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Lady Tullo


The Victory of Heart is a album, a musical trend created by Lady Tullo. A solid basis of Lady Tullos music are: a strong beat, a purring sound of the bass and a funk cool wind section. The artist produced the album under her own label Loud Tally Records


Lady Tullo (real name: Magdalena Ewa Tul) – singer, composer, lyricist, producer.
Born on April 29, 1980 in a Polish town, Gdañsk. She discovered her love for music when she was 12 and started developing her singing interests as a member of children’s vocal band.
As a teenager she cooperated with many bands, gaining experience on a stage and in a studio. She started her first band „Desperados” and played a few concerts supporting well-known artists of the Polish musical scene. L.T. had also opportunity to gain some acting experience when she was still very young. She graduated from high school in a liberal arts and theater-oriented class. During her training at Teatr Miejski in Gdynia, she was able to learn the secrets of this challenging profession. In 1999 when she was 19, she enrolled in a school of music of secondary level in Gdañsk, in a classical singing class. She studied there for one year, working on her skills and expanding her knowledge. In the same year she enrolled in a graduate school, Bydgoszcz Academy, at the Faculty of Pedagogy and Psychology, where she specialized in artistic education in the realm of music. She was awarded MA in Arts in 2004.

In 2000 she moved to Warsaw where she started working as a singer and an actress for Studio Buffo, a musical theater created by Janusz Józefowicz and Janusz Stok³osa. She performed there among others as a lead singer in a musical “Metro” and also, in musical shows: „Beloved Country” („Ukochany Kraj”), “Sunday at the train station G³ówny” („Niedziela na G³ównym”) and “A Gypsy Evening” („Wieczór Cygañski”). Three years later she moved on to a new challenge and started cooperating with another musical theater, Teatr Muzyczny Roma ( She has performed there in musicals: „Miss Saigon”, „Grease”, „Cats” and currently – as Queen Aba in “Academy of Mr. Kleks” (“Akademia Pana Kleksa”).

In 2002 L.T. was invited to work as a singer in a popular TV show “Guess That Tune” (“Jaka to melodia”). At the same time she has been working with such bands as: Bajm, Janowski Project, Kasa, Sycha and with Zygmunt Kukla’s orchestra, Kukla Band.

Lady Tullo’s voice can also be heard on a cartoon movie soundtrack In August 2005 L.T. recorded a song for the Polish version of Walt Disney’s movie: „Szaty Króla II”.

In 2001 an original project was born, Lady Tullo Sqd, which was created by Lady Tullo, Piotr-Marcin and Piotr Podgórski. The stage name of Lady Tullo comes from her family name of Italian origin and it also became the band’s name. In order to record the first L.T. Sqd’s album, Loud Tally Records was created in 2004. The first album of Lady Tullo Sqd was produced by L.T. and Piotr-Marcin.

In November 2004 L.T. Sqd was chosen to the final group of ten bands at the Polish prescreening for the Eurovision Song Contest.
One year later, on June 10, 2005 L.T. presented another song, „ Id¼ Swoj± Drog±” (“Follow your own way”) during the concert “Premiery 2005” at Opole Festival in Poland.
L.T.Sqd also performed with a hip-hop artist, Sycha at the festival Top Trendy 2005 during the concert Eska Hit Squad.
In November 2005 the band was awarded two main prizes at the International Music Festival Universetalent in Prague ( The Best Song for “Full of Life” written by Piotr-Marcin and The Best Singer for Lady Tullo.
In June 2006 L.T. was chosen to the semi-finals of the Top-Trendy Contest.

Another success came at Unisong International Songwriting Contest in 2006, where L.T. was awarded 3rd prize in Performance (Artist and Song) category (


Pretty Baby

Written By: Magdalena Tul

Pretty Baby

Pretty baby, treat me better, never stop
Pretty baby, it doesn’t matter how I look like
Pretty baby, what you see when you look at me
No, I’m not that little girl, I used to be

Hey baby, look at me and listen well
Cause I made up my mind
It’s time to stop this game
I got used to use my brain
It’s unfair to judge a girl
Of her body’s details
Don’t call me like that thing
I’m sure that you know what I mean
I’m a human who’s got a name

So baby, don’t disdain it
My hurt pride can’t stand it
Before you suppress me
I’d rather prefer be free
(I wanna feel free)

You think that everything is just to buy
But you can’t have me for your own
For the rest of your life
Cause I don’t need your money
Your golden rings, it’s funny
Seeing when you’re moving like a king
I need a man who cares
About me every day
Not only on the Valentine’s Day


Written By: Andrzej Wolfram

Lyrics: Andrzej Wolfram


Trying hard to understand
What’s my weakness what’s my strength
I remained too blind to see
Not all things depend on me

