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"Kerrang Album Review Quote"

KKKK - "...a thing of rampant power and joy. With a devotion to dirty groves and clobbering, belligerent riffs that boast more bite than Pac-Man on a dot gobbling binge..." - Kerrang Magazine


8/10 Live Review

8/10 Album review " with a ferocious, frenetic spirit few bands could rival, and the lyrics are ace throughout."

" Our favourite new band of the month, this deeply unsettling track should make them yours too. As scary as being chased by a man holding an axe who is screaming IM GOING TO CHOP YOUR LEGS OFF'.." Cold Dog Soup' feat. on 135 Issue Covermount
- Rocksound Magazine

"Big Cheese Album Review"

Big Cheese - "rock 'n' rock rarely sounds this sexy, fun and heartfelt." - Big Cheese Magazine

"Irish News Album review quote"

Irish News - "...a short sharp shock of heavy, abrasive grunge rock carved from big dumb riffs, savage caveman drumming and the rantings of an evil old pervert." - Irish News

"" - " really should open your virgin ears to this dirty celebration of a record." -


4/5 "...the sheer number of memorable, slamming riffs is mouth-watering"

"LaFaro Live @ Oxford Academy"

Lafaro are a revelation after all this well meaning and tuneful attempts at aggression. Finally, here is the real deal. Bass lines rattle the rib cage, thundering from the speakers like bolts of sludge. The riffs are tight, economical and ultimately aggressive. What’s not to love? Mix Pixies, Helmet and Mclusky together and you’ve got a rough approximation of what Lafaro are capable of. A half hour of being punched in the face by genius? It doesn’t get much better than that. -

"BBC Live Review"

Stuck in the middle tonight is the relative sanity of Lafaro. Again, relative, for from opener Leningrad, it's all power and fury, with a teased out ending to tantalise us. Dropping in some new material, 'Say What You Are' has a country-grunge vibe to it, a sort of Seattle over the last 25 years sound, encompassing The Melvins, Nirvana and Modest Mouse. 'Tuppenny Nudger' - no more really needs to be said about this, or indeed the front-row head-banging. 'Great Conversations...' is louder (and more unhinged) than ever, with the quiet bits still probably enough to annoy the council, and another newbie 'This Is Not Even A Song' is cut from the same mad template of loud grunge mayhem, with an added dose of irony. There's an album on the way, your ears should be afraid, very afraid.


LaFaro - Easy Meat (Smalltown America Records) October 2011
LaFaro - LaFaro ( Smalltown America Records ) 10th May 2010

Meat Wagon - Sept 2011 - (Smalltown America Records)
Easy Meat - June 2011 - (Smalltown America Records)
The Ballad Of Burnt Dave - June 2010 (Smalltown America Records)
Tupenny Nudger - May 2010 (Smalltown America Records)
EP2 - 2008 ( Self Released )
EP - 2007 ( Field Records )

To Let - Big Scary Monsters ( 2009 )
Premeditation Vol 2 - Predestination Records ( 2007 )



It's useless to fight LaFaro if you are attacked. If they have you between their jaws they will not let go. If you do decide to put up a fight, LaFaro are likely to do a death roll. Polar opposite to the delicate poise of the influential jazz bassist Scott LaFaro from which this Belfast quartet take their name, LaFaro are a wrecking ball of a band. Their rhythmic post-hardcore is designed to pulverize dance floors and leave no bottle of beer undrunk - this is music as it should be 'We hark back to time when rock music was still fun' states lead rabble-rouser Johnny Black.

Recalling Jesus Lizard, Shellac and Helmet and NI melodic rockers Therapy? LaFaro have character, chops and emotion oozing through every seedy riff 'I love to write about life's dark little secrets - the things we all know happen but never get discussed'.

Set to release their sophomore effort on Smalltown America in October 2011 - many more will be snapped in LaFaro's jaws. If you can't get close enough to gouge their eyes out try whacking LaFaro on the snout. We fear however, that resistance is futile.