Lady Rupert

Lady Rupert


Lady Rupert is a band that plays a kind of pretty dirty rocknroll. A combination of straightforward, dirty folkie alternative rockers and smooth swaying pretty lullabies. The band’s songwriting is rich and refined. Live, the band undeniably packs a performance fueled on passion and emotion


Lady Rupert is a 4-piece band that consist of singer/songwriter Mark Homza, formerly of Miss July, lead guitarist Jean François Blanchard Dionne, bassist Jimmy Bang, formerly of Miss July and drummer Elliot Gozansky, formerly of Fluid Rouge. The current line-up was formed in October 2006. Since then, the band has performed in 15 different venues around the city of Montreal, such as the Big Café Campus, Main Hall and Zoobizarre, just to name a few and is currently focusing on perfecting their sound in the studio, a unique blend of pretty dirty rock n roll. The band’s current members have all solid recording experience (all members having recorded albums, eps and demos in past projects) and our now in the studio preparing a 6 track Ep due for release in August 2006.


Demo - 4 songs for bar, club gigs and myspace

Set List

MTV, Bombs, Fireflies, Everyday, Ugly heart, Fallen ladders, Scarlett, RollerCoaster, Which way to oz, Hey Laurel, New Orleans etc...
We usually play 13-14 songs in one set.