" The Best Man For The Job Is A Woman " - An accomplished musician, singer, songwriter, and producer, Robin has combined a new soulful blend of funk, jazz, and hip-hop tho create a smooth style of her own.


With exceptional talent and versatility, LadyRob can do it all. Singer, songwriter, producer and accomplished musician " LadyRob ",began her musical journey in Buffalo, NY at the age of 12. By age 16 she was one of the most sought after drummer/vocalist in the Western New York area. Maintaining an active performance schedule in both United States and Foreign markets. " The Lady's " diverse talents have been showcased with major recording artist, such as Destiny's Child, SWV, The GooGooDolls, Keith Washington, BareNaked Ladies and Maceo Parker just to name a few.

LadyRob achieved recognition, when the top local music critic and readers poll selected her (two years in a row) as the Best R&B Drummer for the City of Buffalo's music awards. Her songwriting and production skills were acknowledged when she was awarded winner of the Budweiser Songwriters and Performers Competition. She also produced and co-wrote " All about you ", a gospel hip-hop song on Eternal Funk Records, " Jesus 2000 Compilation CD.

Her talents can even be found in film/video. LadyRob composed the soundtrack for a Blockbuster Video independent film " Nasty Girls ". A film about 4 young women caught up in a life of murder and crime.

If you haven't seen " LadyRob ", you've heard her, since her vocal talents have been widely used on jingles for major corporations such as CBS, Kodak, Xerox and the Buffalo Sabres Hockey Team.

Taking her career to new heights, LadyRob has combined a new Soulful blend of Funk, Jazz and Hip-Hop to create a smooth style of her own.

There is NO DOUBT...This Sista is... The Best Woman for the Job...!!
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Ain't that luv

Written By: Robin Wilson

Standing on the street corner
Doin that daily paper chase
He call's you from a pay phone
To say what's up in that ghetto way...
You ride around ... in his jeep
You represent in front of his peeps
He pay's to get your hair and nails did...
And he treats your shorty
Just like his kid...
In one breath... he say's
He don't love ya
Don't give a dame
Ain't thinkin of ya
But then he always flips it around
Because he knows that you're down
And even though you fuss and fight
Shit... you even broke his headlights
Out one night...
He still remembers when he was locked up
It was you who kept that commissary up...
Now Ain't that luv...

Ain't that luv ya
That special kind of ghetto love
Show is luv ya...
Whoa, whoa, whoa, ooh love
Ain't that luv ya...
That special kind of love
show is love ya... ghetto love

Now she's got three hundred dollars
She put's aside to pay her rent...
She gives it up to you
So you can put money on your rims...
Sh'e always catchin drama
From your ex-girl, baby momma
And she knows...
Your out there trick'in around
But still she wants to down...

Now on the side she's got that
You know the kind that drives
That real nice caddy
He gives her money every now and then
So he can feel young and brag to his friends...
She told the welfare people downtown
That you ain't no where to be found
But she knowns were you is
Cause ya lying up in her bed
Now Ain't that luv... ya

Ain't that luv ya
That special kind of ghetto love
Show is luv ya...
Whoa, whoa, whoa, ooh love
Ain't that luv ya...
That special kind of love
show is love ya... ghetto love


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