Laganza is a versatile rock band out of Huntsville Ont. They draw inspiration from a wide variety of genres including rock, country, blues and reggae. They're original music is a result of this melting pot of influences. Laganza has been together since 1995.


The first thing most people say when they hear the name Laganza is, "What the heck is a Laganza?" Well we're not really sure either. Actually we made it up when we were 15 and needed a name for a battle of the bands. After years of steady gigging and solid research we discovered that the word Laganza is derived from the Latin term Eleganza which means "to play with elegance." Now I don't know if that really fits, but the drummer is Italian and at least it doesn't mean
"to play like crap."

We've done a lot of playing over the years including bars, weddings and corporate events; building a large repertoire of songs along the way. Now our original songs are taking top priority and we've been getting some radio play with two of our tunes, "Higher Height" and "Only Life" (Special thanks to Sean Connon and Moose FM).

Both Tobin Spring and Derek Cochrane graduated from the Humber College Jazz Program in 2005 and promptly began recording out of they're home studio.
Now with the help of producer/engineer Andre Wahl (Hawksley Workman, Mudvayne, Joydrop) The goal is clear: to write, record and perform relevant and inspiring music.
Influences include: The Allman Bros., Gov't Mule, Neil Young, Bob Marley, Red Hot Chilli Peppers, Sublime, Stevie Ray Vaughn, The Band, Bob Dylan,
John Scofield


Laganza 2001
Black Creek Sessions 2006

Both "Higher Height" and "Only Life" have received airplay on Moose FM.

Set List

We have approximately 2hrs of originals.
We have over a hundred covers in our repertoire ranging from classic rock to current.