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The best kept secret in music


"A&R Report: Lady Rezult"

It pays to join the Urban Nation. You never know who is reading your post. When we came across a link to Lady Rezult's website, we were immediately impressed. Her poetic wordplay and effortless delivery places her among the other gifted artists we've featured. We expect great things from her.

How old are you?
I am twenty-eight years old, but I don't look a day past 18 years. So, I guess by industry standards you can say I'm 20.

Where are you from?
I was born and raised in the city the brought you the legendary Rick James, Buffalo, NY.

When did you start writing?
I started writing lyrics when I was about 9 years old, however, I wasn't really consistent with it. All in all, I've probably truly been writing for about ten years when you consider all of the breaks and hiatus I've taken.

Can you name some of the artist that have inspired you?
Honestly, my primary musical influence is someone who may be unknown to most, my father Jerry Hodges Jr.. My dad passed away four years ago, but he lives on through my two brothers and I. He was a drummer and played with a wide array of people from various genres of music. "He" is where I get my love for music from. Outside of that, it's funny because I am a true R&B fan but I am a hip-hop artist. Early on I was inspired by MC Lyte and Queen Latifah because they truly repped for the ladies when I was younger. Now, I look at lyrics and whose saying something. I will forever be a fan of the late Tupac Shakur as well as Nas and Jay-Z.

Where have you performed?
To date, I guess you could consider me an Upstate New York artist because that's where I've been performing. I did recently perform at a Universal Records talent showcase in New York City, at the request of some label executives.

Can you describe your style of music?
I enjoy writing and I think my lyrics illustrate that. I focus on wordplay and I'm always thinking of new ways to say old things. One of my pet peeves is being able to finish somebody's lines. I guess to sum it up, I consider myself to be the epitome of what an emcee should be.

What separates you from other artists?
Most of these cats out here including the females, are rappers. I am first and foremost an emcee. When you add to that my production talents and overall knowledge of business, you have what sets me apart from other artists. I have made a conscious decision at the start of the new year to make my mark in the music industry and the response to my efforts has been great. I'm not even sure if people know that I'm a one woman team, I don't have a crew running with me but I do have emotional support from my family and friends.

Do you have any record deals on the table? If so, which labels?
There has been some interest but nothing solid, kind of like the nosy neighbor who peeks out the window but never comes outside to really see what's going on. So, now I'm taking it upon myself to go up to the door and knock.

What are your plans for the immediate future?
Right now, my focus is on making The Lady Rezult known. I'm currently promoting my the re-release of my debut album "Life's Consequences". The album saw the light for a hot second right before my dad passed but promotion stopped for obvious reasons. The fact that it has taken off the way that it has shows that some hip-hop artists can make timeless music. I just launched my official website in February and I'm looking forward to building my fanbase around the world. The plan is to get my music to as many ears as possible. I'm also in the first phase of working on the follow-up to "Life's Consequences"

Do you have any advice for aspiring artist?
If you feel like it's work, don't do it! The music business has a lot of pitfalls and at the end of the day you have to be able to smile. That goes for any career, choose wisely. Make sure you enjoy what you do and everything else will fall in place.

Any shout outs?
I would just like to say thank you to everyone who encourages and supports me on a daily basis.


- Urban Magazine

"Lady Audio Interview w/ Tachelle Wilkes"

This is a three-part audio interview. You may access the audi by clinking the following links:

"Top 50 MC's Issue"

RD: So we know your not from the typical Hip-Hop known area, what goes on in your parts?

LR: Well, I am born and raised in Buffalo, NY. Truth be told, the only city in the state of New York that’s largest than us is New York City. In terms of hip-hop, Buffalo is the same as any other mid-sized city. There’s a lot of hungry cats doing music and everybody wants to be the one to put the city on the map and draw attention the area. My grind is no different!

RD: The game as we know it has new sounds and marketing steps. Is there any main thing you plan on focusing on?

LR: I just enjoy making good music. I’m a writer and I love to see and hear the reactions of people when they listen to my music. I’m also a student of the music business, so I understand the art of marketing and branding. Through my label, Landmark Entertainment, we’ve been working to internet heavily. I developed a pretty good following worldwide, primarily through my website Demographically, I’m focusing on the young ladies. It’s been such a long time since the hip-hop industry had a fresh female, who carries herself like everyday people.

RD: What projects have you dropped so far?

LR: My first album “Life’s Consequences” originally dropped back in 2000 under Street News Music/Deepthinka Records. The promotion of the album was limited due to the illness and eventual passing of my father. When I decided to step back into the game in early 2005, I made the decision to re-release the album and it received a lot of attention even though the music was almost five years old (talk about timeless). My second album “Dedicated” is dropping on June 6th and we have every indication that it is going to be well accepted. Right now, we’re pushing the single “Clap On It”. I’ve also been working the mixtape circuit. I have appearances coming up on The FMC (Female Emcee Club) Mixtape which drops June 1st. FMC is a collective of female emcees from all over the world who are grinding in their respective areas. The All Access Street Credibility #9 mixtape, hosted by J-Paradise (also dropping in June), and a possible project with DJ SynCity

RD: What is the meaning behind your music? Name?

