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"SA Urban"

The dynamic rapper Lady Rho sets a world class example for other local rappers to follow as well as the youth of the community. She is well on her way to success in the industry and has became a shining light to the city of San Antonio. - Hard Hitter Illustrated

"Artist Review"

Straight out of the first verse of the first song you get a real sense and appreciation for Lady Rho and what a strong-willed, hard working, lyricist and storyteller she is. Her lyrics are full of overcoming the impossible and knowing where you came from but never looking back. But behind these positive and innovative ideas is where you can appreciate the core structure of the album. This is where the powerful back beats and soulful grooves carry the songs and transport them to a higher level. I could easily recommend this album to listeners who enjoy, Mary J. Blig, Lil’ Kim, and early Queen Latifah.

Track One Gonna Make It

Gonna Make It is a song that has a very new and fresh message. It is a song that pushes you to be a better person, to go after what you long, and to be aware that change is upon us everywhere. The song starts out with an announcer mentioning the winning lottery numbers, but then cuts over to the news, and we are immediately immersed into the sea positive spirit and hope that is this song. I feel like she does this to symbolize how little money means in the grand scheme of things. Lyrically the message is truly timeless but with a new spin and addition with current global events.

Track Four If I Listened

The Track starts out with an interlude marked Role Model where Rho is being interviewed and is asked “who is her role model?” The interviewer then replies “a role model should first be created in the home”. As we are introduced to the song it carries, right from the moment of pressing play, the message of standing for yourself and for being thankful for those around you that gave you that encouragement to keep going, and keep fighting. In the view of orchestration, it is done so in way of purity and simplicity but also has such a driving undertone, which keeps the listener wanting more. Rho proves that is it not about all the money, and other worldly desires, but it is more about having that strong foundation to keep getting up after your knocked down.

Track Seven Why Must We

Why Must We is simply a beautiful song with haunting melody lines and very well thought out and developed arrangement. This track is easily my favorite of the album. The interesting thing about this song from the others is that, it is truly self reflective while at the same remaining to be a universal question. The drums on this track in particular speak volumes by simply staying in the pocket and pushing ahead. This tune acts as a complete mirror for society’s reflection. You can hear the evolution in the album as you listen to each track, but this truly has just raised the bar. - Bryan Farrish Radio Promotions


To Be Re- Released in February
"Rho Model"



Texas native soulful singing and raps next rising hip-hop star, “Lady Rho� has stunned her audiences with her raspy vocals and eclectic genre of music. Her stage presence and unique gutter sound is unmatched. One minute she's a soft soulful R&B artist next she is a sassy, as a matter of fact, in your face rapper.

Born and raised in Southeast Texas, “Lady Rho� has seen life in some incredibly desolate places. As a child she would watch her father play the organ at his leisure. When he would walk away she would sit for hours pecking keys learning the sound of each note; streaming the sounds to make her own music. Pain, poverty and misfortune would help shape her sound. She would go on to write hundreds of original material. She then started to perform at churches and schools before striking out to perform in Gulf Port Mississippi where she performed for a huge audience. Here it became clear to her what GOD had planned for her life. “Lady Rho� would go on to tour some of our nations largest cities such as NY, LA, New Orleans, Gulf Port, Seattle, and all cities in TX.

“Lady Rho� is precisely what the world is lacking. Her music speaks for itself. She addresses real issues like poverty, self-awareness, love, greed, civic responsibility and friendship; music that feeds the soul. It is her intention to educate, motivate, self-reflect, and inspire. Her mentors in the industry are artists like: MC Lite, Alicia Keys, Stevie Wonder, Aretha Franklin, Jill Scott and more...

A born leader, image of pure beauty, and the epitome of class is how she has been described. “Lady Rho in her own words: "I really, really love what I do. This is my life...and I'm not going anywhere. I was made for this."