Lael Alderman

Lael Alderman


Portland-based singer/songwriter. Had a stint on Geffen Records in the ‘90s. Just finished writing & recording new album: strong melodies, sharp lyrics. Topping many Portland critics' best of 2007 list. Influences: Wilco, the Shins, Paul Simon, Morrissey. An impressive live show.


he lives in Portland, Oregon and has for some time. he has a day job downtown, a house on the east side, a studio in the basement. he has a knack for penning inspired pop songs, the charm to be unassuming about it.

lael has been doing this music thing for quite a while now. there was his stint on Geffen Records as the singer/songwriter-type in the late ‘90s. following that, he spent roughly five years heading up and down the west coast, playing shows, recording three albums with the Portland-based indie rock outfit the Bella Fayes. add to that another year or so for gathering his thoughts, writing and recording a new album on which he plays most every single instrument and pulling together a fine collection of local talent to back him up live, and you have the rough story up to the present.

his new record was released in late 2007 to much fanfare in his hometown of Portland, topping many critics' best of 2007 lists. working with a collection of songs that are informed as much by modern-day influences such as Wilco and the Shins as they are by such diverse songwriters as Morrissey and Paul Simon, it is clear that, here, lael has found his creative home. while there is an array of styles to be found throughout his work, lael has continued to keep his primary focus intensely trained on crafting strong melodies and writing sharp lyrics.


of birds, devils and the heart (2007)
various releases under the Bella Fayes
diary (2000)
slowdrag (1997)

Set List

typically, the set is all original material. may pull out a cover every blue moon...a little big star or something.
play one set, 45 minutes to an hour.