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West Coast East Bay Hip Pop Funk!!! Bringing The Performance Back To Live Shows!!!


LaeCharles T. Lawrence Jr. is notorious for his strong work ethic, immutable love of all ladies, unmistakable sense of humor and grand entertainment talent. His earliest training, reading music as well as improvisational jazz trumpet, grouped him with local talents the likes of Joshua Redman and Miles Perkins during his days in Berkeley public schools. Lae played both trumpet and trombone. After school he was one of the youngest members of URBAN NOISE, a ska band fronted by punk rock talent Tim Armstrong who went on to form RANCID. Lae’s career took a pivotal turn when he stepped up from the back of the band to take his natural position as the rhyme busting front man. He developed a Bay Area cult following with the ground breaking group ALL STAR DELICIOUS, and then later collaborated with the MC's of LA powerhouse punk group TEN G BOB, Max Golay and Zach McLain, with MARVIN MEANS MARVELOUS. Lae came to realize that the only way to genuinely satisfy his musical aspirations was to pursue his own unique vision. Knowing the only way to cultivate his dreams would be to capture and create his unique reality, Lae set up a home studio. Armed with 10 songs written on his payment-plan home computer program Lae approached Steve Bradley (of NO DOUBT) and Dave Tweedie of the international production team CHOCOLATE O'BRIAN. Impressed by the concepts and tracks he had conceived, they teamed up to create the CD that brought light on everything you thought you knew about love, hip-hop and life, Lae is… Johnny Eastbay. Now he leaks some of his New Tracks from the eagerly anticipated "Lae is…Lovey Love the Plus Size Player" CD, and brings it to you live, with his performance vehicle, L.A.E (Live Audio Explosion)!


Lae is Big Sweet, 2002
Lae is Johnny Eastbay, 2005

Set List

Hands Up
Te Gusta Mami
Crack Out
Stuck in the Red
Hot Day
I Want It
On Fire
Honeycomb Hideout
Broke As Fuck
Who Are You
You So Horny
Wake Up

+ Funk, Hip Hop, Rock Covers, and sometimes Skits
One to two
30min-60min Sets