This music ministry is all about lifting up the name of Jesus in song and music. All of our music is original, true, and from the heart. The inspiration comes from personal life history and wanting to reach out to the hearts of others.


During the formation of the band in March of 2005 it was decided that the influence would be a combination of many music backgrounds mixed into one unique sound. This blend has led to creating songs with a feel of rock, pop, country, blues and of course contemporary Christian. Leading the way is the talent of songwriter Jeff LaFollette. Jeff’s background and style have shaped a sound that can be compared to leading contemporary and rock Christian artists, but are certainly not identical.

The makeup of the band’s members ranges in ages of 20 to 40, which bring a generational mixture of influence. Originally a four piece, the band added another guitar and a female vocalist to bring broader dynamics to both the music and the lyrics. The songs tell stories of personal life histories both before and after giving their lives to God. The hope of this music ministry is to relate those stories to similar life events of the listeners to either edify their faith, or reach the hearts of those that have not yet built a relationship with the Savior.

For six months the band honed its lyrics and sounds before embarking on the first attempt to take it to the public’s ears. The response was everything that was hoped for a new band. Inspired by this, the band recorded 4 demo tracks and met with Journey Records president Zane King. Although Mr. King’s label is best recognized for Southern Gospel artists, he accepted the demo and offered to help with connections in the Christian music industry. Six months later the band received a call from producer Steve Allen of Square One Studios in Nashville, TN curious to hear more.

Steve Allen is best recognized for producing the hit from Bob Carlisle, “Butterfly Kisses”, a multi-million copy seller and has worked with Gospel notables Legacy Five, Bill Gaither Family and Russ Lee. After hearing the rough demos he contacted the band again with interest of bringing us into the studio to make a Rock/Pop Christian album. We obliged the offer, raised the needed funds and headed to Nashville to begin work on our dream after being together just more than a year. Leaning on the professionalism and guidance of the studio the bands sound was honed even more staying very close to its originality.


Dare To Be Free

Written By: Jeff LaFollette

This is the life that we have chosen
This is the life we dare to live
No one said it would be easy
But I’ll take it for everything that God has to give

And dare, I will dare to be free
I can’t wait to see all that God has for me
I’ll take that road less traveled
I’ll start today not tomorrow
I’ll lay down all my chains and dare to be free

This is my time to make a difference
This is my time to make a stand
Time to lay down all of my burdens
Oh and leave them all in Gods hands


And He said who’ll come unto me
That he would set us free
So I’ll take that road less traveled
I’ll start today not tomorrow
I’ll lay down all my chains and dare to be free


What Will They See

Written By: Jeff LaFollette

To live my life, with no regrets
To walk each day, in God’s footsteps
To answer the call, that’s been placed on me
So that someone’s blessed, by my legacy

What will they see, when they look at me
Will they see the love in my eyes that you have shown me
And will they know you’re in control of my life
And all that I know, what will they see.

To live my life, as a sacrifice
To pick up my cross, and live as Christ
Let my light shine, for all to see
All you’ve done and all you are to me

Chorus x 2

I Believe

Written By: Jeff LaFollette

No greater love, than a man could give
Than to lay down his life, so that I might live
No greater hope, that he gave the world
He came from heaven to earth, so his truth could be told

And I believe, He’s coming back for me
In the twinkling of an eye, He'll split the eastern sky
And I can’t wait, for that day
When His arms open wide, He’ll carry me away - I believe

Don’t give up, when we are so close
It’s just around the corner. We’ll see our heavenly host
Cause there is a God, who can deliver you
Just reach out to Him and He’ll see you through


And He said He’ll never forsake me
That He’ll never leave my side
And His glory surrounds me
By His grace, I’m alive
By His grace, I’m alive

Chorus x 2


Debut Album: What Will They See
Release Date: August 2007
Streaming: The Spirit Radio; AnimaRadio
Radio Airplay: WXLN 93.3 (Way FM Affiliate)

Set List

The set list consists of 10 - 15 original songs. We can accommodate a set duration of 1 to 1.5 hours. Our set will at times contain a mixture of Contemporary Christian cover songs. The original song list is as follows:

A Better Day
What Would You Give
Somebody Prayed For Me
He Cares
I Believe
Shine Through Me
What Will They See
Come Unto Me
Watching Over Me
Where You Are
Dare To Be Free