a half minutes! Take a listen to it and you’ll see what I mean. I really like the song selection and the way that the tracks on this CD have been arranged! The songs aren’t terminally long (it’s a sad fact of life, but we music lovers can tend to have short attention spans) and the styles are varied! It is truly one of the best Jam CDs that I’ve listened to! My favorite track is “Life Without A Light”; I like reggae music, so this one is right up my alley! The recording quality is also crystal clear on that track and it’s well written! My second favorite song is “”Remember You”; it is a very beautifully written sad song, remembering a love past. Sorry, I’m kind of a sucker for songs like that! Other favorites are “Boom Tic”, a funky, jazzy jam song (which has a really cool bass line), and “AEIOU”; this song is a South-of-the-border cantina song that’s fun to listen to, and it only has 5 words, so it’s easy to sing along while dancing! Really, there isn’t a bad track on the CD; just varying degrees of goodness! We have been working a little more closely with Ladymoon over the past few months, and it’s been interesting to see how they work. They are definitely committed to taking their music to the top! Far from being slackers, they are working hard to get the word out about Ladymoon! They’ve won two Battle of the Bands recently (Club LOGOS in Franklin, IN, and another in Plymouth, IN, and are involved in a Battle of the Bands on Fox 59 in Indy! Keep up the good work, guys! We’re hoping that you’ll be able to fulfill your dream of popularizing your very unique sound, and of setting a higher standard for music in the future! --Mark Lush,, 7/18/03 *Listen to Ladymoon on MWB RADIO!
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"Album Review: RESURFACE"

Ladymoon is a roller coaster of sound-provoked emotion. Resurface begins as a jolly gallop down the border of rock and psychedelia. For once, a wandering band that doesn't purposely try to loose their listeners. But they have a harder edge, too, with a dash of Umphrey's diceyness.

The sounds of Ladymoon are often so distinctly representative of varying moods that they paint vivid pictures with notes; jogging down a hilly trail through the woods or a rusty robot trudging toward me.

Tucked away on a few select tracks are special, intimate moments with Ryan Brown's guitar that call out inspiration from the all-mighty Buckethead, but with an avant-garde twist.

Tripped out funk? Sure. Try 'Money Shot'. Or 'March of The Sugar Plum Fairy' meets The Disco Biscuits? How about track #7, Rumpelstiltskin.

Rumored to already be working on their next album, Ladymoon promises their next release to be more of a rock concert and less of a musical excursion. Even if this is so, Resurface proves the band extremely capable of performing engrossing extended jam sessions. Live, these skills create a fresh, unique show every time. - (Danielle Look)


"Ladymooon LP" - 2001
1. Frenzy/Frustration
2. Zed Said
3. Smile
4. Remember You
5. Make You Mine
7. Boom Tic
8. Life Without A Light
9. Soul Glo
10. This Is Love

"Resurface" - 2010
1. Awake
2. Hope Against Hope
3. Cliff
4. Roll On Down The Road
5. Money Shot
6. Take A Look Around
7. Rumpelstiltskin
8. Clear Blue Nothing

"A Thousand Hearts" -2011
1. For You
2. Look Inside Your Heart
3. Selfish Man
4. Just To See You Smile
5. Bring You Up
6. Since You've Been Gone
7. Suicide
8. Baby Take Me Back
9. You
10. This Is Love <--purchase cd

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If you take the classic rock of the 1960’s and 70’s and filter it through a childhood in the 90’s you get LADYMOON. This power trio is comprised of Ryan Brown on lead guitar and vocals, Nick Mallers on drums and Kris Potts on bass. After regular touring and an independent release Resurface (2010) they caught the attention of Grammy Nominated Producer Paul Mahern. Together they collaborated on what would become their latest release A Thousand Hearts.

The new record is a compilation of great songwriting accompanied by a strong studio performance, but what really draws the attention of their audience is hearing them live. “The technical skill of the band was on full display as both Brown and Potts revealed crispy, virtuosic fretting during their performance. Mallers easily handled the band's many time signature changes. The power trio concluded their set with an all-out assault on their instruments, making me wonder if the on-stage haze was from the smoke machines or the band itself.” -Rob Burgess (Nuvo Magazine)

LADYMOON has three songs featured on the independent film “My Bloody Wedding” by Morgan Mead. The film recently picked up a worldwide distributor and will be featured on Comcast ON DEMAND as well as several cable networks. The soundtrack to the film featuring LADYMOON is now available on iTunes. Morgan Mead earned his credentials with his 2009 film “My Name Is Jerry” that received great notoriety at many film festivals around the United States.

Find music from LADYMOON at local independent retailers as well as and iTunes.
If you want the full experience catch them live on their next tour!