La Gorda

La Gorda


La Gorda is an all-girl indie punk band whose music features a schizophrenic blend of dissonant basslines, contrasting vocal harmonization and lyrical topics ranging from witch burning to internet dating.


Named after a Spanish phrase that loosely translates into “the fat girl”, La Gorda began as a whimsical pastime between friendly acquaintances Dawn Perlas and Marcia Boyett in the Fall of 2001. Amidst rotating drummers and auditioning lead guitarists, La Gorda self-released their demo in 2003; by 2004 the duo was holding their own in the Emergenza Battle of the Bands and the DC leg of the Asians in Rock tour, and had opened for artists such as Doria Roberts and Gina Young.

Perseverance was further rewarded with the arrival of drummer Christine Malash and guitarist Amber Turrill, who proved to be the ingredients needed to cement La Gorda’s sound: Christine’s intricate beats provide a strong yet flexible backbone to the band’s changeable blend of indie- punk, where Marcia’s frenetic bass lines and scathing vocals are deftly offset by Dawn’s melodic voice and Amber’s eclectic fretwork.

In an era where scantily clad pop princesses have all but beaten down the few remaining feminist sensibilities in the music scene, La Gorda not only keeps up the good fight, but knows how to have a few laughs along the way. Ballsy and unaffected, innovative and entertaining, La Gorda is a must-see, guaranteed to bring out the punk-rock fat girl in everyone.


Jan. 2003 - Meet La Gorda (The Demo)