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"Don’t let the pretty face and smile fool you..."

"As a female, the industry always throws that line “sex sells” in your face, so you feel like in order to succeed you have to sacrifice your integrity! I write with a sense of honesty and truthfulness! I present myself accordingly, the way I dress, and how I behave! Now that’s sexy!" - La Femme Nikita
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"New Hype!"’s very own Edward Etienne had the distinct pleasure of interviewing She-Records female recording artist La Femme Nikita. The talented young entertainer speaks candidly, and openly about her goals, dreams, and aspirations of becoming a major entertainer.

La Femme Nikita started writing poetry when she was 13 years old, and says, “the difference between me and other female emcee's is that I write my own shit…and help co-produce my own records.” Hinting to rumors that many female emcees don’t write their own material; La Femme Nikita, a.k.a. Natasha Walton 21, describes her sound as commercial and street.

When I asked La Femme Nikita about the difficulties of being a female emcee in the music game? “I see it two ways, one side is that there only a handful of female emcees, and the door is open for other female emcees to get on… the other side is, because it’s such a male driven industry niggas don’t respect you…niggas try to take you to their bedroom instead of helping you…you have to fight for respect as a female emcee.”

The 21-year-old emcee comes from the south, Texarkana, Texas to be exact, a border city between Texas and Arkansas, and says her musical influences are from hip-hop veterans and legends like Tupac, Mary J. Blige, and Texas native UGK. La Femme Nikita now resides in East Orange, NJ, and has been there for the past 5 years.

She came up with her name (La Femme Nikita) from a character in a movie called Point of No Return (1993), starring Bridget Fonda. “What I like about the movie is that the main character had a double life… and I feel like me as an artist I also have double personalities. I can be street by being a lyrical mc or be more commercial by being a singer, says La Femme Nikita.” Which is a plus, being in an industry that is dominated by two musical genres Hip-Hop and R&B.

Nikita signed on with She Records, an independent music label operating in the New Jersey/ New York area. “Being with an independent music label has it’s pros and cons…”You’re your own boss and you have freedom to collaborate with anyone you want too; where as a major record label might feel that certain collabo's is not in your best interest. The cons not being with a major label is the marketing and promotion, but being independent you have to be on the grind to get your music heard.” La Femme Nikita says that she is promoting her album by performing at clubs in her area and in her home state of Texas. Her debut self entitled album La Femme Nikita has a blazin’ first single, Ain’t Nuthin’, which has a dirty south sound with a bass heavy beat. She also mentions her second single is likely to be Bobble Head a southern dance record, she spits a line from the recording saying “Niggas (bobbin’ their heads) askin’ who that bitch be… “She laughs with excitement.

Lastly, I asked La Femme Nikita where she sees herself in a year from now, she responded by saying, “billboards…at the Grammy’s,” and enjoying her commercial success. She also wants to eventually to start her own label and clothing line and expressed interest in starting a pharmaceutical sales company.
Her debut album has production work form Chi-town producer Soundtrack and credits 187 Music, Getti, and K.W. Goodwin for help with her album. Fans can take a listen to her first single by going on to Artist/Band page and iTunes. - Inner City Magazine

"Quick To Gain Commercial Status..."

How did you get started with your music?

I come from a very spiritual family, were singing for the good Lord Jesus always came first. I had been singing solos in church, performing in talent shows and writing my own songs since the age of 7. My interest in rap music came from my older brother Jimmy and my cousin Eli. They were both into hip-hop and rap heavy. I had always tried to be underneath them wanting to do what they were doing. There wasn’t much for me to do being the only girl in the house. I was like 13 when I spit my first rap to my cousin, who at the time was producing beats for my brother. My cousin liked it and ever since then I was in the studio with them recording, writing and taking notes. To date, my brother and cousin no longer rap. They both gave it up to practice Islam, so I’m left to carry the torch.

What are you currently working on?

Right now, I’m pretty much putting the finishing touches on my album titled, nom de code: NIKITA, which is slated to be released some time in December, and working on my industry mix cd hosted by Prow Flow Radio’s DJ Mad MaXxx out of Ohio. Shout out to Mad MaXxx! I’m a bit critical of myself sometimes so it can cause delays…lol! I’m also doing a lot of promotion and networking. Recently I was asked to do a feature for an interactive magazine called Underwire. The pilot episode alone received over 600,000 downloads, so that was a real good look. Shout out to Storm! Good lookin’ my nigga! Not to mention the world’s famous WWS magazine! Thanks for contacting me to do this feature; I really appreciate the love and support! Big Will get at ya homeguh! Yeah…lol!

