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La Fin Absolute du Monde

Bay Point, California, United States

Bay Point, California, United States
EDM Alternative




"Ambient Gaze"

I was immediately smitten by the depths of sonics that penetrate the telencephalon with a gentle massage. There is an enchanting resonance which is emitted to the mind on hitting play and it is with some pleasure that I take this opportunity to introduce La Fin Absolute Du Monde to the Indie Bands Blog, but don’t be fooled, just as you settle in to the ambient rhythms so you will be jolted out of the reverie as the duo take a sojourn around the realities of the world around. Somewhat akin to when the muscles that require kneading are exposed and suddenly a sharp retort shivers across the brain, so the ambient relaxation of the duo can be ploughed in to in a moment.

Taking a plethora of schematics the band is unafraid to explore the extremes of relationships and values and it is this juxtaposition of sound and context that makes La Fin Absolut Du Monde such an intriguing space to explore.

The disturbing imbalances are superbly pitched and the listener is always kept on tenterhooks to discover the next layer of the map that the two creators will explore. It is of pleasure to discover an outfit that is more than happy to step out of the zone and challenge the listener, so it is with some considerable interest that I look forward to finding out how La Fin Absolute Du Monde evolves. - Indie Bands Blog

"Violently Odd and Danceable"

Violent and oddly danceable. There's a lot of genre bending here, moving from hardcore, almost club-type dance music with touches of autotune and industrial drumming to ambient sections that are pure sonic velvet. Slinky and sophisticated if not a bit off-kilter. This is the music for nightmare lounges with zombie pianists and ghoulish singers that entertain the various creatures of the night. - Moosick

"Top 300 Avant Indie Bands World Wide"

#273 La fin Absolute du Monde
- The Deli Magazine

"Top 300 Avant Indie Bands World Wide"

#273 La fin Absolute du Monde
- The Deli Magazine

"Your Music News"

La Fin Absolute du Monde (The Absolute End Of The World) is made up of husband and wife duo, Jason and Cyndy Myles, who create very unique sounding music that is hard to place in any one genre. They combine punk, rock, pop, electronic and even some hard rock. Formed in 2009, La Fin absolute du Monde has signed to UK label, Foolscircle Recordsand created several true masterpieces. This is such a dynamic band in that they can generate many different moods throughout their songs. Cyndy's vocals help with this a lot as she is very talented in what she does.

La Fin Absolute has released several prominent songs. "She's Got To Be A Pirate" is perhaps their best example as this showcases what La Fin Absolute du Monde is all about. Featuring their signature blend of several different genres and uniquely crafted vocals, this is La Fin Absolute du Monde at their very best. " Black Sheep" is a perfect example of how dynamic this band really is as they can go from upbeat to mellow in an instant. "Dark Fetus" contains the best of both worlds and is one of my personal favourites by La Fin Absolute du Monde.

If you are looking for a unique listening experience, look no further then la Fin Absolutedu Monde as they blend several different genres to create a very unique sound that helps them stand above the crowd. Personally, I look forward to watching the band progress and build off of their success. Any future releases by La Fin Absolute du Monde are sure to be a hit and I can't wait to see what they come up with next.

"The Alternative Review"

La Fin Absolute du Monde curiously enough stylistically fit their namesake. The fictitious film that supposedly sent its initial viewing audience into a murderous riot upon viewing its disgustingly sexual disembowelment of various body parts. While the Bay Area band’s composition is quite less alarming than John Carpenter’s fake flick their tendency for questioning the status quo is right in line with La Fin’s ethos: transcendence through breaking down barriers. Granted these barriers come in the form of bloody conquest if we are speaking to the movie but while pertaining to La Fin the band they fill this role by seemingly flipping the bird to traditional Pop Music tropes. Instead preferring a route by way of dichotomy. Similar to say a Nine Inch Nails or Massive Attack, La Fin Absolute du Monde relish in their icy swells and echoing distortion as much as their airy vocals and rumbling bass tones.

