Sevilla, Andalusia, ESP

We mix flamenco with latin and jazz in a natural way, as reults of all the differents roots and musical experience of our band members.
Our live show has a lot of impact because Nuria sings all her original music and she dance too during the show.
FLAMENCO or LATIN or JAZZ...Our music is a meeting of all this tendences : ORIGINAL and ALIVE.



Nuria Manglano,¨la Granaína¨ is a flamenco dancer, coreographer and producer of live shows for may years.Now she presents her first work as COMPOSER and SINGER.
She borned in Granada but the most importante part of her career was developed at Barcelona and Amsterdam , where she was living for 15 years.
She is know at the WOMEX as part, for more than 7 years, of he international percussion group DRUMS UNITED.
She begon to compose her own music and write her songs in Amsterdam 5 years ago.
EARTH BEAT discover her talent as a singer and composer and invite her to perform at the CONTRABANDA FESTIVAL at the end of the year 2008 in Amsterdam at the famous PARADISO.
Her first concert as a singer was a big success for different reasons:
Ramón Valle , the great piano player from Cuba was suporting Nuria and playing with her at that night, together with the incredible bass player member of the mitical NEW COOL COLECTIVE, who was playing with Nuria too at that time. ( SEE DVD)
It was a mix between FLAMENCO, LATIN MUSIC AND JAZZ that moved the public in a totally positive way.
Nuria , because is a borned performer, took the audience to her world using her dance as an extra element at the concert.
She did not continue with the proyect because she came back to Spain, t o live in Sevilla.
She got scholarship to study FLAMENCO SINGING at the CRISTINA HEEREN FOUNDATION in Sevilla.
Now she decides to record some of her songs with a group of young musicians from differents countries and cultures. All of them are settled in Sevilla and working in the flamenco seen.


We just record our first independent CD ¨A LOS MÍOS¨ at the STUDIOS EL PELICANO ( Seville). ( Singing to my people)

All of the songs we record are ORIGINAL ( except one traditional flamenco song TANGOS DE GRANÁ) and they are written and composed by Nuria Manglano, lead singer of the band.
Our Cd sounds fresh, alive and interactive all the way ...we pretended to get the same sound and the same energy of a live show, like we are at the stage and record that kind of energy; that´s why we recorded in a session , all playing together without breaks.