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Lady Rezult

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Imagine the lyrical prowess of Jay-Z combined with the storytelling skills of Slick Rick, wrapped in a cute little package.


Even as a child the young girl who would come to be known to the world as Lady Rezult had an independence about her that only few could understand. It was this independence that told her to learn the in and outs of the music business and follow in the footsteps of her father who made his living as a professional musician The release of her first full-length cd (Life’s Consequences) in October 2000 was greeted by an immediate positive response in the streets of her native Buffalo, NY, however, it was short lived as she mourned the passing of her father in March 2001.

In early 2005, Lady Rezult made a conscious decision to test the music industry waters by re-releasing “Life’s Consequences” and launching her own website Picking up right where she left off, the love was still there as many outside of her hometown were hearing her music for the very first time. Proving her ability to make timeless music, Lady Rezult garnered international media attention and caught the eyes and ears of major label executives. While "the artist” in Rezult spent time meeting with music industry reps, "the independent woman" in her disagreed with what was being presented to her.

In early 2006, Lady Rezult launched her own entertainment company to record and release her second cd, appropriately titled “Dedicated”. Landmark Entertainment specializes in artist development, marketing, and branding “without the gimmicks”. With the June 2006 release of “Dedicated” and her affiliation with the newly formed international female hip-hop collective F.M.C. (The Female MC Club), Lady Rezult and Landmark Entertainment are already making waves in the music industry. To ensure that Landmark Entertainment stands the test of time, Lady Rezult is in the midst of recruiting and developing young talent while marketing and promoting herself with her own personal finances. Quite simply, this young woman truly is building her own future.


All Access DVD: Street Credibility - Check My Stats Vol. 1, Hosted by J-Paradise and DJ Hypnotiq

Dedicated 2006, 1st Single "Clap On It" currently in rotation.

FMC Female MC Club Mixtape Vol. 1 "Independence"

Life's Consequences 2000/2005

Set List

A typical set list for Lady Rezult ranges from 15 - 75 minutes. With two full-length cd's under her belt, she has material to that appeals to audiences ranging from 8-80 years. Lady Rezult also has been known to perform via cd tracks as well as with live bands a la The Roots.