La Famiglia

La Famiglia

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Live Hip Hop Jazz Fusion. A collage of Live Instruments, Tight Grooves, Serious Lyrics and Soulful Melodies. A showcase of singers, mc's, jazz and classical soloists behind a one of a kind live band playing original hip hop beats.


La Famiglia is a very diverse group of musicians. Everyone in the band has different musical backgrounds, ranging from gospel, & classical to rock, jazz, & funk, but all share a common bond in the realm of hip hop. Furthermore, each of the bandmembers deserve their own stage, but instead use La Famiglia as a forum to compliment each of the other's unquie styles. A sincere passion for playing and creating music comes through with every song and has propelled La Famiglia into the sphere of a rapidly rising phenomenon, building a devout following of fans everywhere they play.


-La Famiglia Volume 1 was released 7-23-04, its 35 minutes of original studio material showcasing a sample of La Famiglia's unique sound. Listen to it @
-La Famiglia Mixtape #1, released 11-15-04, in the fashion of traditional hip hop mixtapes, offers an eclectic group of songs and better represents La Famiglia's live sound.
-MGP's La Storia released 3-26-05 Mike G. (of La Famiglia) solo cd featuring La Famiglia. 80 minutes of La Famiglia stlye new original music. Listen to it @

Set List

La Famiglia is such a versatile group of performers, with such a vast libary of original songs that every live performance is an unique experience. Sets range from 20 minutes to over three hours, depending on the needs of the specific situation.