The leads are there for sure–”Cavaliers” grimy bass line and wheezy key fills in particular–but La Fin seem most comfortable while navigating the maelstrom. “Miike” possibly more than anything else readily available from them, demonstrates this fact. Prodding at first sure, but there are enclaves to be found in the pounding power-chords and robotically ethereal vocals. Which so far reads as both these promising artist’s greatest strength and weakness simultaneously. They spend a lot of time trying to cultivate their own distinct sound by straying from various social norms yet still come off sounding similar to a symbiotic relationship between Portishead and Meanwhile, Back In Communist Russia. Marrying a distinct ear for melody (the Portishead) and a penchant for crafting spoken-word negative space (the MBiCR) this San Fransisco duo provides in three tracks more than enough to be excited about. That if nothing else is a reason to smile even as Genèse may leave you in a comfortably somber mood once it has passed - The Alt Review

"UK Guitar Magazine Guitar Jar Review/Feature"

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EP Review: “Beginning of the End; Genesis” by La Fin Absolute du Monde
May 25th, 2012
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EP Review: “Beginning of the End; Genesis” by La Fin Absolute du Monde

La Fin Absolute du Monde are one of the most interesting bands I’ve come across to come out of the USA.

Their latest EP, “Beginning of the End; Genesis” finds the band developing and embracing their unique, dark-edged sound.

…the listener often can expect a shift in soundscape…

La Fin Absolute du Monde - Genesis CoverGuitar Jar previously interviewed guitarist Jason Myles, who provided a good description of La Fin Absolute du Monde origins and progression. In addition, he commented that their live performances exude elements of Chaos, Passion, Energy and Love.

In light of their latest EP, all four of these aspects are embraced in abundance.

La Fin Absolute du Monde have a trademark sound. The title track, “Beginning of the End” starts with a clean guitar intro with an accompanying atmospheric piano and string ensemble, embracing all the characteristics that the band’s ever-growing fan base loves about them.

The vocals are dark, haunting, almost hypnotic, yet intriguing, drawing the listener curiously deeper into the music. Fans of the British band Portishead would relish the vocal production and melodies throughout this EP.

As with most of the music produced by La Fin Absolute du Monde, the listener often can expect a shift in soundscape or tempo, and sure enough, just over three minutes into the song, Jason’s brooding and pulsating overdriven guitar tones add an extra kick in the gut. This is a very atmospheric song, and I’d love to see this performed live.

“Cavalier” is similar to the title track in many ways, but ambient loops have a heavy presence throughout the entire duration of the song. Again, musical changes are afoot, and this track in particular epitomises why I’m a fan of La Fin Absolute du Monde. Just over two minutes in, the loops make way for the overdriven guitars, matched equally by the haunting vocal melody.

“Miike” continues where “Cavalier” left off, embracing ambient pads, loops and vocals on a bed of atmospheric guitar progressions.

If you’re looking for something different to listen to, with a dark, ambient and sometimes aggressive but highly intriguing and curious edge, you can’t go wrong with La Fin Absolute du Monde. - Guitar Jar

"MTV's the Hive Feature on US!"

La Fin Absolute du Monde (French for “the absolute end of the world”) punctuate their experimental love songs with violent timbres and tone changes to call attention to how often and quickly emotions can change in relationships. There’s a lot of different elements in their dark ambient tracks that are seemingly at odds: “Cavalier”’s flickering snare strokes and jagged guitar drones bump against the vocalist’s spacey, hushed croon. But the married San Francisco duo of Jason and Cyndy Myles harmoniously weave these opposing sounds into a swayable ballad — and, despite the volatile subject matter that they explore, the two never sound faraway on “Cavalier.” “The lyrics reflect the thought processes of trying to understand human nature,” the duo says. “Because when we can understand why people do crazy things, then we can certainly accept and love more openly and honestly.” Which is refreshingly affirmative — especially for a song called “Cavalier.” - MTV


Still working on that hot first release.



La Fin Absolute du Monde is a neo-noir duo based out of the San Francisco bay area. Often compared to as a blend of Portishead/Bjork, The Deftones and Massive Attack, the band intelligently blends their extreme musical tastes in which the resulting flavor is dark and intense with gorgeous melodies and fiery guitar riffs over a backdrop of groove-driven rhythms and ambient soundscapes. The listening experience is an adventure on its own but the live performance is even more passionate, chaotic and sexy. As a minority, interracial couple fighting to find their place within the music industry, La Fin Absolute du Monde packs a very full sound and puts on a most memorable spectacle.