What kind of music do you listen to and how does it influence your music?

I mostly listen to Hip-Hop, Rap, and R&B. Every now and then I’ll venture off into other genres like Gospel, Pop and Rock. No Country though…lol! Listening to different genres allow me to be more creative and innovative. If you listen to my music you can hear which genres, and which artists from that genre I’ve been influenced by. Some of my fans label me as the female Slim Thug, or Young Jeezy! My voice is so deep and sluggish that people think it’s a nigga rapping or my voice is altered…lol! But I’m from Texas baby, I was born with my voice screwed already ya dig!

What's your opinion on mainstream hip-hop today? What do you like or not like?

Mainstream Hip-Hop today is at an all-new level. By Hip-Hop being mainstream, it has allowed itself to reach the masses. I like that you can find Hip-Hop in the poorest hood, to the richest suburb! It’s still a lot of politics involved though! The word mainstream to me in some cases mean money! The fact that some of the major labels are paying off DJ’s and mainstream radio to have their artists spun is upsetting to the culture! We no longer have the right to decide who’s hot and who’s not! It’s like the government has taken over Hip-Hop and Rap! I love the fact that artists with a huge fan base like myself have the option of being independent. Being in a digital era now, everybody is downloading songs, so CD’s are not being sold like they used to. Great for the independent artist! I pocketed 93% of the return off my download sales. To date I have reached a little over 7,000 downloads of my single Ain’t Nuthin’! Imagine what my album sales will be like!

Who do you admire?

My musical admiration ranges from great urban pop icons like, Tupac Shakur, The Notorious B.I.G., Jay Z, Mary J. Blige, and Lauryn Hill. Can’t forget about legends out of the Lone Star State like UGK, The Geto Boys, Scarface, and Lil’ Flip. On a personal note, I really admire my grandmother Big Momma. She’s a very strong woman that takes care of her family. She took care of me when I was little. She practically raised me. I hope one day to be as strong as she is!

Why would people want to listen to your music over someone else's?

My music style is universal. I got something for everybody. Your mother, sister, and brother could relate to it. Commercial, political and street! Like I said before, Listening to different genres allow me to be more creative and innovative! East, West, North and South…it’s whatever! Any hood and any suburb can get wit it…lol!

Who have you worked with and how have they affected your work?

I’ve worked with some great up and coming producers, artists, and engineers from all over the states, to broaden the specs of the album. From Dallas, TX a super producer by the name of Pozart. I grew up with him so It’s all good when I’m in the studio with him; I worked with a big name producer out on the East Coast by the name of Sleep Nitty for 187 Music. He’s also, the founding father of Essex County Gangland’s notorious underground gangsta rap group Lawless! From the Mid West Mad MaXxx, a producer by the name of Sound Track out of Chicago, DJ Fathom out on the West Coast Cali, and out of New York a producer by the name - WWS Magazine


At the tender age of thirteen, lyrical assassin, La Femme Nikita desired more in life than the average neighbourhood teenager. Her interest to pursue a career in music was immediately influenced by the great Notorious B.I.G. and Tupac, upon hearing their joints for the first time. Though, it's in her blood; she comes from a family of talented musicians. She was destined for this regardless of their Hip Hop influence. La Femme quotes, "My girls and I would hang out on the front stoop talking about what we wanted to be when we grew up. I always told myself that I would be a star one day. I used to always sing to myself the chorus in Jay-Z's song, Can't Knock The Hustle with Mary J. Blige. I'm taking out this time, to give you a piece of my mind; but though you think you are, maybe one day you'll be a star." Today, her childhood dream of becoming a star has come true, because a rising star she most certainly is. With a string of accomplishments and hella more to come, she's well on her way to being just as successful and legendary as her music mentors, then and now.
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You’ve seen her in footage from the last Digiwaxx “Go Hard or Go Home” cypher and inquired about who she was, so Digiwaxx took a closer look.

Name: La Femme Nikita

Reppin’: Texas

Sounds Like: Rah Digga meets Scarface

Label: Brothel House/UMG formerly She Records

La Femme Nikita is a rapper singer who became a finalist on season one of Making the Band 3. She didn’t make the band, but it was then when she realized that it was time to pursue solo dreams of stardom, and switched up her style to incorporate rap. Since appearing on Making the Band 3, she’s gone on to perform on BET’s Rap City and get radio spins with her latest single “Patrón” (92.3 FM KIIZ in Waco, TX, Power 102 in EL PASO, TX, Q93.3 in New Orleans, 92.1FM The Beat in Tulsa OK and in the general Texarkana area).