LR: I write songs about everyday life and experiences, but I try to always incorporate a little humor because that’s me. Humor is an integral part of my personality. All in all, I just want to be known for making good hip-hop music!

My name derives from the fact that we all are results of the experiences and life lessons that we’ve had. “Lady” is attached to emphasize the fact that I am just that, a lady!

RD: If there is one producer or artist you can work with, who would it be?

LR: I’m open when it comes to collaborations. I’d love to work with anyone who has as much love for hip-hop as I do. Just going off of beats, I‘d have to say Dame Grease has always been a favorite of mine as well as Pete Rock or Premiere. As far as recording artsists, I’d love to get on a hot R&B track and blaze it. I’m tired of hearing emcees on R&B cuts spitting verses that have absolutely nothing to do with the rest of the song. I’ve always felt Mary J. Blige!

RD: Man, the game is changing with so many obstacles, what do you have planned to make your name?

LR: Promotion, promotion, promotion. Like any other emcee, I believe my music is tight, it just needs to be heard! What has been helping to build my name is first and foremost…the music. The music is good and it appeals to a diverse audience! Second, I’ve studied this game and I will continue to study it to make every effort in my power to be known for making good music. There won’t be any publicity stunts coming from me just a serious hustle.

RD: What do you definitely have to say in this interview?

LR: I definitely have to thank god for blessing me with life, as well as thank my family and those friends who have been supportive of me. Thank you and god bless! - Mic Magazine Vol. 3.3

"Lady Rezult"

Lady Rezult’s latest cd “DEDICATED” is the highly anticipated follow-up to the street classic “Life’s Consequences” and it’s packed with heat from beginning to end. Rezult makes it known from the time the first hi-hat closes that she’s on a mission with this album. Her mission… to take hip-hop back to its essence, single handedly! From the superb lyrics on “What U Gon Do” to the empowering lead single “Clap On It” and the sexy track “With Pleasure”, Lady Rezult is playing the field and the bases are loaded! “Dedicated” features the production of some of hip-hop’s rising stars and has already been labeled a classic by media outlets. Edreys Music blesses this album with some of the most soulful tracks to grace a hip-hop album in a long time, while DJ and one half of The Race Team production squad The World Famous ACL takes things a step further with his classic hip-hop production and dynamic turntablism. For those who loved the grimy appeal of “Life’s Consequences”, never fear Lamec is here! As the newcomer on “Dedicated”, producer El offers some heat that will have the strongest hip-hop enthusiast swearing he’s a veteran.
While “Dedicated” includes some of the ingredients of most corporate hip-hop releases (including infectious hooks and club tracks), Lady Rezult stays close to her underground roots by showcasing her lyrical skills through her love for “Hip-Hop. As the first artist being released on her self-financed label “Landmark Entertainment”, Rezult is looking to make an impact not only in the hip-hop industry but also corporate America. With an extensive business plan already in place that includes ventures not only in her hometown of Buffalo, New York but elsewhere, the world will be hearing and seeing Lady Rezult for a long time to come. - Next Generation Magazine


All Access DVD: Street Credibility - Check My Stats Vol. 1, Hosted by J-Paradise and DJ Hypnotiq

Dedicated 2006, 1st Single "Clap On It" currently in rotation.

FMC Female MC Club Mixtape Vol. 1 "Independence"

Life's Consequences 2000/2005


Feeling a bit camera shy


Even as a child the young girl who would come to be known to the world as Lady Rezult had an independence about her that only few could understand. It was this independence that told her to learn the in and outs of the music business and follow in the footsteps of her father who made his living as a professional musician The release of her first full-length cd (Life’s Consequences) in October 2000 was greeted by an immediate positive response in the streets of her native Buffalo, NY, however, it was short lived as she mourned the passing of her father in March 2001.

In early 2005, Lady Rezult made a conscious decision to test the music industry waters by re-releasing “Life’s Consequences” and launching her own website Picking up right where she left off, the love was still there as many outside of her hometown were hearing her music for the very first time. Proving her ability to make timeless music, Lady Rezult garnered international media attention and caught the eyes and ears of major label executives. While "the artist” in Rezult spent time meeting with music industry reps, "the independent woman" in her disagreed with what was being presented to her.

In early 2006, Lady Rezult launched her own entertainment company to record and release her second cd, appropriately titled “Dedicated”. Landmark Entertainment specializes in artist development, marketing, and branding “without the gimmicks”. With the June 2006 release of “Dedicated” and her affiliation with the newly formed international female hip-hop collective F.M.C. (The Female MC Club), Lady Rezult and Landmark Entertainment are already making waves in the music industry. To ensure that Landmark Entertainment stands the test of time, Lady Rezult is in the midst of recruiting and developing young talent while marketing and promoting herself with her own personal finances. Quite simply, this young woman truly is building her own future.