What is right and what is wrong
Where’s the calm for which I long
In that search for my own truth
No one’s there to help but you

You’re not alone – they say
In any place, on any day
There’ll be signs that may inspire you somehow
On your way

So give yourself a chance
Just become one of His friends
You and me – we all need Him
I remember myself…


I couldn’t find the cause
Without a trace I was lost
Still what I lacked was that special kind of true care

There finally came the time
When I got used to such a state of mind
My life could end without a single clue of you

How could I reject your grace
Just because I couldn’t see your face
We feel sure with all we can embrace

So thank you, Lord, you saw my soul
Rescued me and brought new goals
Now I can go on and on…
In my life…

…there’s only you

Full Of Life

Written By: Magdalena Tul, Piotr Olszewski

Lyrics: Magdalena Tul, Piotr-Marcin


Every single day
Calls me: ‘Wake ’up, change your way!
The Sun is shinin’ bright
And I pray it never stops
All the darkness and nightmares
Dissolve before break of day
And I feel so fine
When your love is all around
I open my window singin’

I’m full of life
When I feel you by my side
Like first of spring life sign
We’re starin’ at the sun
Don’t spoil this moment, let it be
All my fears and sadness disappear
I’m not afraid
‘Cause you rescued me
From all those bad things
And in that special moment
When you whisper – I love you
I’m so happy, happy
All I want is just to be with you
I open my window singin’

I’m full of life
When I feel you by my side
Like first of spring life sign
We’re starin’ at the sun
And I found you
Goin’ through our life
Like two persons with one heart
And when all is done
Still have you by my side
Oh baby, please stay with me

I’ve got you baby…

V.O.H.-The Victory Of Heart

Written By: Magdalena Tul,Piotr Marcin Olszewski


V.O.H. – Victory of Heart
Let your soul be free
Your heart will sing
That never ending song
V.O.H. – All we need is love
So don’t fight with tears
It will disappear
And the Sun will shine above
(And the Sun begin to shine above)

It’s all that we feel
When we’re playing here our songs
Life is action
Don’t sit, get up, come here
I don’t need to say it anymore
You’ll discover
Everything goes right
When the music burns your soul like a flame
Untie all bother
By little sincere smile
Just let’s do it, let’s go dancing everyday

Try me to stop
You can only walkin’ with me
In every minute earth
Is moving like a rolling stone
Time is running out
So take your chance cause life is changing
Here comes the day that’s
Revolution called

V.O.H. – Victory of Heart….

Find The Music

Written By: Magdalena Tul,Piotr Marcin Olszewski


Music will set you free
So find the music 2x
Goin’ through this life path
With wild open eyes
Thinkin’ of another
Step to realize
Another race
Another chance
To win and become someone
People need reflection
We need to take a breath
Some day we’ll keep the distance
And we’ll find the way
Without envy
Without jealousy
It’s not easy to believe
When you feel sometimes under pressure
Look behind and take a deep breath 2x
Refrain 2x
Don’t ask me how to find the truth
In this world where money makes the rules
Just listen to your heart and soul
The answer you will know
If you show some respect and humility
You’ll see, life will be deferent
Defeat your weaknesses
And step by step
And day by day
Your fears will go away
Bridge 2x
Music will set you free
So find the music 2x
(touch it)
(feel it)
(find it)
Look into your heart and you will find


V.O.H.-The Victory Of Heart

Set List

Lady Tullo & 45 Sqd – V.O.H. – The Victory Of Heart

1. V.O.H. - The Victory Of Heart (06:48)
Composed by Piotr-Marcin
Lyrics by Magdalena Tul & Piotr-Marcin

2. Funky Team (05:13)
Composed by Magdalena Tul & Piotr-Marcin
Lyrics by Magdalena Tul & Piotr-Marcin

3. Warrior’s Song (06:06)
Composed by Magdalena Tul
Lyrics by Magdalena Tul

4. Find The Music (06:38)
Composed by Magdalena Tul & Piotr-Marcin
Lyrics by Magdalena Tul & Piotr-Marcin

5. Supersonic Word Of Magic (03:04)
Composed by Piotr-Marcin
Lyrics by Magdalena Tul & Piotr-Marcin

6. Tryin’ (05:39)
Composed by Magdalena Tul
Lyrics by Andrzej Wolfram

7. Butterfly (04:41)
Composed by Magdalena Tul & Piotr-Marcin
Lyrics by Andrzej Wolfram

8. No, I Didn’t (05:19)
Composed by Magdalena Tul, Piotr Podgórski & Piotr-Marcin
Lyrics by Magdalena Tul

9. Amazin’ (05