She’s currently working on her next independent album titled Flossin’ and a street LP titled American Gangstress. Also, be on the look out for Natasha Walton, her R&B side. -

"Le Femme Nikita Freestyle (Spittin Over Mobb Deep's - Shook Ones Beat)"

La Femme Freestyle on RS Radio

"A&R Report"

Natasha AKA La' Femme Nikita has it all. She can deliver witty lyrics with the best of her southern bretheren, yet sing better than you're average A&R groupie. Representing Texas, the former Making the Band 3 finalist is making a name for herself without the help of Diddy or MTV. Be sure to request her latest single "Patrón" on your local radio station.
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Ain't Nuthin' [Single]
Ain't Nuthin' [Maxi Single]
Nom de code Nikita (In Stores Now!)
Patrón [Single]
Flossin [Single]



Never trust a pretty face and smile. The rapper La Femme Nikita is just as gully as Luc Besson's spy/assassin from the 1990 French action flick turned U.S. crossover phenomenon. Before giving in to her rapper persona, 21-year-old Natasha Walton was a songbird who became a finalist on season one of Making the Band 3. As fate would have it, she obviously didn't become a member of Danity Kane but that hasn't stopped her from continuing to pursue her dreams. Raised in Texarkana, TX, she was always singing but added rapping to her repertoire at age 13. "I remember hanging around my older brother and cousin, and wanting to be just like them. I wanted to be like the guys," says Nikita. "I wrote my first rap trying to impress them [and] they were like, "little girl get out of here!"

Fostered by her "big momma" aka "Shotgun Annie," who told her she could do anything she put her mind to, quitting wasn't in her blood and that's why she never put down her rhyme book. With a recent appearance on Bet's Rap City, and her latest singles "Patrón" & “Flossin” currently receiving airplay on KZRB 103.5 FM & 99.7 FM KMJJ, servicing the four states area including Texas, Arkansas, Oklahoma, and Louisiana, this lyrical Femme Fatale is spitting, grinding and being as gangster as her name with a voice to match. Nikita charges the mic with estrogen but with bass in her voice à la Rah Digga circa '98.

In June, 2007 La Femme Nikita independently released her first album titled "nom de code: NIKITA," with a single and music video for "Ain't Nuthin." When asked about Hip-Hop today she says "I love the fact that artist such as myself, with a huge fan base have the option of being independent. I pocketed almost 90% of the return on my sales, moving a little over 50,000 units to date." Even though she was unfamiliar to some people outside the state of Texas, she had already sold enough records in her home state to be certified a veritable rap star.

Media and press publications featuring La Femme Nikita include, Underwire Interactive Magazine, WHO?MAG TV & DVD Magazine, and WWS Magazine. Her feature in WWS’s Vol. 11 garnered such a huge response, she was asked to do the cover of their Vol. 12 Indie Edition! La Femme Nikita's fan base more than doubled when her music video for Ain't Nuthin' premiered on The success of her music video gained her an article in Vol.2, Issue 12 of Hip Hop Weekly, a full page tribute in Rap Fanatic Magazine, and a home page position on! La Femme Nikita was also most recently recognized by’s “The BLAST”, Yo! Raps Magazine’s “Next 2 Blow”, and WORLDSTARHIPHOP.COM!

Other industry talent gives her props as well, by recognizing her as a worthy collaborator. She was recently featured on a song called “That's My Boy,” by Capitol Records recording artist Bossaliny, collaborated with DJ Kay Slay’s artist Hedonis Da Amazon, Ma Barker, and was featured as a celebrity guest on DJ Ak of Shadyville DJ's, Take Over Radio Show on OC 103.9 FM. Speaking of DJs, she’s also a favorite of the world renowned Slip N Slide DJs, and Fleet DJs. Her smash single “Patrón” is positioned at number 51 on the Clear Channel On- Demand Radio Charts, receiving mixtape placements earning her spins in the hottest night clubs through out the south. La Femme Nikita’s new single “Flossin” is headed in the same direction, rapidly climbing the charts and prepping the world for more hot music.

“I hustle and flow ya dig!” affirms La Femme NIKITA about her work ethic, “It's nothing but originality from ya guh!” Her street album, AmeriKKKan Gangstress is due to drop at the beginning of July, and her sophomore release, tentatively titled “Flossin,” will follow at the end of the July. “From the poorest of hoods to the richest of suburbs, I got something for all of ya’ll! Throw me in your disc changer and you're going to hear quality hip-hop.” Like a sniper’s bullet, shorty is dead serious. Competition is none.